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I complained about the summary of "Squid Baby" earlier, but now that I saw the episode, I've had enough of SpongeBob. That damn episode is the lowest of the low, how dare they write an episode with such immaturity and disgrace. Yes, SpongeBob is for kids, but for the love of God, don't talk down to children about serious injuries. The fact this was basically a Squidward torture porn episode from the bottom of the "Squidward Torture Porn" barrel made it worse.

I only saw half of the episode, but that half was all I need to despise this. For one thing: SpongeBob and Patrick are playing with baby toys. Baby toys. WHY. Squidward then trips or slips on one, and he hits his head in such a way it gives him brain injury so serious, he got the mentality of a baby. But they had the gall to call it "Head-Go-Boom-Boom-itis". A doctor character calls his condition this.

You do not call real serious brain injuries "Head-Go-Boom-Boom-itis"!

Then this piece of shit of an episode decides to use it as an excuse to have Squidward (who has a mental capacity of a baby at this point) get hurt in "amusing" ways, such as getting his head stuck in the wooden ceiling, and getting his head run over by a truck. And SpongeBob and Patrick did nothing to get him off the street before that happened. The hell?! Remember "Rock-A-Bivalve"? They wouldn't have let "Junior" get hurt like that, but they let Squidward get run over?

Right afterward, SpongeBob takes Squidward in to work, and Mr. Krabs, being the fat bastard he is, says this to SpongeBob who is trying to tell him Squidward can't work, "I don't care if he has seaweed for brains, there are customers waiting to give me money!"


I turned off the TV right then and there, and I vowed off SpongeBob. This episode was uncalled for. I have no idea how this got greenlit, but the show has no mentality, let alone maturity to handle such a serious condition as the plot of an episode. Considering how I have a sibling who suffered brain injury as a child, this pissed me off.

I don't know how anyone can like this episode. Was there anything positive about this episode at all? I'm very curious if anything was resolved in a reasonable manner at the end.
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