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Thread: Help fixing bad eggs?

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    Default Help fixing bad eggs?

    So my exgirlfriend (Was girlfriend at the time) used an action replay to change stats of some of my level 100s to higher than normal values. They show up as bad eggs on battle revolution. I dont like using pokemon that are "cheated" and want to know if there is some way I can fix them with an action replay. Is anyone familiar with this topic? I really dont want to release 11 level 100s I worked hard on. Thanks for any help.

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    To fix HP, play without the action replay and let your pokemon receive all 999 damage required to faint. Then revive it at a pokemon center. HP should now be back to normal. A similar process is used to get PP back to normal. As far as attack, defense, sp. atk, sp. def, and speed, there is no way to get that back to normal.
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