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    Default Ritchie: The Boy Who Won

    "You know how the story ends, but how does it begin? Witness as, Ritchie, the boy who delivered the most heart breaking defeat in Pokémon history journeys throughout Kanto. Witness how Ritchie became the boy who won."

    Does everybody remember Ritchie? I am quite looking forward to the challenge of making this guy interesting, I must admit. I hated him when I was younger, I think I was about 7 or 8 when he beat Ash in the Indigo League, I was devastated haha

    This is his journey.


    Hello. My name is Ritchie. I am going to be one of the greatest Pokémon Trainers who ever lived. I am going to become a Pokémon Master!

    I am sure you have heard that a million times, right? Who doesn't want to become a Pokémon Master?

    While I know you have heard the words before, while I know everybody has heard the words before, this time I really believe is different. I know I can be a successful Pokémon Trainer. I know I can catch them all and I know I can earn the respect of my peers.

    I will beat all the Gym Leaders, I will catch all the Pokémon and I will stop at nothing to defeat every single person in the Indigo League.

    You see, I'm not like the others. At least that is what I like to think. Everybody else, my so called friends in Frodomar City, my parents, all the Pokémon Trainers I have had the honour to talk to, seem to think that I am just an average Joe, wannabe Pokémon Trainer. A wannabe Pokémon Trainer who will work as hard as he can and learn everything there is to learn about this wonderful world.

    But then again, when it is said like that, maybe that's exactly what I am. Everybody has the dream, everybody wants to going around and meet people and create unbreakable bonds with people and Pokémon alike. Few ever actually realise this dream.

    That's how I will be different. I will achieve my dream, and I will become the Kanto League Champion.

    At any cost...

    Team Rocket: Built On Lies

    Set after the events of Operation Tempest, Giovanni's next scheme plans to send the whole world into ruin. But how will Team Rocket cope when they realize that Operation Tempest changed Giovanni forever...

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    Hello. My name is Ritchie. I am going to be one of the greatest Pokémon Trainers who ever lived. I am going to become a Pokémon Master!

    I am sure you have heard that a million times, right? Who doesn't want to become a Pokémon Master?
    Okay. That appears shallow to me because I'm sure everyone wants a million dollars, too. I think I would like to know why he wants to be a pokemon master. A reason that does not fall apart in a week, a month, or even a year will be the best one. To me, I imagine that Ritchie would want to live the challenge of battling to become a pokemon master. Perhaps the battles themselves cause great excitment in him, even if he appears calm, and he loves his experiance a lot if he wins, and still likes it even if he loses. The idea of winning and becoming the best can be a lure as well, but it's important that he likes winning lower level matches as well.

    Also, I don't really believe that he would assert that he could become the best pokemon master at the beginning. For him to assert that takes a level of belief that isn't seen in sportsmen until they start winning at regionals, then national matches. Oh, but there is a way that he would say that he is going to be the best at such an early time. Perhaps he has learned to believe in himself: This is often done by repetitive notes on mirrors and other household surfaces to drill into the trainer that he or she can and will be the best provided that the studying and training is done. If Ritchie is making such bold statements in an important prolouge, I really need to believe that he's serious and will stay serious.

    While I know you have heard the words before, while I know everybody has heard the words before, this time I really believe is different. I know I can be a successful Pokémon Trainer. I know I can catch them all and I know I can earn the respect of my peers.
    I have no reason to believe this simply because you assume that what you're trying to prove is true. The character should have a backstory to prove that he has what it takes to memorize every pokemon, every pokemon move, and whatever the heck else. After all, football (USA football) has coaches who analze their rivals' tatics with videos. There are books about football tatics as well. Also, there are mentors who may teach Ritchie one on one if they believe that he's serious enough, or worth their time.

    I will beat all the Gym Leaders, I will catch all the Pokémon and I will stop at nothing to defeat every single person in the Indigo League.
    I'm not really sure why you would want to capture that many pokemon. I think that gamers are going to bash me on this, but I really doubt there's a serious reason to capturing all the pokemon. As a cultural meme, I can believe it, but it's only there to show off capturing ablities. Perhaps Ritchie is planning to do this capturing in order to show off his collection to other trainers (in addition to his gym badge collection). So, in a way, he's looking for social approval for his actions in addition to personal challenge and victory. That's what I'm inferring, but I lack details to prove what I think is going on.

    You see, I'm not like the others. At least that is what I like to think. Everybody else, my so called friends in Frodomar City, my parents, all the Pokémon Trainers I have had the honour to talk to, seem to think that I am just an average Joe, wannabe Pokémon Trainer. A wannabe Pokémon Trainer who will work as hard as he can and learn everything there is to learn about this wonderful world.
    But what have you been doing, Ritchie? Sitting around? Haven't you been learning of all this stuff before you decided to go out and be number one? The habit of learning is a hard one to pick up, and it would be better for you to already have that habit.

    But then again, when it is said like that, maybe that's exactly what I am. Everybody has the dream, everybody wants to going around and meet people and create unbreakable bonds with people and Pokémon alike. Few ever actually realise this dream.
    This paragraph explains a motive that I didn't infer earlier: Pokemon and people bonding with Ritchie. Excellent reason to go on a journey, but does it overcome the justifications to stay home? I'm not sure I believe that he would leave his home to do this fantastic journey. Often, in real life, grown ups may leave their home nation and find better places because their life at home sucked, or they predicted that their life at home would suck in the future. Other reasons are valid, too, but I don't understand why Ritchie chooses to leave home. Perhaps his starter pokemon caused all of this to start?

