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    Hello there! Shadow Lucario here with another fan fiction. If you've been here a while you may know me from my first work The Sinnoh Adventure. After working on it for a while I grew tired of it and decided to cancel it. I am probably most well known for my work Pokemon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness, a fic that I completed. I have attempted two fics since then and both have flopped. Now I am returning to my roots and starting a journey fic. I know that these are the most common and deemed the most unoriginal, but you can't judge a book by its cover, well in this case a fic by its genre. Enough blabbing! Here is the first chapter to Hero's Bond! Please review so that I can correct my mistakes and make the next chapter better. Now enjoy!

        Spoiler:- Character Biographies:

    Chapter list

    First Journey Arc
    Chapter 1: Distance 9 February 2012
    Chapter 2: Escort 27 February 2012
    Chapter 3: Drive 29 February 2012
    Chapter 4: Light 1 March 2012
    Chapter 5: Dark 3 March 2012
    Chapter 6: Clash 4 March 2012
    Chapter 7: Test 6 March 2012

    Team Lustrous Arc
    Chapter 8: Team Lustrous Revived 7 March 2012
    Chapter 9: Blinding Light 12 March 2012
    Chapter 10: Lost Luster 17 March 2012
    Chapter 11: Illuminated Glory 20 March 2012
    Chapter 12: Radiant Pride 22 March 2012
    Chapter 13: Fading Light 26 March 2012

    The Black Organization Arc
    Chapter 14: Encounter with the Darkness 30 March 2012
    Chapter 15: The Midnight Sun 4 April 2012
    Chapter 16: Nightfall Part 1 6 April 2012
    Chapter 17: Nightfall Part 2 2 May 2012

    Third Faction Arc
    Chapter 18: Burning Passion 7 July 2012
    Chapter 19: Broken 20 September 2012
    Chapter 20: Dedication through Light and Darkness 19 November 2012
    Chapter 21: The Nine 30 November 2012
    Chapter 22: City of Lights 19 December 2012
    Chapter 23: The Dark Day 7 January 2013
    Chapter 24: Parting the Clouds 7 March 2013

    Silver Conference Arc
    Chapter 25: Translucence 4 April 2013
    Chapter 26: Raging Storm 10 June 2013
    Chapter 27: Guiding Light 9 August 2013
    Chapter 28: Fist of Fury 21 August 2013
    Chapter 29: Legend 4 September 2013

    Restoration Arc
    Chapter 30: Return to Unity City 10 December 2013
    Chapter 31: The New Path 28 January 2014
    Chapter 32: In the Distance
    Chapter 33: Loss
    Chapter 34: A Blank Slate

    Hero’s Bond

    Chapter 1: Distance

    “What do you want to do? That’s what everyone asks me. Do you want to challenge the gyms or dazzle people in contests? Are you made to become a Ranger and protect Pokémon or are you meant to have a Pokémon at all?”

    “Sounds like your friends give you a hard time.”

    “I don’t see why I have to have everything figured out right now. I’m only fourteen years old!”

    “Well when I was a kid we had to make that decision by the time we were ten. Consider yourself lucky now that the laws have changed.”

    A young boy and his father had been conversing as they approached their small house in a quiet town located somewhere in the Johto region. The town didn’t have many residents so just about everyone knew everyone. A sign indicated that the town was named New Bark, the town where winds of a new beginning blow.

    “Burton tells me I should participate in contests like him. He even said that Marshall was going the same route,” the boy told his father.

    “Listen Jayden, no matter what you choose I’ll be proud of you.” The man placed his hand on Jayden’s head, ruffling his black hair. “When is your appointment with the Professor?”

    “It’s in half an hour. I’ve never been so nervous Dad! I have to tell the Professor what I’m going to choose right? I still don’t know!”

    The man now put his hands on the boy’s shoulders, kneeling so they were at eye level. “You’ll be fine. Just go with whatever your heart tells you.”

    Jayden bit his bottom lip, looking down at the ground. “What did you do Dad?”

    “I just traveled. Originally I thought I was going to be a contest master, but I failed miserably in my first contest. That’s when I decided I just wanted to travel and see as many Pokémon as I could. Now go. You don’t want to be late.”

    Jayden turned away from his father, letting out a sigh, fixing his red jacket and wiping dust off his black jeans. With a wave the boy began walking towards a large building. The building had a smoke stack on the roof, smoke emitting from it and rising in the midday sky. A few people greeted Jayden as he passed them. Once he reached the building he knocked on the large wooden door, a loud gulp coming from his throat as he swallowed. The door swung inwards to reveal a fairly young man with tousled sand colored hair.

    “Jayden,” the man exclaimed, pulling his lab coat back onto his shoulder. “You’re about ten minutes early. Seems like you and your friends have a lot in common.”

    Jayden looked at him confused, but when he walked into the lab he saw what he meant. In the next room were three people; two boys and a girl. The boys had been wearing similar clothing to Jayden, the colors being the only difference. The girl had sported a pink tank top and a white skirt.

    “Jayden you made it!” one of the boys shouted.

    “We’re all here early and we’re wearing the same style of clothing. We’ve been friends for way too long!” the other boy said with a grin.

    “Then it’s a good thing we won’t be getting the same Pokémon,” the girl said crossing her arms. “That would be too many similarities in one day.”

    “Speaking of Pokémon, come into the next room and make your pick,” the Professor said, pushing Jayden into the room where the other three were. “Now that we’re all here we can get you guys your first Pokémon ahead of schedule!”

