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    Default SPPF: Kawaii

    name: Kawaii
    pokemon: Freya
    species: eevee
    gender: female
    status: in party (starter)
    Kawaii got Freya as her very first
    pokemon when she was only 5 years old.
    They have been togeather ever since. They never leave each other's side and have a
    very strong bond. Freya has been given
    mutiple chances to evolve via stone but
    refuses to. Contininuing to stay as true to
    herself as her friend and owner Kawaii is.
    (mods: if I am missing anything let me know)

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    Default Trainer Info

    Trainer description:
    (by American Pi and FairyWitch) (trainer temporary)
    age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: Oddly pink hair, dyed. Hair is short and shaved across one side while long on the other. Eyes are a deep hazel, but light up gold in the right light. Comonly dresses in casual clothes, jeans T-shirt ect., but will wear a blouse and tightson occasion.
    Personality: Suffers from OCD/anxiety but having Frieghya has reduced her panic attacks to few and far between. Creative and strong willed she does not back down to any challenge. Paints and draws in her spare time and her clothes can often be seen splattered with paint. Prefers to be alone with her Eevee companion and large crowds and loud noises "trigger" her anxiety. What she is passionate about, she will persue until the end of her days.Despite her inexpirience Kawaii was quite a "nerd" for battle. She enjoys chatting on and on about stats and techniques. She was taught by her mother not to overstay her welcome. Kawaii is also often prone to taking the least amount of whatever is offered her, and she almost
    never asks for other people to buy her things. She is mortaly afraid of people saying 'no' or
    thinking her to whiney and asking for things too much. Which, often leads to her missing out on a few things.
    x1 Pokédex
    x1 Twistedspoon
    x1 Berry Bag
    x1 Pokéblock Case
    x1 Coin Case
    x1 Wallet
    x 4 pokeballs
    x5 fresh water
    X1 red card
    X1 friend ball
    X1 sun stone
    X1 phsycic gem
    x1 snow globe
    Berry supplies pending
    TM water pulse
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    Default Current pokemon

    pokemon 1
    (sprite,made by American Pi)
    Recolor: Light pink
    species: Eevee
    type: normal
    name: Frieghya
    gender: female
    level: 8
    IQ: 3
    Location: In salon
    moves known:
    sand attack, tackle, growl, tail whip,natural gift, wish,swift
    nature: modest
    loves: dry (beauty)
    hates: spicy(cool)
    contest stats: none yet
    obtained: starter
    ability: adaption
    personality: Shy around wild or unfamiliar pokemon. She relies mainly on the courage and strength of her trainer that she has been with since birth. Frieghya has an amazing sense of smell that can tell bad berries from good berries and can sense danger from over 1 mile away.
    pokemon 2

    name: eleven
    gender: female
    species: meditite
    type: phsycic/fighting
    Level: 5
    Location: In party
    moves known: bide, meditate, Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Psycho Cut.Dynamic Punch
    nature: lonely
    loves: spicy(cool)
    hates: sour(tough)
    contest stats: non yet
    obtained: a trade
    ability: telepathy
    personality: quite and reserved, eleven is often percieved as scary or distant. She is a fierce fighter and will grow up to have incredible phsycic power. Even though she came from another trainer she bonded fast with Kawaii.
    (based off of the character 11 from Stranger Things)
    pokemon 3

    name: Erin
    gender: male
    species: Aron
    Location: in daycare
    moves known: tackle, harden, mud slap, headbut,
    nature: brave
    loves: spicy(cool)
    hates: sweet(cute)
    contest stats: none yet
    obtained:a trade
    ability: sturdy
    personality: outgoing from birth, Erin is always will to do anything as long as it makes people laugh. Erin is easily frustrated and not afraid to give up when things get to hard for him. When he befriends someone he sticks by there side no matter what.
    (based on Erin/Egoraptor from GameGrumps)
    pokemon 4

    species: Drowzee
    type: psycic
    name: Baku
    gender: Female
    level: 11
    location: PC
    moves known: hypnosis, pound, psycho cut,psyshock disable, confusion,flashfire
    Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, and

