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Thread: Crisis at Chargestone Cave! (723)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endoplasmic Reticulum View Post

    Anyways, what were Team Rocket doing wrong this episode again?
    I don't think they were doing anything wrong. I also can't stand Ash's need to stop them from capturing WILD Pokemon. Although they should just use PokeBalls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZelkeDark View Post
    I don't think they were doing anything wrong. I also can't stand Ash's need to stop them from capturing WILD Pokemon. Although they should just use PokeBalls.
    It's just his hero instinct telling him that taking all the wild pokemon isn't right...or something.

    Now that you mention it, I really don't know.

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    Man, when the episode started, I was freaked out to see poor Pikachu in such bad shape. But it was funny when they were all better and Oshawott hit on Emolga. And I wasn’t expecting Bianca to show up, so I got excited when she charged in and managed to get Ash wet indoors. But he deserves it for being so forgetful: using the Pokédex again on Garvantula? Really?

    It was kinda nice to see Team Rocket, even in a low-stakes situation. They seemed to have traces of personality in this episode! 0_o I’m surprised Jessie didn’t catch that Joltik.

    Bianca was hilarious, as usual. She was actually pretty clever at times, and I loved the line, “Aren’t I a genius? Of course I am!” Not to mention she managed to get Ash soaked twice. I also liked her “yippee yay!” at the end of the episode.

    Dwebble’s evolution seemed kinda random to me. The stakes didn’t seem all that high, and this is the second evolution episode in a row. But Cilan getting a nerdgasm over it made it okay.

    The animation quality often floundered, but it was a fun episode overall.
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    When I heard of Dwebble evolving a long time ago, I thought it might have been something dire felt almost like it was just...there because. Its not a bad thing but, consistency is nice sometimes...Qwaa

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    Man, that was creepy animation when Pikachu, Emolga, and Stunfisk were drained by the joltiks. o_O Apart from that, I did love having more of Team Rocket (especially since we wouldn't see them again for 13 episodes!), and Bianca is always a treat. And at least Crustle has proven to be more awesome since it evolved.

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    I loved this episode. I liked Team Rocket's plan and it was nice to see Dwebble evolve.
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    I usually tell myself that it's just what Ash does when it comes to dexing Pokemon he's seen before, but even I found it just a bit stupid how he had to ask who a Pokemon was when it came to Galvantula.

    I mean, he's seen it before in this very saga.

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