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    .::. Trainer Info .::.

    Drew Guildford ♂ | Hometown: Castelia City, Unova
    Occupation: Journalist (currently employed with Castelia Tribune) / Blogger
    Age: 23 years | Birthdate: October 3

    Standing around 6'1", Drew Guildford is a tall guy. Maybe not the tallest, but certainly not the shortest guy around. His build is much like a runner: slim and lean but still with some muscular tone from regular exercise. Being a journalist, Drew is often out in the field working and has therefore gained a hint of a tan on his face, neck, and forearms. That's about the extent of his tan though, as he really could care less if he looks like a tanned male model on a magazine cover. Drew's hair is close-cropped and a dark shade of black, and his eyes are a bright emerald green. He is usually found wearing a black T-shirt, sometimes but not always featuring either a geeky logo/design or a large silhouette of an Ursaring, and jeans. Over that he wears a black leather jacket. His shoes are a worn pair of white tennis shoes, but when he can get away with it he trades them for a pair of flip flops, which he finds much more comfortable. Atop his head is nearly always some sort of hat, most often a fedora or newsboy hat but occasionally some other type from his large collection such as a Stetson or even a fez. Around his neck Drew always wears two things: a drum key on a thin chain (one of his most favorite mementos from his high school years) and, when he's out of his Pokéball, his Ekans Salazar.

    Drew Guildford was born and raised within Castelia City, Unova, and has lived there most of his life. In the city Drew never really was all that bored, so by the time it came for generic journey-time when he was ten Drew ignored expectations and stayed within the city. He went through school, found a talent in writing, and afterwards joined the staff of the local newspaper: the Castelia Tribune (and that wasn't at all because he was friends with the boss' son, who later became the boss himself; heavens no). Drew rose through the ranks and became one of its better journalists his only real rival being Lila Evans, his... well, he actually still doesn't know what exactly they are in terms of friends, fair-weather friends, enemies, or what else; but point is they definitely are rivals within the company. By the summer of 2013 Drew had earned himself a paid vacation: a few weeks relaxing in the far off land of Fizzy Bubbles. After a couple weeks in, however, he got a phone call from his boss, who offered him the chance to travel the globe for more or less free in return for writing about it in the Tribune. Already outside Unova, Drew was the perfect choice for the job, and (if he was being honest) already a little bored with the vacation tedium, said "Why the hell not!" and was off, beginning his journey through Fizzy Bubbles.

    Will he truly have the adventure of a lifetime? Will he ever find out exactly why the region of Fizzy Bubbles sounds like it should be a soft drink brand? For that matter, will he ever actually do everything there is to do in Fizzy Bubbles and move onto another region? Honestly, Drew doesn't even know himself, but you can bet that if he does ever get those answers or more he'll post about it on his blog, where he's posting the most up-to-date info on his travels.


    PC Account | Bank | Coin Exchange | Secret Base (to be purchased) | Blog of Drew Guildford (to be created)


    .::. Pokémon .::.

    Species: Ekans
    Obtained: Starter @ Level 5 (01/22/12)
    Nickname: Salazar
    FB Birthday: August 19

    Bio: *Insert Bio Here*

    Level: 54
    Gender: Male
    Type: Poison
    Item: None
    Ability: Intimidate
    Nature: Serious
    Trait: A Little Quick Tempered
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Level-up Moves: Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting, Bite, Glare, Screech, Acid, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Acid Spray, Mud Bomb, Gastro Acid, Haze, Coil, Gunk Shot
    TM/HM: TM Poison Jab, TM Toxic
    EM: Poison Tail, Sucker Punch, Scary Face
    MT: None
    Misc. Moves: None
    IQ: 2
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Ekans = Lv.22 => Arbok

    BP: 0
    Contest Stats: 20|20|20|20|20
    Currently In: Active Party

    Species: (Shadow) Roselia
    Obtained: Adoption Centre @ Level 1 (02/02/12)
    Nickname: Zylia
    FB Birthday: May 26

