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    Default Team Nightmare

    Welcome to Team Nightmare, the darkest team on Serebii.

    War Director: rayray22
    RayRay22's in charge of all wars that will go on. This means you must ask him to be in the war and he will have to test you. He will also pick who will be in the war and who we play against.

    Head Artist: Zek4040
    Zek is in charge of all artwork that will be shown on this team's thread. Zek can make you whatever you really want if you just ask him.

    Standard Clauses:

    Sleep Clause
    You can't use sleep inducing moves on opponent's Pokémon when there's another Pokémon in his/her team asleep. Yawn can't be used to PseudoHaze (make opponent switch) when there's another Pokémon asleep caused by you. When the asleep Pokémon awakes or faints, you're free to make another Pokémon of his/her team asleep. Sleeping being caused by Effect Spore or Rest are disconsidered from Sleep Clause.

    Species Clause
    You can't use two of the same Pokémon in a team.

    Evasion Clause
    You can't use moves that increases your evasion. Avoid the use of Acupressure, it has 1/7 chance to double your evasion.

    No Hax Items
    These are all the items that relies on luck to activate. These items are:
    Brightpowder, Focus Band, King's Rock, Lax Incense, Quick Claw, Razor Fang, Razor Claw, Scope Lens, Lansat Berry, Stick and Lucky Punch. Note: Scope Lens, Razor Claw and Stick are hax items, but they are the only ones allowed in competitive play, as they just increase the odds of something that can already happen.

    OHKO Clause
    You are strictly prohibited from using OHKO moves. They are Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold.

    No Ubers
    Uber Pokémon are overpowered Pokémon. Since these are "Standard Rules" you have to use the "Standard Pokémon".

    5th Gen Specific Rules
    *Moody is illegal
    *Using a team with both Drizzle and Swift Swim is banned
    *Multiscale Dragonites with Superpower, Heal Bell, and Focus Punch are illegal
    *We cannot use a Pokemon with a Dream World ability unless it has already been released.


    Big Leaders:
        Spoiler:- Big Leaders:

    Cupcake Commanders:
        Spoiler:- Cupcake Commanders:

        Spoiler:- Soldier's:

    Admin's Assistant
        Spoiler:- Admin's Assistant:

    The Juggernauts
        Spoiler:- The Juggernauts:

    The Haxors
        Spoiler:- The Haxors:

    DPM's Dark Hole of Despair (Inactives)
        Spoiler:- DPM's Dark Hole of Despair (Inactives):

    Ranking Up:
    To rank up from a Haxor to a Juggernaut, you must win 20 battles.
    To rank up from a Juggernaut to an Admins Assistant, you must win 40 battles after your previous rank up.
    To rank up from an Admins Assistant to a Soldier, you must win 60 battles after your previous rank up.
    To rank up from a Soldier to a Cupcake Commander, you must win 80 battles after your previous rank up.

    *each standard battle win counts for 1 point
    *each standard battle win against another member on the team counts for 2 points
    *each war win counts for 3 points
    *each PO tourney win counts for 3 points


    To be one with Nightmare, simply post saying you are interested. Anyone can join as long as you pass a test battle. If you want to join, just fill this application out:

    1. Name:
    2. Number of years experience in competitive battling:
    3. Where you battle: PO, WiFi, both:
    4. Your battling style: Offensive, Defensive, etc.:
    5. Tiers you play:

    *You may join with either WiFi or Pokemon Online access.

    War Record: 2-2
    3/10/12 v. The Gentleman's Club: loss: 3-0
    6/9/12 v. Team SeaSoul: won: 4-2
    6/12/12 v. Dracaena: loss 3-0
    6/19/12 v. The Hoenn Triangle: won 3-0

    So here are the rules to the inclan tourney:

    -Everyone will be separated into teams, mine and Conan's.
    -Everyone gets 1 Life in a single elimination match
    -Standard OU and all standard rules
    -First team to knock out all of the opposing members win's.
    -Good luck to all and have fun!
    -Deadline is one week from today, June 22nd Eastern Time

    FR3SH SK1LLZ Team:
    -Desert Fox

    Conan's Team:

    Desert Fox v. Bastion
    Alex4646 v. RayRay22 = RayRay22
    ptz v. Burdo89 = Burdo89
    FR3SH SK1LLZ v. DPM93 = FR3SH
    D-21 v. BlueCelebi = D-21
    toxicboi v. jmagician = jmagician
    feedmejake v. Conan = feedmejake
    Celestial Phantom v. Zek4040 = Celestial Phantom

    Good luck to all and have a great matches! May the hax gods leave you all alone.
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