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What are you talking about? Weather Ball is one of Castform's greatest moves. Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt all have 95 base power. Outside of weather it stays like that. Weather Ball has 50 base power, which is doubled to 100 in any type of weather. But it doesn't even stop there. In sunlight or rain, Weather Ball gets the 50% boost because it changes to the type of weather. In addition, Forecast changes Castform's type to the type of weather as well, giving Weather Ball another 50% boost from STAB. The end result is 225 power. That's over double the aforementioned moves' base powers, meaning that using Sunny Day then Weather Ball will do more damage than using Flamethrower twice. True, Hydro Pump and Fire Blast will still have more power in their respective weathers, but since they have imperfect accuracy, Weather Ball is more preferable for me. Even with Hail, Weather Ball will have 150 power (Hail doesn't give 50% boosts to Ice type moves, but Castform still has STAB). In Sandstorm, Weather Ball will only have 100 base power, but that is still greater than 95.
he gets hydro pump, fire blast and blizzard, which in their respected weathers are stronger then weather ball, altho weather ball has more accuracy