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Thread: Mega Evolution Theory - Dunsparce

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    Lightbulb Mega Evolution Theory - Dunsparce

    In this post I will go through my personal opinion for how a Mega Dunsparce could turn out in a future pokemon game. The theory/speculation can either be read directly on this thread, or viewed in video format on my youtube channel. The video is easily found by either searching my username or the title of the thread on youtube.

    Regular Dunsparce:
    Stats: HP: 100, Attack: 70, Defense: 70, Sp.Atk: 65, Sp.Def: 65, Speed: 45
    When it comes to Dunsparce's base stats, it is nothing to brag about. It's only good stat is HP, which is 100, while everything else is either 70 or below. Dusparce only has one truly good ability, which is Serene Grace. Run Away has no competitive use, while Rattled is way to situational. Serene grace gives Dunsparce a high chance to flinch opponents with moves like Rock Slide, but its low speed stat makes flinching hopeless. The attack stats are way to low for any kind of attacker, while defenses are just a little too low to make it a strong bulky pokemon.It's basic Normal typing has potential for bulky pokemon, but no offensive potential. Dunsparce is a great example for a pokemon that just can't make it. There are two ways Game Freak could go about when making a Mega Evolution for Dunsparce. Either an offensive approach, or a defensive approach.

    Offensive Mega Dunsparce:
    Stats: HP: 100, Attack: 110, Defense: 80, Sp.Atk: 95, Sp.Def: 75, Speed: 55
    If Dunsparce were to go for an offensive approach. It would need major boosts in its attack and special attack, while gaining a little more speed, and possibly seeing some improvement on it's natual bulk. This would make Dunsparce a swift sweeper if it gets to set up an agility. The small growth in it's base speed would be just enough to outspeed the major threats. With the bulk Dunsparce already has, it won't be a glass cannon like Greninja or Blaziken. It carries Roost, and would not be easy to take down with only a Fighting type weakness. When I first thought of Mega Dunsparce I immagined something like a Dragon-typing, but I looked further into it's movepool, and it doesn't have good enough moves to support that typing. The only other additional type that would support its movepool would be Ground. No Mega Evolutions change the primary typing of a pokemon, and Normal/Ground isn't a good defensive typing, and only a decent offensive typing. Keeping Dunsparce as a mono-normal type would make the most sense.

    When it comes to abilities it could be something like Huge Power or Pure Power, in contrast with its lack of power before. This would make Dunsparce a monster when using Return or Double-Edge.
    Another ability it could have is Scrappy, which would allow it to hit Ghost-types with the STAB Normal-type attacks, and that's never a bad thing.
    My personal favorite is the ability Simple. It would double any stat change given to Dunsparce. This would also mean that pokemon with Intimidate would hurt it more, but every power comes with a flaw. With simple it would outspeed everything after one single agility, or be either a physical or special sweeper because of it's access to moves like Calm Mind, and Coil. Giving it Curse would make it one of the best pokemon for the use of Trick Room.

    Defensive Mega Dunsparce:
    Stats: HP: 100, Attack: 80, Defense: 110, Sp.Atk: 75, Sp.Def: 105, Speed: 45
    For a defensive Mege Dunsparce it would just need to switch around the stats of the offensive approach. Giving it a major boost to both its defenses instead. While being a defensive pokemon it doesn't have the same needs of outspeeding the opponent, therefore putting its previous speed investments into special defense instead. It would get small boosts to attack and special attack, just like how it got small boosts to defense and special defense offensively. With base 100 HP and only a fighting weakness, Mega Dunsparce would be a pain to take down. Either because it keeps roosting, or uses moves like Coil or Calm Mind to get more bulk, while also getting more offensive power.

    For abilities I could imagine either Limber or Immunity being great abilities, especially Immunity. Whenever you try to take down a wall that isn't Steel-type, the regular approach is to use Toxic, but with immunity that won't work. Limber would instead stop being paralyzed, which is also highly beneficial.
    I still think Simple is a great ability for Dunsparce, because then it could boost it's defenses and offensive power even faster, but maybe so fast it would be a little bit unbalanced in the end.

    Tell me if there is a specific pokemon you would like me to cover!
    That's the end of my thread. Thank you for reading!

    I just started my youtube channel, and I need some constructive feedback. It would be really appreciated if you took some time to say what you think of the video as well.
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