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Thread: Did you replay the intro to get the hero you wanted?

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    The first time I played through Blue Rescue Team I got Treecko after about four or five tries (with a Charmander partner), and then the second time I got Charmander after about four or five tries (with a Treecko partner). I was fairly happy with both of those, but I had so much fun playing as an Eevee in EoS (first try, Riolu partner) that I decided to start BRT over again, and keep trying the quiz until I got Eevee. I can't seem to get it, even when I fake the answers, and I don't think the Serebii main site has a quiz guide for any of the PMD games except Time/Darkness.

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    Did it once honestly, got Charmander but I didn't want it. So I went online and found out what I need to answer to get a Riolu.

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