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Thread: Aoi Yuki's Iris ranks 24th in "characters whose voice you want to hear again" poll

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    Cool Aoi Yuki's Iris ranks 24th in "characters whose voice you want to hear again" poll

    Should have worded the title better. Basically, Aoi Yuuki, the Voice Actress in Japan for Iris, has recently been ranked as 24th Best Seiyuu on NHK TV.

    The interesting thing is, she was the only Seiyuu who got awarded for a role in Pokemon on said ranking. As someone who watched the entirety of BW in Japanese, I can agree that her voice was pretty cute and unique!

    Due to this fact, the TV Channel has also shown some short scenes focusing on Iris.

    You can see the full list (In Japanese) here:
    I'm glad to see Iris getting some representation even now in 2018!

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    Cool, congrats to her. I think she did a great job voicing Iris.
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    GG NO RE

    Never liked Iris, but nice to see her voice actor being recognized

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    Great character, great seiyuu. Glad she's getting the recognition she deserves.

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    Congrats on Aoi Yuuki as well as Iris getting some sort of comeback. I always loved hearing her voice, she's a pretty popular and talented actress so she deserves this. Awesome character as well. I've only watched BW in Japanese as well and thought Iris was a fun character.

    Quote Originally Posted by Power Up View Post
    nice to see her voice actor being recognized
    Aoi Yuuki have gotten big roles. She's most famous for the voice of Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica. I always thought she was pretty popular concerning she's been pretty successful since 2010 and released a few songs.
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    That's pretty nice. She deserved it since she is a very talented seiyuu and has proved it through other anime shows apart from Pokemon.

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    Good for her ! Unfortuneately good voice acting can’t save garbage writing (a.k.a Iris the character), but it’s still neat to see her (the voice actress) getting recognized.
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    Just to clarify, it's more for favorite characters, although voice actors play a big part in it. But it was also done through online voting, and multiple votes were allowed similar to the "Nippon Anime 100" poll that was conducted last year.

    My guess is they voted only for the voice actress and not so much the character of Iris herself because she's super popular of a voice actress and singer, and Pokémon is more mainstream compared to the other shows she's been featured in (and also as the main character). Maybe it'll help boost the character's popularity, but I'm honestly a little skeptical about this list as a whole, especially since the Tiger & Bunny series managed to make it to the very top in both polls and I'm not aware that it was actually that popular in Japan. And I say this because when it comes to voice actors in Pokémon (and this is if people voted based on voice actors alone), aren't Rica Matsumoto, Megumi Hayashibara, and Ikue Ohtani (just to name a few) like super-freaking popular over there? Why wasn't Ash Satoshi, Jessie Musashi, and/or Pikachu or Chopper listed in the top 50 at the least?
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    I guess hearing Iris say "What a kid." every five minutes sounds less annoying in Japanese.

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    While Iris sadly went down as the worst female companion to date due to her bullying "what a kid" remarks towards Ash, it does save her slightly in Japan due to Aoi Yuuki being a well-known singer and voice actress over there. The fact Iris is hated by a lot of non-Japanese audiences shows that just because a character may have a good voice actor, it doesn't always save that character if they were badly written.
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    Iris's seiyuu was pretty amazing. Perhaps not as charming as Dent's seiyuu during the Best Wishes period, but still wonderful. In fact, I think the Best Wishes cast had my favorite group of seiyuu as an ensemble.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andydemon View Post
    I guess hearing Iris say "What a kid." every five minutes sounds less annoying in Japanese.
    Almost as obnoxious as the core reason for Iris to even utter that line in the first place, but I digress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutie Pie View Post
    Just to clarify, it's more for favorite characters, although voice actors play a big part in it.
    And to ACTUALLY clarify, it's a poll for "characters whose voice you would like to hear again".

    Also, the amount of people here that don't know who Aoi Yuki is is saddening. It wasn't "Iris the character" specifically that won this.

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    Oh nice. Aoi Yuuki's performance as Iris introduced me to her, and since then she's one of the famous Seiyuu's I recognize in anime.

    I've also noticed that she's also ranked 47th for her role as Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magicka, so twice the recognition for her.
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    This is not a thread about Iris in general. This is not a thread about anyone other than Aoi Yuki playing Iris. If you are not going to comment on the actual subject of the thread, your post will be deleted for being off-topic.

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    Iris's VA is pretty popular. I think alain, dawn, clemont and especially cilan all have VA who are very popular in japan. Actually many times the popularity of VA do affect the popularity of there characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dephender View Post
    And to ACTUALLY clarify, it's a poll for "characters whose voice you would like to hear again".
    Maybe some people still want Iris to return since she skipped out on her obligatory previous female heroine episode arc and that was the only direct way people could make the writers do something?

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    Since people are apparently incapable of reading, I'm closing this. Nice find though, OP.

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