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    Alright first off, hi again peoples. I'm back to Serebii again. I'm not gonna' open up a request shop again this time though due to my
    on-and-off activity on Serebii. If you really want something from me, send me a PM or DM and I'll try to do it.

    Anyways, on with the thingy-mah-bobbers. :3
    All this stuff is only in GIMP because I don't have access to my computer with Photoshop right now. :S

        Spoiler:- 500x200 Banners:

        Spoiler:- 400x100 Banners:

        Spoiler:- 350x150 Banners:

        Spoiler:- Oddball Banners:

        Spoiler:- Avatars:

    I'm mainly just interested in critique, and tips on how to improve, despite how
    much I love complements (does that sound narcissistic? I hope not. xD)
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