    Bio: *Insert Bio Here*

    Level: 24
    Gender: Female
    Type: Grass/Poison
    Item: None
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Nature: Naughty
    Trait: Likes to Fight
    Pokéball: Shadow Ball
    Level-up Moves: Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Worry Seed, (Level 7 Poison Sting), (Level 16 Leech Seed), (Level 19 Magical Leaf), (Level 22 Grasswhistle), Level 25 Giga Drain, Level 28 Toxic Spikes, Level 31 Sweet Scent, Level 34 Ingrain, Level 37 Toxic, Level 40 Petal Dance, Level 43 Aromatherapy, Level 46 Synthesis
    Shadow Moves: Shadow Hold, Shadow Shed, Shadow Panic, Shadow Half
    HM: None
    EM: Extrasensory, Spikes, Razor Leaf, Leaf Storm
    MT: Uproar, Body Slam
    Misc. Moves: Captivate, Pursuit
    IQ: 1
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Budew = Purification Points (08/20/12) => Roselia = Shiny Stone => Roserade

    Purification Points: 0
    Contest Stats: 10|10|10|10|10
    Currently In: PC/Shops

    Species: Weavile
    Obtained: Trade w/ John's Knight @ Level 14 (02/14/12)
    Nickname: Stealth
    FB Birthday: January 12

    Bio: *Insert Bio Here*

    Level: 28
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dark/Ice
    Item: Blackglasses
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Lax
    Trait: Somewhat of a Clown
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Level-up Moves: Embargo, Revenge, Assurance, Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Quick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Icy Wind, Fury Swipes, Nasty Plot, Metal Claw, Agility, Hone Claws, Fling, Beat Up, Level 32 Screech, Level 35 Night Slash, (Level 35 Slash @ Sneasel), Level 40 Snatch, Level 44 Punishment, Level 47 Dark Pulse, (Level 47 Ice Shard @ Sneasel)
    TM/HM: TM Ice Beam, TM Blizzard, TM Dragon Claw, HM Surf
    EM: Fake Out, Crush Claw
    MT: None
    Misc. Moves: CM Ice Barrier, Metronome, Shadow Claw
    IQ: 0
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Sneasel = Lv Up @ Night w/ Razor Claw (Prior to 02/14/12) => Weavile

    BP: 8
    Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0
    Currently In: PC/Shops

    Species: Murkrow
    Obtained: Trade w/ Hayward @ Level 3 (02/19/12)
    Nickname: Korvéo
    FB Birthday: January 29

    Bio: As is common amongst it species, Korvéo has a fondness for anything shiny and has been known to steal unattended jewelry on occasion. This kleptomaniac behavior, along with being a dark-type, has caused Korvéo to often be viewed as a sign of ill luck. Korvéo's former trainer, however, didn't believe in superstitions and regarded the Darkness Pokémon as one of his most dependable partners, so Drew has decided to cast all doubts aside and accept Korvéo as a part of his team. Incredibly intelligent, Korvéo has been trained to imitate sounds and repeat words, though not as expertly as a Chatot. *To be fleshed out later*

    Level: 18
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dark/Flying
    Item: None
    Ability: Super Luck
    Nature: Naughty
    Trait: Mischievous
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Level-up Moves: Peck, Astonish, Pursuit, Haze, Wing Attack, Level 21 Night Shade, Level 25 Assurance, Level 31 Taunt, Level 35 Faint Attack, Level 41 Mean Look, Level 45 Foul Play, Level 51 Tailwind, Level 55 Sucker Punch, Level 61 Torment, Level 65 Quash
    TM/HM: TM Dark Pulse, TM Sky Attack, TM Razor Wind, TM Payback, TM Pluck, TM Thief, TM Whirlwind, TM Roost, TM Embargo, TM Snatch, TM Retaliate, HM Defog, HM Fly
    EM: Brave Bird, Confuse Ray, Perish Song, Screech, Featherdance, Drill Peck, Heat Wave, Twister
    MT: Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Spite, Uproar
    Misc. Moves: None
    IQ: 0
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Murkrow = Dusk Stone => Honchkrow

    BP: 10
    Contest Stats: 10|10|10|10|10
    Currently In: PC/Shops

    Species: Horsea
    Obtained: Trade w/ John's Knight @ Level 1 (02/20/12)
    Nickname: Sir Arion
    FB Birthday: December 17

