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Thread: Searching strong guys for a wifi battle =)

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    Default Searching strong guys for a wifi battle =)

    The game is quite old now and yet I just started playing it after years - I dont know how the situation is right now but maybe there are still people (strong people maybe) who want to fight online!

    I just played XD and Colosseum and won all the orre colosseums etc there which were pretty hard - so I could imagine fighting against people who made it through there too ;p

    if anyone is interested write here

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    Actually, I'm one of the few good Pokemon players that are still left on PBR. I'm interested in battling you. Should be good. When you get back with me, I'll give you my PBR FC. Be prepared for some rough battles!
    I will be less active as time goes on; I have many things to do to get into college and will be focusing on that, so if you don't hear from me for a while, just be patient. I will respond, but it may take some time.

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    alright I'll pm you
    also for the rest everyones welcome, get back to PBR and face us there =)

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    one of the few good ones left????? anyway shadow i'll face you u just gotta stay online so we can tlk cuz last time u just left
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    Please use the Battle Salon sticky.

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