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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFever View Post
    Torchic and it's uses were severely flawed in the third generation. It's a fire fighting which learns only two fighting moves throughout it's evolutions and at levels inconvenient for the two gyms where they are needed.
    Double kick comes during the Cumbuskin stage at I believe around level 2-something thus taking too long to be used against Roxy, the first gym leader who uses the rock type. Unless one wants to hang around training for her gym for that long rather than making the faster and more practical decision to just use a shroomish.
    Then Blaze kick is learned in the Blaziken stage at level 54 I believe, too late once again as you reach Norman with his normal types around 20 levels prior to that point.
    On top of that, the games have NO fire type advantage gyms. It isn't until the elite four when fire will have any real use as pretty much every one of them except Steven has a weakness to it.

    In the fourth generation, they needed to keep the contests as they were in the third. The dancing and dress up stuff is horrible and pointless.

    I also think it would have been awesome if Mewtwo talked in the first generation and their remakes as he did in the anime.
    TMs needed to be unlimited use and Flash removed as an HM long before the current, fifth generation. Flash was always so useless as an HM, I can't remember the last time I used it in any game.
    Erm, some of the things you mentioned were already fixed by 5th gen. I might list the contest thingy in the first post, but I'm not getting your point with respect to torchic, and the TMs/HMs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlight_Tails View Post
    you could swap them around at any time without going to a pc and you would get to choose from the 8 in battle but no more than 6
    I would think that it makes the game too easy. And the game IS already too easy for me. The whole point of a party of 6, and going to and fro PC is so that you don't have too easy of a trip in between cities. 6 Pokemon have a pretty good coverage of weakness and strengths, so I don't see why the extra 2 Pokemon for switching in and out is for.

    Why do you exactly want this feature, is the game too difficult for you?
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