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Thread: Community POTW #58

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    Shadow tag lampent is more awesome. Because that's the next best thing you'll use in OU or lower tiers, depending on whether chandelure's in ubers or BL.

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    Chandelure is pretty amazing: awesome sprite, even more awesome special attack, acceptable defenses, middle area speed, and decent HP.
    Now for movesets:
    Choice Sweeper
    Item: Choice Scarf/Choice Specs
    EVs: Special Attack: 252, Speed: 252, HP: 4
    Ability: Flash Fire/Shadow Tag/Flame Body
    Nature: Modest
    Moves: Heat Wave/Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Overheat
    Shadow Ball
    Energy Ball/Solarbeam
    Psychic/Hidden Power Ice/Hidden Power Fighting
    Since this is a choice set, you want a high enough speed to hit many opponents first and a high special attack to eliminate opponents quickly. The HP stat is to let you live a little bit longer. Pick a fire-type move for STAB, this choice is really about power vs. reliability. Heat Wave is slightly more powerful than Flamethrower and can destroy opponents in double and triple battles, however it is less reliable with only 90 accuracy and only has a 10% chance at burning. Fire Blast is more powerful, but much less reliable with 85 accuracy. Flamethrower is powerful and still has 100 accuracy. Overheat is perfect for a choice set because the goal is to switch in, eliminate a threat quickly and get out. Staying in after using Overheat is not really an option, though, so use at your own risk. Shadow Ball is amazing: gets STAB, hits Ghosts and Psychics, all in all a good move. Energy Ball removes the turn for charging when it isn't sunny but go for solarbeam all the way on a sun team. Both moves hit major type threats: water, ground, and rock. The fourth move is all about coverage. Psychic leaves Flash Fire Heatran, Hydreigon, and Houndoom capable of resisting all your moves, but hits everything else at least neutrally. Hidden Power Ice hits dragons and Gliscor. Hidden Power Fighting hits darks.
    As for the ability, Flash Fire gives three immunities (normal, fighting, and fire) allowing you to switch in very easily and gives your fire type move a boost if anyone hits you with a fire type move. Flame Body can cripple physical attackers by burning them, which is quite nice. Shadow Tag prevents your opponent from escaping.
    As a side note, the decreased attack from adamant nature will keep you alive if the opponent uses Foul Play.

    Other Options: Wise Glasses/Quick Claw
    Wise Glasses works the same as the choice set, but you can change moves to suit the situation, allowing Chandelure to function even if the opponent changes. Basically eliminate the item, add Wise Glasses, and FORGET ABOUT OVERHEAT. On this set, Overheat will prove to be a VERY poor choice.
    Quick Claw works like the other sets, but EVs should be eliminated from speed as you will rely on Quick Claw to act first. Take those EVs, dedicate them to HP so you live longer, and throw the other four into Defense or Special Defense. Once again: on this set Overheat == bad idea.

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    Other options
    Pain split is good as a recovery option, if you wanna run bulky Chandelure.
    Trick room as this guy is a good utilizer for that if made lowering speed natured.
    Hex is fun to try, especially if you are running Toxic spikes, or Will o' wisp. Interesting combo, as you can reach 120 ghost bp.
    Heat wave is a good option if you wanna run him in the doubles. And
    Purgatory is Hell...Oops, I mean Inferno is good try if you wanna take a spin on gravity teams. Gimmicky, but hey, Chandy would be good for that due to Immunities. That's what you want on a gravity team more than the moves- the Immunities.

    Double and triple battle
    Ok, think about it. It may be weak to earthquake and surf, but here's the thing- with shadow tag, you can utilize him as a trap. Set up a perish song, use U-turn or volt switch or just switch out, but leave him last. You just took down a good fraction of the opponent's team. Yikes! Not to mention that you can utilize other combos such as Explosion, and flash fire-lava plume-burn. He's also resistant to Blizzard and the occasional Icy wind. Pain split can even out team member's Hp.

    Like I said before- Can we do Jynx next? I have a Rap based on a hilarious set I have. It's funny, but it does involve a little cursing.
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    It's still the cutest bug eva!

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    what i would use
    Rather Chandy in a fight (I know, it wasnt very punny)
    Item: life orb/leftovers
    EVs: Special Attack: 252, Speed: 252, HP: 4
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Modest
    Moves: Substitute
    Shadow Ball
    flame charge/taunt/hidden power ice
    flamethrower/fire blast

    the aim of this set is to come in on something defensive, then sub up. taunt is to cripple blissey send ins (seismic toss, go on and hit him) where as flame charge can let you sweep. hidden power ice adds nice coverage. to round the set of, some nice dual stabs. life orb is for flame charge and hp ice vairaiants, but watch out because stealth rock and spikes will knock your hp down fast, and with a sub, life orb will kill you. leftovers is for the tuant variant to sad some lovely recovery, so you cna come in, and heal up about 25% (1 sub or rocks) before you leave if it goes
    ome in heal, defensive send in, heal, taunt, heal, they swap out, heal and thats 4. 4 lefties is another sub, or another stealth rock hit.
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    How about we include litwick for the Little cup.

    The baby candle that can KILL!
    -Shadow ball
    -Pain split
    -Will o wisp

    Pretty much, litwick will be able to use any of chandy's moves. Plays it roles just okay for little cup.

    But of course some water types or ground to watch out, a wide lensed Deino and fellow dragons like dratini with Aqua tail and the like.

    Please keep my young partners in company.

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    I don't know, Litwick just doesn't seem to stand out so much in Little Cup with special sweepers like Gastly, Magby, and Abra running around. I guess it can still do some damage with its decent SpA and good offensive movepool, but it'll probably be a much larger threat when Shadow Tag is released.

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    Litwick's 20 base speed is also pretty good for using trick room.

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    Chandelure's speed bothers me... It speed ties with lots of Base 80 speed pkmn, and if it runs a hidden power, then it'll likely lose the speed tie by a single point... There's quite a few base 80's that like to run scarf too....
    Even if it does speed tie, 50/50 chance aren't very desirable odds

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    Personal Moveset
    Flame Body w/ Life Orb/Choice Specs
    Night Shade/Shadow Ball
    Energy Ball
    Payback/Clear Smog

    Lava Plume-users if Flash Fire is used.
    Sunny Day-users.

    Pokemon with Special Rock/Water/Ground-Type Attacks.
    Rain Dance-Users.
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