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    Default Pokemon Game Ideas and Wishlists - Yes We Can!

    ::Main Game Series: Ideas, Suggestions and Wishlists::

    I'm sure everyone has opinions about certain aspects of the main Pokemon game series which they believe can be improved, should be changed, and would be popular with everyone else, if ever so slightly. So I thought we could come up with a list that the majority may agree or is neutral about.

    This is of course, based on personal opinions, so no hard feelings if no one agrees with you or me. Active debate and discussion is encouraged. And of course, some of the opinions may seem impossible to happen, but we can always keep it within this thread for the fun of it. Who knows, this might catch the eye of a staff from Game Freak?

    Do explain if you're actually fully against the idea, OR merely justifying the way the things is right now in hindsight. And in the case of the latter, it really doesn't contribute to this thread. Imagine pre-gen V period, and someone suggested that TMs should be multi-use. It's always easy to justify why TMs isn't multi-use (too easy, overpowered etc) at that time, but moral of the story is that no idea remains unchanged given the test of time, if it's popular/acceptable by the majority.

    I'm currently adding a list of non-supporters as a mean of deciding whether to banish an idea. You can post or PM me to have your name added or removed at any time

    I think the game would be a little better if...:

    Every trainer, including Gym Leaders, should be re-matchable (and kept that way for every single darn gen)
    The phone in HGSS, PokeNav in RSE or the VS Seeker FRLG/DPPt, all share the similar function of allowing rematches, but each has its pros and cons. In essence, rematches should be allowed for every NPC trainer, without the need to always actively seek for them all the time (PokeNav), or the need to charge (VS seeker), or irritate the user (phone). Having both PokeNav and Phone function in the same game would be awesome. In the case of the phone function though, you should be able to choose to off it completely or block individual contacts, since you might want certain trainers to contact you (to give items), but not others (who sprout nonsense). Rematches from phone can give an extra small reward for winning, such as berries, pokeballs, and an occasional vitamin.

    Player customisation (suggested by The Wallflower)
    Considering that Game Freaks attempted to introduce customisable Pokemon, a customisable trainer sprite seems easier to implement. Moreover, it serves a more significant role in terms of online play. Who wants to see the same old male/female trainer sprite over and over again? Even a colour swap would be considered an improvement over nothing.

    Nature wasn't linked to stats alteration, but merely descriptive.
    I'm supportive of the +10%/-10% stats alteration game mechanics, but I like my Pokemon's nature to be naturally obtained, instead of adhering to that same few natures in order for my favourite Pokemon "to be the best like no one ever was, ever was, ever was..." So I thought a compromise would be to indicate the stats alteration via Pokeblock colour preferences, instead of via nature. And introduce more natures into the game for cosmetic purposes, since it would no longer be limited by the 25 different permutations of stats changes.

    Ability Tutor (suggested by InsaneStar7)
    You have a favorite Pokémon in your party that you're very fond of. Your Pokemon's family line has two abilities, and the ability your Pokemon have now wasn't as useful as you thought and you wish for it to have the other one. Or that in Gen VI the Pokemon is given an alternative ability, and your Pokemon loses the opportunity to have that ability even if you transfer it over. You'll have to capture another of your favorite Pokémon or breed it to get it that, but you have to give up everything that your favorite Pokémon has (moves, ribbons, memories etc). An idea would be an ability tutor, where you make a payment of some sort in the form of an item to switch its ability, except that the item is much harder to obtain, such as available only via events, or once per season from and NPC.

    Have the Pokewalker as a permanent feature for future main game. (suggested by The Wallflower)
    The Pokewalker is a feature of the 4th generation Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver games. Basically, you can transfer a Pokemon in your game to this device, and interact with it. Walking around with the Pokewalker gives you currency to use either the Poke Radar to capture wild Pokemon (using a simpler battle system) or the Dousing Machine to find items. I would add on that the Pokewalker definitely has more room for improvement in areas such as graphics and features.

    An easier, clearer communication and negotiation method on the GTS (suggested by EoTN)
    The negotiation is slightly remedied on gen V, but text-based options in addition to pictures/icons should be made available as well to make your intentions clearer. Common words and simple phrases with its translated counterparts can be used to overcome language barriers.

    More save file slots (suggested by Haunter227)
    The title is pretty self explanatory in this case.

    We should be able to mass release multiple pokemon at the same time. (suggested by Sabconth)
    "Either by the boxload, or by picking a multiple range of our choice and then releasing them all in one go. For anyone who breeds, hunts for shinies or just hatches often, having to go down each line of pokemon, box by box and individually click through several different confirmation boxes just to release 1 at a time is the very definition of tedium." (Note: I'll add on that the overall PC interface can be improved further so that the Deposit/Withdraw option can be removed if Move can cover everything nicely, no more scrolling through the so many options to get the Move!)

