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    I’M ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! *EAT BRAINS* NO. No. CUT! For those of you whose story I reviewed, you may know I’m still here, but I’m sorry I haven’t updated. I have a severe case of writer’s block so this should cure it (hopefully). I’ll update the other fics as soon as I get the chance, but I’m out of ideas. This will be a two-shot.

    Rated: T for implied sex
    Shipping: ContestShipping

    Warning: Drew is kind of OOC in this story, so… Don’t flame me saying that Drew would never do that kind of thing.

    Drew's POV
    “I love you. You know that right?” I looked down at the bright blue eyes of the owner of that voice: my girlfriend, May Maple. Her shiny brown hair whipped around in the wind as she interlaced her hands with mine.

    “I know. I love you, too.” I said that half-heartedly, but she smiled and looked at the sunset glittering over the sea. It was peaceful out here, no paparazzi or fans. No concerts and noisiness. “But you know I love you more,” I smirked.

    I watched as she pouted cutely. “You do not! I love you more and I will prove it!” She attacked me with her sweet lips and I returned it, savoring the moment. I really missed this when we broke up shortly after she found me cheating on her with a fan girl. She had heard moans coming from my bedroom. We don’t live together, but it was my birthday and I thought she was going out. Apparently she had come to surprise me at my house, but came in to find me under the covers with another girl. I regretted it as soon as I saw her run out with tears.

    Now, we live together in a quaint little house at the corner of the street. We had been back together for a month now after I heard her sing “Perfectly Good Heart” to me. Oh man, do I miss her voice. In fact, that’s how we met: at a singing competition. It was before I was an international popstar and we were both offered record deals. I accepted mine but she didn’t. I remember how stupid I was that I didn’t get together with her until five years later, but that’s another story. I still remember the first time I sang to her.

    “Hey everyone! How are you all tonight?” I yelled out into the crowd. The people roared with cheers. “Glad to hear! Today, I will be singing to my new girlfriend, May Maple!” There were some screams and some boos, but I didn’t care. I turned and saw the stage crew motioning for my girlfriend to sit on a stool next to me. My girlfriend. My girlfriend. I liked the sound of that.

    I motioned to the band to start and the drummer started with an upbeat drum roll and I made eye contact with May, and I started to sing one of my biggest hits.

    I have to say, even though I like her, it isn’t enough to satisfy me, these make out sessions. As we pulled apart, I realized I needed something more than this. I was a growing man with special needs after all. I smirked thinking about getting May in bed when I was suddenly interrupted mid-thought. “Hey, what are you making that face for?” May looked at me with her eyebrows raised.

    “Nothing you would understand, July.” I unconsciously flicked my bangs out of my eyes. Her cute cheeks flooded with a bright scarlet color.

    “I’ll have you know that I am perfectly capa-“ She was cut-off as a scream pierced through the air.

    “LOOK, IT’S DREW HAYDEN!” I looked around in shock and horror. There were tons and tons of fans rushing towards me.

    I tried shouting, “Hey! This is a private beach!” but to no avail. Quickly, I grabbed May’s hand and ran to my house. I quickly scanned my hand on the pad and pulled May inside the open door. As soon as I got there I was panting while May was giggling. Her figure was shaking uncontrollably due to laughter and her facial features were graced with lightness. Her bangs brushed into her face slightly. I reached out and pushed the bangs back behind her ear and leaned closer and closer until my lips touched hers. She put her hands on my cheeks and deepened the kiss while I wrapped my arms around her waist. We withdrew and bumped foreheads together. I gazed at her eyes and she blushed and looked away.

    “Come on, let’s go deposit our Pokémon into the play room.”

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Later, after dinner, I led May upstairs into our bedroom. I was thinking about the phone call that happened during dinner. My manager had called me and told me about a series of concerts I was performing at Jitsu, a region on the other side of Japan. I heard a voice call, “Drew? Are you okay?” I snapped out of my trance and looked at May. Oh ****, looks like she saw through my calm facial expression. “What are you thinking about?”

    “Oh nothing,” I answered.

    She frowned. “Come on, Drew! Tell me what’s wrong.”

    Sighing, I answered, “I have a bunch of concerts all the way in Jitsu.” I looked at her and frowned. “Let’s just try to enjoy tonight, ok?” I smirked, hoping she would understand what I meant. Luckily, this was one of those rare days when she wasn’t a dense ball of matter. I initiated the first kiss and we went on from there.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I was angry. Furious. Beyond irate. We could have gotten much farther last night, but we didn’t. WE ****ING DIDN’T. Am I not good enough for her to lose her virginity to? Who could be better than me? I pretended not to be angry as I kissed her good bye and boarded my tour bus. On the bus, I whipped out my cellphone and dialed a number. When the person on the other end picked up, I spoke quickly. “Cassie, meet me at the Night in Tokyo Hotel tomorrow at 9 pm. I’ll be waiting.” I could practically see her light up as she squealed and hung up.

    As I looked out the window, I thought about all the fun me and Maple had together. Teasing her at contests, beating her all the time, going for ice cream… I smirked as I thought about the time she cried over her fallen cone and I had to buy her another one.

    Just then, I saw a hot girl and presumably her boyfriend walk down the street. My train of thought moved to Cassie and her big chest and my smirk grew wider. As I drifted off to sleep, May was far from my conscious thoughts.

    How was that? Did you like it? If you didn’t, I’m sorry. If you did, YAY!!!!! I will update my other stories soon. Sorry for the long wait. And I’m sad that this is so short, but I did the best that I could!
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