    nature: relaxed
    loves: sour(tough)
    hates: sweet(cute)
    contest stats: none yet
    obtained: adoption center
    ability: forewarn
    bio: despite her description and the legends behind her species Baku is quite timid. She doesn't like to get into fights or use her powers. She hopes that forming a friendship with Kawaii will help her become more outgoing and ready for battle. She loves to study other species of pokemon and sometimes "accidentally" uses her hypnotic powers to stun them so she can study them further.
    pokemon 5:
    (sprite by American Pi)
    recolor: rainbow ears
    species: cottonee
    name: Cerno
    gender: male
    level: 11
    Location: in party
    moves known: absorb, fairy wind, growth,stun spore
    nature: serious
    loves: none
    contest stats: none yet
    obtained: a trade
    ability: infiltrator
    bio: diespite his innocent looks Cerno is quite fierce. While he's not outright mean he can be quite intense. He is always looking to level up and wants to evolve as soon as possible. A very respectiful pokemon outside of battle. He makes an effort to speak well and compliment others. Also Cerno is gay which can confuse female pokemon when he floods them with compliments. Cerno is also very much a scifi nerd and he loves to watch old scifi movies.
    pokemon 6
    (sprite by american pi)
    recolor: looks like a sheltie
    species: lilipup
    type: normal
    Name: Cassie
    gender: female
    level: 2
    location: in daycare
    moves known: leer, tackle
    nature: Jolly
    loves: sweet(cute)
    hates: dry (beauty)
    obtained: a trade
    ability: vital spirit
    item: Her's pendant to match her mate, wolfie's ,His pendant.
    bio: A playful little pup. Cassie is also very caring and watchful. She is always on the alert and will protect her "pack" (Kawaii's team) with her life. Cassie refusses to back down from a challenge even if she is compleatly outmatched. If there us ever any danger she will pop out of her pokeball, even if she is not called out. She has found a mate in wolfie, an archanine.
    pokemon #7

    species: deerling
    type: normal/grass
    name: Oisín
    gender: male
    level: 5
    pokebal: christmas ball
    moves known: tackle, camoflauge,growl
    nature: modest
    obtained: adoption
    ability: sap sipper
    personality: Oisín is very much the oposite of his life long mate Cerno. He is a lover not a fighter, unless Cerno is in danger. He cares very much for his appearence and loves to participate in contests.
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    Default Current pokemon CONT.

    pokemon #8

    type: bug/flying
    name:little miss
    location: in party
    moves known: tackle
    nature: gentle
    obtained:a trade
    ability: swarm
    personality: warm and inviting. little miss, aka missy, is very friendly to those who have the confidence to talk to her. She is very much a mothering pokemon and makes sure she knows plenty of home remidies.
    pokemon #9

    species: carbink
    type: rock/fairy
    name: royal
    level: 1
    location: PC
    moves known: tackle, harden
    nature: serious
    obtained: a trade
    ability: clear body
    personality: not very emotional and rarely shows signs of any personality. he may be either too afraid or literally made of stone. That is yet to be found out. He may soon open up to the right treatment.
    pokemon #10
    (sprite by American-Pi)
    recolor: pink/purple/flower pattern
    species: parachisu
    type: electric
    name: Kyray chan
    gender: female
    location: PC
    moves known: growl, bide
    nature: Joly
    obtained: a trade
    ability: run away
    personality: A bright, spunky soul. Kyray chan loves to sing and dance. She is not directly friendly but is not shy either. Especially when singing. Her way of doing things and her sense of style could be considered odd by some but she considers herself a trend setter. One day Kyray hopes to be a world famous singer.
    (based on the jpop musician Kyray Pamyu Pamyu)
    pokemon # 11:
    (sprite by American Pi)
    recolor: looks like a ruby from steven universe
    species: plusle
    type: electric
    name: ruby
    gender: female
    level: 1
    location: PC
    moves known: nuzzle, play nice, growl, thunder wave, quick attack
    nature: lonely
    obtained: a trade
    ability: plus
    personality: an eager pokemon. Ruby is very quick to get angry. She feels she needs someone else in her life to balance her out. She isnt sure who yet.
    pokemon #12
    (sprite by american pi)
    Recolored to look like a traditional red dragon
    type: dragon
    name: Smaug
    gender: male
    level: 1
    location: PC
    moves known: scratch
    nature: impish
    obtained: a trade
    ability: rivalry
    personality: Similar to his namesake Smaug is quite grumpy. He is also very vengeful and can be seen by some as evil. Smaug likes to keep to himself and will defend his home no matter what. He is, however, not evil, he just does whatever helps him survive.
    pokemon #13

    species: slakoth
    type: normal
    name: priscilla
    gender: female
    level: 1
    location: PC
    moves known: scratch, yawn
    nature: lax
    obtained: a trade
    ability: truant
    personality/bio: Despite the criticisim put on her final evolution by other trainers, pricilla is determined to be the cutest slaking ever. She loves flowers and hugs and is a very much a non-fighter. Unless, you try to hurt anyone close to her. Then, watch your back.
    pokemon #14

