Hi. This is my first post, and I am coming to you specifically because I need some help.

Recently Target stores in North America held a free promotion for an exclusive level 50 Red Hot Charizard. You could get the card at the store, and redeem it in Pokemon Sun and Moon.
I work freelance in Target, and picked up a few of these. I, like many others, sold a few on ebay and made some gas money. Nothing major, just $20 or so. I can hear a few of you readying your moral high horses (all forums are the same and I'm not trying to start anything. I'm just saying I know what's up.)
Then the promotion ended, and people stopped looking for them, and they stopped selling. And then other ebay members started reporting one another's auctions, having their listings removed, so they would be the only ones selling. And as time progressed, I started finding more and more stacks of Charizard cards. I'd pull them out of the trash and ask the management if I could have them. They always said "Sure, no problem."
Now it is the first of December, and I am drowning in these bloody things. They are still good for two months, as they expire on Febuary 4th. But even if I sold and/or gave away 10 a day for the next two months, I wouldn't even make a dent in clearing them out over half of them would go to waste.
I am not looking to get rich. I am willing to give them away. They were free, after all. But I did have to go get them. I have to scratch off each one, and email the code to the people who want them. I feel my time and effort is worth something, even if I am not selling them. A donation, or something like that.
I was thinking about a website with a card generator and a donation button. But that sounds complicated, a bit expensive, and time is limited. There's less than two months left.

So here is my question, oh wise people of Serebii dot net: What do I do? You have members here from all over, I am sure someone can come up with ideas. Do I just start hitting up forums? Email pop news sites? Arrange a contest?

I figure this is not in the right forum, and I am sorry for that. I was not entirely sure where to put it. PLEASE help. I know there has to be a lot of kids and adults that never got these, and I don't want to just chunk them.

Thank you!