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    Default Anime Questions V2 *READ BEFORE MAKING NEW THREADS*

    Anime Questions Thread, Volume 2

    Welcome! This is a restart of the old "Single Anime Questions" thread, originally started by OBSESSED WITH PKNM. If you have a question about something that occurred in the Pokémon Anime, please look here!

    Examples on what kind of questions you can ask here:
    - In which/how many episode(s) did *insert character/Pokémon here* appear?
    - Which episode is this screenshot from? *insert picture*
    - Can someone give me a screenshot/description of *insert character*?
    - In which episode did *insert character* wear *insert outfit*?
    - In which episode was *insert move* used?
    - In which episode did *insert character* say *insert quote*?
    - What's the music piece called that played in this scene? *insert description - NO CLIPS! - of the scene*
    - Who was the scriptwriter/animation director of this episode? *insert episode name, number and/or screenshot*
    - Etc.

    Basically, if it's a factual question that has a definite answer, this is the right place to post. However, it's NOT a place where you can ask for opinions or predictions. Questions like "What do you think happened [...]?" or "What's your opinion on [...]?" have no concrete, 100% correct answer and therefore belong in other threads.

    1) Please read the general Serebii Forum rules as well as the Anime Forum rules.

    2) Please don't accuse people of asking stupid/creepy questions. If you feel uneasy about someone's post, report them and mods will decide whether it was inappropriate.

    3) This is already included in the rules linked to in 1), but since it's especially important for this thread...
    Please don't ask for or link to places where you can download/watch episodes or clips, or listen to music pieces. It's difficult to ask for music titles if you can't provide links to the scene in which they played, but try to make do with a written description of the scene. You have higher chances at getting an answer if you list multiple scenes the music played in.

    4) Please don't derail the thread by making unnecessary comments or provoking a debate which doesn't serve to find the answer to someone's question.
    User A (in response to someone's question): That was episode 978.
    User B: Maaan, I hated that episode. Goddamn fillers!
    User C: Really? I thought it was pretty fun.
    *cue argument about quality of the episode*

    5) Minimal effort/research before asking a question should be viable. You don't need to read the entire thread and see whether your question was already answered somewhere. But please keep in mind that there are many Pokémon-related websites, such as the obvious Something as simple as "What is episode 014 called?" you can find out for yourself with only a few clicks. The people who answer your questions often go through the trouble of researching/double-checking things as well, so don't be unfair to them by laying back and letting them do all the work.
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