    Bio: *Insert Bio Here*

    Level: 21
    Gender: Male
    Type: Water
    Item: None
    Ability: Sniper
    Nature: Adamant
    Trait: Somewhat Stubborn
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Level-up Moves: Bubble, Smokescreen, Leer, Water Gun, Focus Energy, Bubblebeam, Level 23 Agility, Level 26 Twister, Level 30 Brine, Level 35 Hydro Pump, Level 38 Dragon Dance, Level 42 Dragon Pulse
    TM/HM: HM Surf, HM Waterfall
    EM: Aurora Beam, Octazooka, Signal Beam, Dragonbreath
    MT: None
    Misc. Moves: None
    IQ: 0
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Horsea = Lv.32 => Seadra = Trade w/ Dragon Scale => Kingdra

    BP: 8
    Contest Stats: 0|0|0|0|0
    Currently In: PC/Shops

    Species: Hippopotas
    Obtained: Obtained Egg (04/08/12) Hatched (4/15/12)
    Nickname: Sahara
    FB Birthday: April 18

    Bio: *Insert Bio Here*

    Level: 8
    Gender: Female
    Type: Ground
    Item: None
    Ability: Sand Stream
    Nature: ???
    Trait: ???
    Pokéball: 2012 Edition Chocolate Pokéball
    Level-up Moves: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Bite, Level 13 Yawn, Level 19 Take Down, Level 19 Dig, Level 25 Sand Tomb, Level 31 Crunch, Level 37 Earthquake, Level 44 Double Edge, Level 50 Fissure
    TM/HM: TM Stealth Rock
    EM: Slack Off
    MT: None
    Misc. Moves: None
    IQ: 1
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Hippopotas = Lv.34 => Hippowdon

    BP: 0
    Contest Stats: 10|10|10|10|10
    Currently In: PC/Shops

    Species: Yanma
    Obtained: Trade w/ King Ghidorah @ Level 1 (08/07/12)
    Nickname: Chess
    FB Birthday: July 16

    Bio: *Insert Bio Here*

    Level: 27
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bug/Flying
    Item: None
    Ability: Compoundeyes
    Nature: Calm
    Trait: Thoroughly Cunning
    Pokéball: Pokéball
    Level-up Moves: Tackle, Foresight, Quick Attack, Double Team, Sonicboom, Detect, Supersonic, Level 27 Uproar, Level 30 Pursuit, Level 33 Ancientpower, Level 38 Hypnosis, Level 43 Wing Attack, Level 46 Screech, Level 49 U-Turn, Level 54 Air Slash, Level 57 Bug Buzz
    TM/HM: TM Psychic
    EM: Secret Power
    MT: None
    Misc. Moves: None
    IQ: 1
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Yanma = Lv Up w/ Ancientpower => Yanmega

    BP: 0
    Contest Stats: 10|10|10|10|10
    Currently In: PC/Shops

    Species: Aron
    Obtained: Adoption Centre @ Level 1 (07/22/13)
    Nickname: Tank
    FB Birthday: August 15

    Bio: *Insert Bio Here*

    Level: 6
    Gender: Male
    Type: Steel/Rock
    Item: None
    Ability: Unknown
    Nature: Unknown
    Trait: Unknown
    Pokéball: Premier Ball
    Level-up Moves: Tackle, Harden, Mud-Slap, Level 8 Headbutt, Level 11 Metal Claw, Level 15 Iron Defense, Level 18 Roar, Level 22 Take Down, Level 25 Iron Head, Level 29 Protect, Level 32 Metal Sound, Level 36 Iron Tail, Level 39 Autotomize, Level 43 Heavy Slam, Level 46 Double-edge, Level 50 Metal Burst
    TM/HM: TM Bulldoze
    EM: Head Smash, Smellingsalt
    MT: Magnet Rise
    Misc. Moves: None
    IQ: 1
    IQ Upgrades: None

    Evolutionary Tree: Aron = Lv.32 => Lairon = Lv.42 = Aggron

    BP: 0
    Contest Stats: 10|10|10|10|10
    Currently In: PC/Shops


    .::. Items .::.

