I've always wondered, ever since Fading Echoes (second book in the fourth warriors saga) how IvyxHawk shipping would work out. I've decided to find out. I've never actually written a romantic fan-fic before, so I might be a little... ameturish. But I will learn.

Rated PG-13, for romance and violence, but that's it. Otherwise it will be PG.


The dark tabby sat at the edge of the murky river. He was looking down at his paws. In sadness, or in solumnness, no other cat in the forest knew. The tom kept on sheathing and unsheathing his claws, digging into the ground beneath him. All he could think about was the grey-white she cat, with her dark blue eyes. Looking into those eyes was like looking into a pool of pure, clean water, not the filth that was water's substitute in this place.

The tom's icy blue eyes flew open as a voice resounded into the clearing, "Hawkfrost? What are you doing?

"Nothing, father. I'm just upset about what is about to happen to Ivypool...," Hawkfrost:s mew died as he stared into his father's amber eyes.

"Why do you mourn, son? Ivypool will join us here after the battle. Nothing will change," Tigerstar's proud mew almost convinced Hawkfrost, but he knew the truth. Ivypool was a traitor to the Dark Forest. She was telling the Three about their plans. And now that Mapleshade had revealed when the final battle was... well... the Three were ready.

"I will go get her," Hawkfrost meowed. Tigerstar looked at his son curiously, but remained silent.

"As you wish, son."


"Ivypool does not deserve to go to StarClan!" Bluestar yowled in Yellowfang's face. " She has been training in Dark Forest for too long!"

"Are you serious, Bluestar? Ivypool has been a spy! She has been telling the Three all of their plans!" Yellowfang spat in Bluestar's face.

"She's told them when the final battle is going to happen, Bluestar. She deserves a place in the stars," A calm mew made Yellowfang and Bluestar turn around to see a golden tom padding up to them.

"Lionheart. You remember how Tigerstar betrayed me. Only Firestar knew. How do you know if she isn't a traitor too?" Bluestar's meow was shrill, and the glance of insanity from such a long time ago seemed to come back to her.

"Ivypool is not a traitor. She is loyal to her sister," Yellowfang's fur bristled as she glared at Bluestar. "She has done so much for our benifit, and asked for nothing in return."

Bluestar glanced at Lionheart and Yellowfang, "I see I can't convince you. Who will fetch her?"

"I will. I feel it my calling," Yellowfang glanced at the two cats, as if daring them to challenge her, but they remained silent. The mangy old she-cat dissapeared into the woods, getting ready to fetch the young warrior.