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Thread: Darkness vs Deepness! Which is more important.

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    Wink Darkness vs Deepness! Which is more important.

    "I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. It's what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are".-Mewtwo

    The Pokemon anime was always deep in the Os from ash leaving Butterfree becase of it finding a mate (the cycle of nature) to the time at the end of Mewtwo returns where it's shown ash and his friends tell Mewtwo that everyone deserves to keep their memories of their experiences (being a direct reference to how they lost their memories in the first movie).

    And in the AG the Deepness was in the movies with stories about friendship, and in DP the anime itself took a bit of a serious turn.

    In Bw we got three mindless freaks running around Unova (ahs crew) and while there were sad stories in XY I think those weren't deep but dark which although could be good never give such a message or memorable moments unlike deep moments which are always memorable.

    XY packed Deepness and now with the influence of yokai watch on SM there are dark episodes and while that good for the stupidly goofy Sm there's not much more than that and there's never any Deepness anymore.

    And I don't just mean Deepness in the anime but the reflection of the stries of the writers especially the two part series book where the writers reflect their stories like the absence of ashs dad being addressed and being a lot more detailed.

    And the reason Satoshi Tajiri made Pokemon was to give kids his concept of the experience of catching bugs in the forest which with ash being in a school in SM was ruined.

    Overall I'm ranting on XY and SM again but I want to see what people think of this situation as well.

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    I think deepness is the more important
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    I'd say both need to be used in moderation as to make it's impact more prevalent. Darkness and also some depth in emotional situations is a nice thing but it must balance with happiness and also showing the joys that come from resolving situations like those. For instance I enjoyed the darkness when looking at Ash losing his confidence and hope, Serena feeling like a constant failure, Litten losing the only friend he had in Stoutland, Jessie suffering from the need to be loved by someone and showing vulnerability, Lysander giving up on a world full of pain and sorrow etc etc. At the same time, there were emotional moments which made me actually feel like things happening in the anime had repercussions. SM has some but it is very few and far in between so far. Iwanko and Litten are the sole providers of such moments and the episode where Ash went on the island with Pikachu and reflected on his journey and why he is where he's at now. So I'd say in moderation both can help to make something better once it shows that there is a way to overcome it.

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    I want it to be deep because darkness needs happiness to work or it will get boring.

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    I've never considered the Pokemon anime to be remotely dark. It's had its moments where it dealt with matters that were edgier than what we're currently used to seeing, but I think its whimsical premise is what draws me into the series to begin with. That said, I do prefer seeing deeper subplots involving interpersonal drama and conflict over edgy moments.

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