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    Quote Originally Posted by GalladeofSpades View Post
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    Image boxes (up to 3): On the left In the center On the right
    Text: Two Hosts, One Island. Total Pokémon Drama: The Island
    Font ( This
    Extra: I'd like the 'two hosts, one island' part on top, with the rest on the bottom. Also, if you can't include the island, then just put in the other two. Thanks. ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho Cut View Post
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    Images (up to 2):
    Background colors/background image:
    Text: World Cup Nov/Dec 2012 - Lilycove City
    Font ( Techno -> Sci-fi -> Ethnocentric
    Popout?: Yes please
    Extra: Text in white please. Although if that doesn't look good, change it to what fits best.

    Thanks a lot

    Quote Originally Posted by jireh the provider View Post
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    Images (up to 2):Attachment 6718
    Background colors/background image: check here
    Feli Chronicles: Vitandes
    Family Arc
    Font ( use the same font you used last time

    My part of the shop is back OPEN.
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