    .:Key Items:.
    Coin Case


    .:Pokéball Compartment:.

    (10/10) Pokéballs - (10)
    (1/1) Heavy Ball - (1)
    (1/1) 2010 Gingerbread Ball - (1)
    (1/1) 2011 Christmas Ball - (1)
    (2/2) Ghost Ball - (1) (1)
    (1/1) Were Ball - (1)


    .:TM Compartment:.

    (1/1) TM Shadow Claw - (1)


    .:Medicine Compartment:.


    .:Pokéblock and Poffin Case:.

    Chocolate (Cute) +40 Pokeblock
    Blackberry Poffin


    .:Berry Pouch:.

    (1/1) #07 Oran Berry - (1)
    (2/2) #09 Lum Berry - (1) (1)
    (1/1) #10 Sitrus Berry - (1)
    (1/1) #11 Figy Berry - (1)
    (1/1) #16 Razz Berry - (1)
    (1/1) #34 Durin Berry - (1)
    (1/1) #42 Kebia Berry - (1)
    (1/1) #63 Jaboca Berry - (1)
    (1/1) #64 Rowap Berry - (1)
    Aspear Berry - (1)
    Hondew Berry - (1)
    Watmel Berry - (1)



    (4/4) Black Gummi - (1) (3)
    (3/3) Sky Gummi - (3)
    (4/4) Mysterious Gummi - (1) (3)
    (3/3) Blue Gummi - (3)
    (3/3) Red Gummi - (3)
    (3/3) Grass Gummi - (3)


    .:Custom Move Items:.

    Very Hot Cross Bun [Teaches Crossfire] - (1)
    Pika Doll [Teaches Voodoo Bugaloo] - (1)


    .:Held Items:.

    Blackglasses - (1) [Held by Stealth]
    Miracle Seed - (1)
    Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer - (1)




    .:Stones & Evolutionary Items:.

    Dusk Stone - (1)
    Shiny Stone - (1)
    Dawn Stone - (1)
    Silver Shard - (1)


    .:TCG Cards:.

    Jungle Dodrio Trading Card - (1)
    Special Birthday Pikachu Trading Card - (1)
    Holographic Dark Slowbro Trading Card - (1)



    Heart Scale - (1) (1) (1)
    Snorunt Plushie - (1)
    Golden Egg - (1)
    Silver Egg - (1)
    Shoal Salt - (1)
    Rare Bone - (2)


    .::. Misc. Info .::.

    Seen Only

    Ekans, Sandshrew, Horsea, Yanma, Murkrow, Aron, Roselia, Budew, Hippopotas, Weavile


    - Rare Enigma Egg (4/7/12) - Hatched into Sahara [Female Hippopotas] (4/15/12)

    - Trade with John's Knight (2/14/12) - x1 Rare Candy for Stealth [Lv.14 Male Weavile]
    - Trade with Hayward (2/19/12) - x4 Rare Candies for Korvéo [Lv.3 Male Murkrow] & Dusk Stone
    - Trade with John's Knight (2/20/12) - x1 Rare Candy for Sir Arion [Lv.1 Male Horsea]
    - Trade with King Ghidorah (8/7/12) - x1 Rare Candy for Chess [Lv.1 Male Yanma]
    - Trade with Missingno. Master (9/4/12) - x1 Rare Candy for x1 Rainbow Egg
    - Trade with Missingno. Master (9/4/12) - x4 Rare Candies for x1 Vampire Ball, x1 2010 Gingerbread Ball, and x1 2011 Christmas Ball
    - Trade with Bless the Metal (6/30/13) - x3 Purple Gummis & x3 Mysterious Gummis for 6,000 coins
    - Trade with Bless the Metal (7/12/13) - x1 Watmel Berry, x1 Vampire Ball, and x1 Rainbow Egg for x3 Rare Candies
    - Trade with Treepandaone (10/24/13) - x3 Rare Candies for x1 Shiny Stone

    - Lv.1 Female Shadow Budew (2/2/12)
    - Lv.1 Male Aron (7/22/13)

    Trainer Battles: [W-0; L-0; D-0]
    - N/A


    No Adventures

        Spoiler:- Retconed Adventures:

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