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    Not giving proper credit for art pieces is considered stealing. Without credit, the artists don't get the acknowledgment they should receive.

    This thread is made so that the crediting process is made a bit easier.
    Here art shop owners can record all of the resources used for making art. It also serves as a place where the requester of a piece of art, can find additional credits to the creator of the materials used by the fan shop owners.

    Shop owner:

    1. All used resources of every piece of art made after (date of making OP) should be listed in this thread directly after finishing the piece. Pieces of art made before this still follow the old credit system.
    2. To prevent clutter and spam, you are only allowed ONE post on this thread. Feel free to edit it anytime via the edit button, which is in the lower right of your post.
    3. Be specific in your resource listing. Using "" alone as credit for the stuff you used is not sufficient. You can link to the user's profile page instead or link specifically to their resource page.
    4. Do not use something you have no permission of using. The responsibility of asking permission lies with the person wanting to use the resource (so the requester if (s)he asks the shop artist to use a specific resource, otherwise the shop artist should ask permission).
    5. *IMPORTANT* Link your resource post somewhere visible in your Fan Art shop first post. Link your shop on your post here as well. Failure to connect the posts will result in your fan art shop thread becoming closed. (This applies to co-owned shops as well.
    6. As an artist, you are free to style the post to however you would like but a concrete indication of where you got your materials from and what graphic you used it on is required. Below you can find a suggestive format.

    Website - (graphic where resource is used *provide link to shop post containing graphic*)


    Fan art shop - noobiess' imaginary art shop

    > (banner #1) (icon #2)
    > (banner #4)
    > (banner #7)


    > (banner #1)
    > (banner #3)
    > (icon #5)


    > (banner #2) (icon #3) (banner #4), (banner #7)


    > (banner #1)
    > (banner #2)
    > (banner #4)

    User of art-piece:

    1. Credit should be given to the shop artist who made the art-piece.
    2. All used resources should also be credited. This can be done by listing all resources or by referring to this thread, where it must be clear for which art shop it comes and which art-piece you are talking about (f.e. noobiess' imaginary art shop - Banner #1)

    Need help? Got a question? Don't hesitate to ask any of the Fan Art Shop Moderators!

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        Spoiler:- Brush Credits:

        Spoiler:- Font Credits:

        Spoiler:- Render/Custom Sprites Credits:

        Spoiler:- Background Credits:
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