Just a guess question. But how big do you think regions are?

Outside of flying a plane, or riding in a car, Ash and his friends usually travel on foot.

But it would take me a day to travel on foot about 30 miles (assuming I didn't die trying in the process).

Now I realize it can't be as small as in the games (technical limits), but is traveling on foot through a region faster than traveling through a state or country on foot?

Or is it possible there are other modes of transportation that are being used (off-screen), to explain a lot of what we see in the anime?

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I've been wondering something about "Summerly Slope" the current DA! Opening in Japan that's sung by Daisuke. That's an insert song, right? It hasn't be done exclusively to Pokemon anime like the others. And is it the first Insert Song Pokemon had in Japan?
I don't know, going by your definition of "insert song" the only "insert songs" I am aware of I think are mostly coming from the movies.

So I'm not sure.