Corsola's cute.

Mirror Coat
Focus Sash
252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Spd

Mirror Coat
Stone Edge

This set requires good predicting skills. Focus Sash is a sure thing to keep you from fainting. If your'e hit with like a SolarBeam, Energy Ball, or some kind of strong Special Move, you can use Mirror Coat and pretty much kill them. Then you can either hit hard with a series of powerful moves. With Eqrthquake you have almost a third of the types covered then with Stone Edge you can hit Flying Types, annoying Pokemon with Levitate and provide more coverage. If you feel like it, Explosion always puts a dent into a player's team and you're not gonna get much use out of Corsola. That is unless you switch out and get 33.3% of your healt hback with tis ability Regenrator. This set needs Trick Room so your Corsola can outrun anything. Otherwise, you won't have to to land another hit before you faint if you use Mirror Coat.