So, all this talk about 'power creep' that I've been hearing again over the past few weeks got me thinking. When Gen VI comes, there's a guarantee there'll be some fantastic new pokemon that will reduce an exisiting pokemon's viability. Or maybe the power of these new mons would put some walls out of use, a bit like Snorlax this Gen.

Ironically, I was thinking about this ages ago, in the weeks running up to Gen V, and thinking it'd be cool if some old pokemon got stat increases or something else to make them better (I even thought of Ninetales as a specific example) and I suppose, in a way, they did, thanks to Dream World.

But what I'm on about here is not DW abilities, but rather actual BST increases. Take Sandslash for example. It was awful in Gen IV and, although it got a good DW ability, it's still unlikely to be much use when it's released. But suppose it got it's Speed increased to 80 and it's attack to 120. A lot would change.

So my question to you dear peasants people, is how any BST changes would affect the metagame. I'm not asking if it would happen (I think it rather unlikely myself) but rather what would happen.

Just some food for thought. Discuss.