    species: sewaddle
    type: bug/grass
    name: kiga
    gender: female
    level: 1
    location: PC
    moves known: tackle, string shot, camauflage
    nature: gentle
    obtained: a trade
    ability: chlorophil
    personality/bio: a gentle and caring pokemon, kiga had a bit of trouble standing up for herself at first but is doing better as she grows. She loves to play with other bug and grass types. Most of all she loves to garden and meticously weeds and tends her garden for hours every day. She has learned to use her gardening skills in battle.
    Pokemon 15:

    species: elgyem
    type: psychic
    name: Cassiopia
    gender: Female
    level: 1
    location: p.c.
    moves known: confusion
    nature: mild
    obtained: a trade
    ability: telepathy
    personality/bio: Cassiopia is constantly lost in her own little
    world. She never really talks to anyone and is
    often seen staring off into space. She claims she
    is from another world where pokemon dont
    exist. No one really believes her. This frustration
    at not being believed will soon grow into dark bitterness at naysayers and cause her to lash out.
    If she didn't have the support of someone truly
    Pokemon 16:

    species: Sentret
    Type: normal
    Name: Don't Touch Me (DTM for short)
    Gender: Female
    Level: 1
    Location: PC
    Moves Known: Scratch, Foresight
    Nature: To be Determined
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Obtained: a trade
    Personality: Despite her name Don't Touch Me is very affectionate. She is always willing to explore. Sometimes she feels like she is missing something and is always searching for answers. Don't Touch Me likes to learn TM moves and would have been considered a HM slave before HMs were banished. She can't wait to evolve.
    Pokemon 16:

    Species: Numel
    Type: Fire/Ground
    Name: Valerie
    Gender: Female
    Location: PC
    Pokeball: New Year's Ball
    Obtained: adoption
    moves Known: Growl, Tackle
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Oblivious
    Personality: Kind and gentle, Valerie means no harm to anyone. Just don't piss her off or she will EXPLODE with rage. She considers herself Asexual because she is always crushing on taken pokemon. Maybe someday she will find someone who loves her like she obsessively loves others.
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    Default Current Pokemon Pt.3

    pokemon #17
    (profile done by Dark searchman then edited down by me)

    Name: Katarina
    Species: Pawniard
    Level: 9
    Current Location: PC
    Ability: Defiant (Sharply raises Atk when stats are lowered by an opponent's move, doesn't work with stat drops from allies)
    Nature: Naughty (+Atk, -SpDef, likes Spicy, hates Bitter)
    Held Item: None
    Friendship Score: 4
    Contest Stats: Beauty 20/ Cool 20/ Cute 20/ Smart 20/ Tough 20
    IQ: 3
    Current Movepool: Scratch, Leer, Fury Cutter, Cut (HM), (Pursuit), (Stealth Rock), (Revenge), (Psycho Cut), [Knock Off], False Swipe (TM), (Dual Chop), Dig (TM), (Revenge), Aerial Ace (TM)
    obtained:a trade
    bio:Named after a video game character whose blades are just as cutthroat as this Pawniard's are, she doesn't completely live up to her namesake's killer instinct, though she is willing to do so if necessary. She's more of an acrobatic showoff than anything else, and since her body has so many blades coming out of her... most Pokemon prefer to give her plenty of space to do so. She might just find the one to love her, with her new trainer.
    pokemon #18

    species: poochyena
    gender: Female
    Ball: Net ball
    obtained: a trade
    moves known: tackle, growl, sand attack
    nature: adamant
    ability: quick feet
    personality: Noxie is very much a secrative pokemon. She's not quiet, just does not talk about herself. She feels judged very harshly that she is the only dark type on the team so far. Despite this, Kawaii loves her just as much as the rest of the team. It still might take awhile for her to get used to being loved this much.
    pokemon #19

    type: water/poison
    name: Bert
    obtained: a trade
    moves known: poison sting
    nature: Joly (+speed, -sp attack. Likes sweet hates dry)
    ability: liquid ooze
    personality: despite Bert's looks and his species' reputation, he is quite the fun lover. He has an affinity for dad jokes and loves to give people hugs with his long tentacles. Bert's greatest joy is seeing other pokemon happy and he is not afraid of doing stupid stuff to cheer others up. While, he is water-bound currently, he will work on trying to walk on land. Despite all this he will attack fiercely if someone upsets his teammates. It may take the team awhile to get used to his delighfully squishy hugs.
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