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    Default A Journey of Legend (PG-14)

    Hello, this is My Pokemon FanFiction. All reception is good and will be taken into account, as long as they follow the Serebii FanFiction Rules, obviously. My first chapter shall be a bit shorter than the rest, due to the fact it's just mostly introduction and I'm simply testing the waters, as you might say, to see the approval/disapproval of my FanFic. As I said earlier, any and all reviews of this would be great. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

    Side Note- This story takes place in a separate Pokemon Universe, and in a region known as Kair. There is only one of each Legendary Pokemon, who all reside in Kair.

    Mew was electrocuted again by the force of five Discharge attacks from the Luxray in that cold, steel room. The Mew winced, then launched off several powerful Aura Sphere attacks at the Luxray. As all but one fainted, a crimson light connected to the Luxray from the trainers in a protected room and the Luxray returned to their respective Pokeballs. The owner of the Luxray that had stayed up during Mew's assualt grabbed a microphone and said to the Mew, "Just lend us your power and it will all end." Mew glared with a fierce hate at its captors and launched a Psychic again, still failing to break out of the reinforced room. The man at the microphone sighed and pushed a button, releasing a Metagross, Tyranitar and Garchomp. Mew shuddered a little but began glowing with power...

    Chapter One
    The girl was rushing to the clearing, pulling the boy by his hand, "Come ON, Houston, we're going to be late! Professor Rothfuss said 7 O'Clock!" The boy Houston, stifling a yawn, yanked his hand away from the girl and said, "I can HEAR, Emailie!"

    The two children ended up tying in their race to get to the forest clearing at Route 1 first. By that time, Professor Rothfuss was checking his watch worriedly and looking around restlessly when they sowed up. He smiled and straightened his glasses as he said, "Ah! Houston and Emailie, you've finally made it!"

    Emailie smiled, "I would've come sooner had THIS Slowpoke not slowed me down."

    Houston frowned, "I forgot the time, okay!"

    Rothfuss made a calming gesture with his hands. "Calm down, you two. Now guys, take a pick."

    Houston and Emailie both stared at the Pokemon. To the left was a bright-eyed orange-yellow Pokemon, with an orange ruffle of sorts around its neck and two three-toed unsteady feet. It stared up at the trainers with obvious curiosity. This was the chick Pokemon, Torchic.

    In the middle was an amber and black-eyed Pokemon that looked both trainers directly in the eye with a challenging stare. Its brown shell took up most of it's light-blue body, with a lighter underside. It stood up with obvious certainty as it puffed out its chest and twirled its rather odd tail. This was the turtle Pokemon, Squirtle.

    To the right was a browned-eyed reptailian sort of Pokemon. It looked at the trainers with a cocky stare and a slight smirk as it flaunted it's leaf-looking tail, looking almost like royalty with the colar around it's neck and it's light frontside. This was the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy.

    Both the future trainers surveyed the Pokemon carefully. Then, seemingly at the same time, Houston pointed to the Squirtle while Emailie pointed to they Torchic and they both yelled, "That one!"

    Both Pokemon reacted very differently. Squirtle immediately lost its tough-guy demeanor and jumped right into Houston's arms, where he swung it around, both of them laughing happily. Meanwhile, Torchic simply looked at Squirtle with curiosity and walked to Emailie, and stood by her side.

    Professor Rothfuss looked sheepishly at the now haughty Snivy, and said, "Don't worry, we'll find you a home," and returned it to its Pokeball. The professor then turned to the kids and said, "Now that you've both turned 13, I must ask, are you ready for your journey? And have you said your goodbyes to your families?"

    Both trainers nodded simultaneously.

    "Well then," the Professor said, "Here are your Pokemon's Pokeballs. Now, off you go!"

    The trainers returned their Pokemon and looked each other right in the eye. They then set off, running to their adventure.
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