Hello. I'm not that active on this forum and hopefully this is the right place to post this.

I would appreciate opinions on what to evolve her into based on her nature and IVs. I'm thinking Leafeon is probably the best choice for her. I also would appreciate opinions on which stats I should put EVs into.

Nature: Lax
Characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas
Caught at level 30 in Friend Safari(and I have not leveled her up at all or added any EVs yet)
HP: 82 (apparently an IV of 30-31)
Attack: 47 (apparently an IV of 30-31)
Defense: 41 (apparently an IV of 10-13)
Special Attack: 35 (apparently an IV of 10-13)
Special Defense: 40 (apparently an IV of 4-6)
Speed: 41 (apparently an IV of 10-13)

I use an online IV calculator to help figure out IVs since I'm pretty bad at math and have always had a bit of trouble fully understanding IVs.

Thanks for any help.