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Thread: phantom16's "just trying to finish my pokedex" :-)

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    Default phantom16's "just trying to finish my pokedex" :-)

    Attention! I am out of the country for ~5 months, and wont return till early August. and i probably wont be online or checking this in that time.

    hey all, going through the individual pokemon sections are not getting as many results as i need, so i figured i would try here, i'm still on my mission to complete my soul silver pokedex legitimately.

    the pokemon that i am still in need of are:
    #382 Kyogre
    #380 Latias
    #382 Kyogre (only from HG, so i can get rayquaza)
    #386 Deoxys
    #484 Palkia
    #489 Phione
    #490 Manaphy
    #491 Darkrai
    #492 Shaymin
    #493 Arceus
    any level, any personality, it doesn't matter to me as long as they're legit.

    foreign ditto (other than USA/Enlgish for masuda breeding)
    also need 1 razor claw

    Tornadus in white version

    other non essential needs:
        Spoiler:- other items:

    i dont have a whole lot to offer, i can breed you anything that is breedable, so i can do that for you. otherwise i currently have:
    3 lvl 15 pikachus (from yellow path, all know fly)
    lvl 5 jirachi (event)
    lvl 50 celebi (event)
    (im really only inclined to trade the above ones for either a lot of pokemon or for other legendaries, since the ones i need are mostly easily obtained)

    lvl 55 Torkoal
    lvl 25 kecleon
    lvl 1 shuppet
    lvl 13 bidoof
    lvl 6 absol
    lvl 6 mareep
    lvl 14 koffing
    lvl 6 wooper
    lvl 13 machop
    lvl 16 machop
    lvl 6 hoppip
    lvl 42 magneton
    lvl 10 oddish
    lvl 14 drowzee
    lvl 29 geodude
    lvl 1 larvitar
    lvl 28 quagsire
    lvl 22 goldeen
    lvl 40 ponyta
    lvl 1 squirtle
    lvl 1 squirtle
    lvl 1 bulbasaur
    lvl 1 bulbasaur
    lvl 1 happiny
    lvl 5 wyanut
    lvl 16 mime jr.
    lvl 1 trapinch

    lvl 15 liberty garden victini in white (again really only for legendaries or events)

    i also have some items, like berries, i never use them, so if you need some i might have some you can have, otherwise just ask, and i might have other items for you :-)
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    SS team:

    in gen V I want Meloetta
        Spoiler:- What I have for trade:

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