    “Ladies first,” said the girl, stepping up to a table that had four orbs placed on it. The top half was red while the bottom half was white. A silver strip with a white button separated them at the middle. After carefully looking over the Poké Balls, the girl picked one up and held it in the air. “Totodile is mine!”

    “Come on Kaylie!” the boy in the green jacket groaned. “You know I was going to pick Totodile!”

    “Too bad Marshall; it’s mine.” The girl stuck her tongue out at him.

    “I guess I’ll choose next,” Jayden said, stepping up. Placing his hand over one of the balls, Jayden’s heart began to beat really fast. Oh crap! he thought. I forgot which Pokémon were being offered! Do I ask the Professor? No. That will make me look stupid. Damn! Guess I’ll have to choose randomly!

    Closing his eyes, Jayden moved his hand over the balls three times before throwing his hand on one. Another groan came from Marshall as Jayden picked the ball up. “Cyndaquil was my second choice!”

    “My turn,” shouted the boy in the blue jacket. He carefully looked at the two balls remaining before turning back to the Professor. “Could you tell me the last two Pokémon remaining? The only one I remembered was Cyndaquil and it was taken.”

    “In past years this lab had only offered three Pokémon,” the Professor explained. “Those three were Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita. Over time there had been more and more instances of four people becoming trainers instead of three. So to make sure that no one had to wait for their Pokémon the labs decided to offer four Pokémon as opposed to three.”

    “That was a nice history lesson, but that doesn’t answer my question,” the boy said, turning back to the Poké Balls.

    “Well, by process of elimination one of the Pokémon left has to be Chikorita,” the Professor told him with a chuckle. “The other tends to change and this year it is an Abra, a Psychic Pokémon known for its tendency to teleport away in battle.”

    “How did you catch it then?” Marshall asked.

    “This Abra is different from normal Abras. Instead of running away it attacked me,” said the Professor.

    “Then I’ll pick the aggressive Abra!” the boy said, swiping the ball and rubbing it against his face.

    “Thank you Burton!” Marshall said as he approached the table. “I wanted Chikorita just as much as Cyndaquil!”

    “Now that we have that settled it’s time I gave you the tools you need for your journey,” the Professor told them, leading them into the next room. Scrambling around the room searching through different drawers, he finally came back with four different small boxes. “In these boxes are five Poké Balls. You use these to catch different Pokémon. Also there are registration slips for either the Pokémon League, where you would collect all eight badges in the region, or the contest circuit where you would go to the many contest halls to try and collect five ribbons to enter the Grand Festival.”

    Each of the kids took a box, smiles on all their faces. “I can’t wait to get to training!” Burton exclaimed, placing all the Poké Balls in his jacket pocket.

    “You and me both,” Jayden said, placing them on his belt.

    “So then you’ve decided on what you want to do?” Marshall asked.

    Jayden chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. “Of course; I’m going to-” Come on Jayden think! What is it that you want to do?! Maybe I should tell them one thing and decide later. “I’ll be in the contest circuit like you!”

    “Awesome!” Marshall and Burton cheered.

    “While you guys have fun with your little dancing and what not I’m going to be taking on the gyms and making my Pokémon the best battlers there are,” Kaylie told them, flipping her brown hair.

    “Just because we’re going to be Coordinators doesn’t mean we won’t be able to beat you!” Burton told her. “My Pokémon are going to be both strong and elegant!”

    “Now to do that you’ll have to start your journey first,” the Professor said with a chuckle.

    The kids all started to laugh as they headed towards the exit. Marshall turned around and shouted, “Thanks a ton Professor Michael!”

    “Please call me Professor Elm,” he shouted back. “I took my great grandfather’s name.”

    “I’m going to say goodbye to my folks,” Burton said, running off.

    “My grandma told me to stop by before I left,” said Kaylie, running off as well.

    “Are you going to say goodbye to your dad?” Marshall asked Jayden.

    “Yeah” he replied. “I’ll meet up with you sometime though.”

    Marshall nodded with a grin. With their goodbyes said, Jayden began to walk back towards his house, Poké Ball in hand. During the entire ten minute walk he had been staring at the ball, not even noticing when people would say hello. When he opened the door to his house streamers and a loud popping noise greeted him. His dad had been waiting by the door with the party popper. A woman behind him blew into a kazoo, playing a made up melody.

    “Dad, Aunt Kacie,” he said surprised.

    “Your aunt had come over from Cherrygrove to see you off,” his dad told him.

    “I couldn’t let my only nephew start his journey without seeing me first,” Kacie said, giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

    “So what Pokémon did you get?” his father asked.

    “I ended up choosing Cyndaquil,” Jayden answered, holding up the Poké Ball.

    “Have you said hello to it yet?” Kacie asked.

    Jayden shook his head. “I’m going to wait until we’re on the road. I better leave now if I want to reach Cherrygrove by dark. Will you go with me Aunt Kacie?”

    “I’ll be staying here. Dan has offered to let me take the extra room. My old bones can only take so much walking in one day.”

    Dan pulled his son into an embrace, smiling at him.”Your mother would be proud of you.”

    Jayden’s eyes suddenly began to water. He turned, wiping the tears away with his sleeve. “I’ll see you later okay Dad?” Even though the tears had been wiped away the sadness was still present in his voice.

    “Sure thing son. Make me proud.”

    Once he left the house, he let a single tear slide down his face. After taking a deep breath, Jayden looked at the Poké Ball again, excitement returning. Looking down the street he saw the path that exited New Bark Town, a smile appearing on his face.

    “Let’s do this Cyndaquil,” he said to the ball before placing it on his belt and running towards the exit, towards the start of his journey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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