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Thread: Team HYPER DRAGON: Spinners of Time

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    Default Team HYPER DRAGON: Spinners of Time

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Hyper Yo-Yo line, or the rights to any of the yo-yos that were licensed to it.

    Synopsis: Young yo-yo players from different time periods are gathered to a futuristic stadium for a yo-yo contest like no other. Their host; a mad but well-meaning scientist with a passion for yo-yos. What are his true intentions?

    Prologue: Set Up


    Chapter 1: Enter the Contestants! Part 1
    Coming Soon!
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    Hey there! Welcome to the fic forum!

    Unfortunately, gotta let you know about something pretty quickly here. According to our rules (over here—the rule in question is Rules for Writers #4, last paragraph there), all chapters, parts, what-have-you must be finished before posting. This is because ... we can't really comment on something that's not finished. Like, if you're still writing the chapter, chances are, you haven't actually proofread yet, so literally anything we could possibly comment on just isn't fair game.

    There's a solution to this, though, and that's writing on a word processor. If you're writing on a laptop or PC (read: not a phone), there are definitely a ton of options out there, ranging from Microsoft Word (not free) to OpenOffice (free) to Google Drive (free and online). If you're on a phone, a lot of pretty neat advancements have been made recently, and you can find word processors for both Androids and iPhones. Writing in a word processor has a lot of benefits, but the most obvious one in this case would be that you'd have a place to save your work off the forums so you don't present stuff that's not ready for an audience.

    That aside, it's also worth it to mention that Fan Fiction is only for Pokémon fics. If you're writing about any other fandom, you'd want to head to Non-Pokémon Stories. Easy mistake to make, really. I'd move this thread, but because of the above lengthy bit about unfinished chapters, I'm actually going to close this for now. Don't be alarmed or anything. I just want to make sure you've read and familiarized yourself with the rules and that you're giving yourself enough time to finish a chapter to the best of your ability before you come back to this thread. When you've done both, feel free to post your new, finished prologue in Non-Pokémon Stories.

    If you've got any questions whatsoever about the rules or this ruling, feel free to ask via PM or VM, or comment on the rules thread itself.

    Thanks and good luck!

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