        Spoiler:- Non-supporter:

    An extra two sub-slots for carrying Pokemon and egg for switching in and out during your trip (suggested by Moonlight_Tails)
    Instead of carrying six Pokemon, you now carry six, plus an extra two sub-slots for switching outside of battle. Nothing else changes, you still have a maximum of 6v6 battle, you still lose if your first team of six faints. Essentially it helps out breeders with hundreds of eggs to breed (by a 40% boost in egg capacity), or for the typical trainer who has a few more Pokemon he wishes to train within a trip away from the Pokemon Centre.

    HM moves can be readily deleted
    The concept of field moves is great, but HM moves should be readily deletable like TM moves, such that you can "equip" and "unequip" them. It works even better in B/W since TM are multi-use; you can replace one of your main team member' TM move with a HM move for one of the caves, and later had it re-learn the first TM move. The meaning of 'HM move' would be better referred to as moves with field effects without the difficulty to replace component, and can include all cur field moves such as Teleport, Sweet Scent Dig etc. If GF could bring back every field move status of some moves such as Secret Power, Headbutt within a single game it'll be even better.

    Signature moves (suggested by InsaneStar7)
    Would be it cool if more individual Pokémon family have their own exclusive move to make it more special? Out of all 649 Pokémon, there's a total of 56 Pokémon (mostly legendaries) that has their own unique signature moves in the specific family. From previous generations, some Pokémon had their own interesting moves (Which sorta makes a signature move) where no other Pokémon can have it by leveling up or breeding. But when there's a new generation coming, some old and new Pokémon adopt the same moves. It is entirely possible to make an interesting sig. move based on information from their Pokédex entries that would fit their characteristics, anatomy, and/or fighting style. Another way is to utilise ideas already existing in the TCG games. The signature move can be a slight variation of existing moves, be it a status or offensive move, rendered better or worst in accuracy/power or comes with/without secondary effect. What matters is that the move is able to identify with the Pokemon using it.

    Ice type moves weren't that common among water type Pokemon
    Check out the list of ice type Pokemon, and most of them cannot learn offensive water moves unless they're ice/water type. Now check the list of Water type Pokemon, almost every single one of them can lean Ice Beam and Blizzard. Some Pokemon have really small move pools, but can we not have every single water type learn Ice Beam? Ice is a unique typing on its own, and not a subset of water type.

        Spoiler:- Non-supporter:

    Treat Flying type as a type on its own, with pure Flying types birds instead of Normal/Flying.
    Flying type has its own set of moves, strengths and weaknesses just like any other types, yet when it comes to Pokemon, every bird that doesn't have another prominent characteristic is cursed with the Normal/Flying combination.Why not give Flying type its own batch of pure flying (Pidgeot, Fearow line), combination type (Skarmory, Honchkrow) and the occasional Normal/Flying for the ones that look like they're less likely to fly (Dodrio), much like any other type? Does Fighting type Pokemon need to throw their punches in the air every 3 seconds to show that they're 'pure fighting'?

    Masquerain was bug/water like its pre-evolution, Skursit
    Skursit is the only bug/water combination Pokemon until now. Much like how Venonat and Venomoth are bug/poison, Larvesta and Volcarona are bug/fire, why not keep Masquerain as the unique bug/water type? I know, I know, Masquerain is weak, no one remembers it, you're making it cry. Why would Game Freak add a brand new type combination only to revert it to one of the most common one we already have in game, I have no idea. Not to mention it's a fairly illogical evolution, even by bug standard. At least we can be hopeful about a new bug/water Pokemon in the future.

        Spoiler:- Non-supporter:

    Samurott was water/fighting instead of water
    Not only has there been two pure water starter, but Samurott's design pretty much screams of a Samurai warrior.

    The 5th gen Fire starter was anything but fire/fighting
    Fire/dark, fire/ground, or just fire. Ignoring the fact that the current design of Emboar may not fit the typing you're hoping for, you feel that a fire/??? starter would have been better, and the starter design can be made to fit the typing. Or you're happy with the design afterall, and just wish for a different typing.

    Regigigas's signature ability, Slow Start, lasted 3 turns instead of 5
    It's a mechanism to limit Regigigas, halving its Attack and Speed for five turns. The whole concept of a Golem who has just woken up from slumber is interesting, but for 5 turns, I don't think it's going to be the most popular Regi among the Regis. Many other legendaries have equal or higher total stats of 680 without this setback.
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