    That's how I will be different. I will achieve my dream, and I will become the Kanto League Champion.

    At any cost...
    You're justifying yourself really badly, Ritchie. You already said that everyone around you sees you as an average joe. You said that you will earn the respect of your peers by doing this journey, but I can't believe that you would succeed. Do you even know the work that goes with such long, hard tasks? I don't think that you're ready.

    Sorry about talking directly to Ritchie in some parts. I did that to show off how hard it is to believe him, and expect that he will become great. That's the problem with this prologue: Purely motivational, lacking effort by Ritchie, and, well, the start to a journey fic. Ritchie is not what I would expect from any serious sportsman or sportswoman. I need to see your work, Ritchie, and your studies and whatever else helps. Also, a big problem is how he assumes that what he is trying to prove is true: "I will be a master because I will be." Even "I will be a master because I will study the best and then excel" is better.

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    Thank you so much for the review you bring up many interesting points, thank you

    Chapter 1 – My Mystery

    Woke up early? Check!

    Ready for the day I start my Pokémon journey? Check!

    Oh, just imagine if I had overslept. Ha!

    Dressed in strong and durable clothing? Check!

    Received my first Pokémon before I have to register as a Pokémon Trainer? Check!

    Then this is it, my journey begins, my dream of being a Pokémon Master starts now! This is gonna be amazing. I am going to look back on this day for years to come. This day will be the day that it all began. Nothing could ruin today, nothing.

    I have been thinking about and preparing for this day ever since I can remember. I have packed my bag (weeks in advance, actually), I have five potions, and I have five full heals stuffed inside, I bought a very, very fashionable green outfit that is perfect for the heavy duty, daily grind of a Pokémon Trainer's life. Well, ok, maybe it isn't the most fashionable thing in the world but that doesn't matter, it's resilient and long lasting, and it will protect me in all weathers, that's good enough for me.

    I kinda spent all my money on this stuff so they better last until I can get some more cash, though that shouldn't be a problem. With my Pokémon by my side I am sure to be winning battles and earning money in no time.

    And most importantly, I have a Pokémon.

    Unlike some other beginning Trainers, I don't have to make the long trek over from Frodomar City to Professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town and choose a starter Pokémon. Although I would love the opportunity to go and meet the old Professor and choose a starter from him, I don't need too. You see, I already have my Starter Pokémon covered.

    When I was nine years old, exactly one year ago today, my father left me a Poké Ball, and within this Poké Ball would the Pokémon I would begin my journey with. And with this Poké Ball he left me a promise, a promise that if the Pokémon's identity was kept hidden until the day my journey begins then the Pokémon will bring me all the luck I need to win the Kanto League. Superstitious, yes, but I could use all the help I get. And I kept my promise, today I finally get the chance to see the power that's inside my Poké Ball. My Starter.

    You have no idea how much I have daydreamed about the Pokémon contained within. My father was never a trainer himself, none of my family or friends were actually, he was just a businessman. And I was never really told how he came about the Pokémon, as he had to move away on business, and he left me the Poké Ball as his parting gift. I wasn't exactly interested in how he got it anyway, just that he got it. And all my thoughts for the past year have been swirling with the idea of who was in this ball. Was it the standard: Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur? Or was it something from another region? Was it a rare Pokémon? Was it a Legendary Pokémon?!

    When I started to have visions of myself ordering a Moltres around I eventually slapped myself out of such hallucinations.

    But still, why wasn't I allowed to open it? Why did my father want this Pokémon to be shrouded in mystery for a whole year? He knew this Pokémon would be all I would think about. He knew I would be curious.

    Maybe he just wanted to torture me with a lesson on patience. He always took things to the extreme like that.

    Although, to give myself some credit, I have somehow managed to keep myself from ever actually opening the Poké Ball. A whole year I had to walk past the locked basement where it was held. A whole year I had daydreams of Lugia and Zapdos raging underneath my house.

    I know I have probably built up the idea of what this Pokémon will be too much. But, really, I don't mind, even if it was a Cleffa I'd be happy. Well, once the shock had died down anyway.

    For the all daydreaming and fantasising I have done about my mysterious Pokémon, today I am finally going to find out the unknown. My Starter, who are you?

    It's my 10th birthday today. And just like I do at every birthday(and Christmas) I was wide awake at six o'clock in the morning and I was running throughout the house, tearing all the rooms upside down looking for the key to the basement(and not for the first time since I found out my Starter was in there, I'll admit). But once again I was subjected to another promise. The first time I had heard from my father in a whole year was a simple text: saying that I couldn't open the Poké Ball before I left the house, it must be opened "when my journey officially began".

    Even from miles away the old man is annoying.

    Well, I have just left my house in Frodomar City. I am dressed. My messy hair is kept under control beneath my hat. My backpack is packed with everything I need. And I am on the way to the Pokémon Centre to get myself officially registered for the Kanto League Challenge.

    I stared out over the horizon of the beautiful Frodomar City scenery and couldn't believe all the wonders I had been imagining for the past few years were actually upon me. My dreams were just beginning. The adventures had arrived.

    The journey has begun!

    Now, with the monotony of everyday life behind me, with my house and home in the dust, I can really get started. The mystery of the Poké Ball will finally end.

    So now the time has come. No more excuses, no more promises. My mystery is over.

    I took the Poké Ball from my belt and I palmed it in my hands. At some point I must have started breathing heavily, and my hands weren't as steady as they usually are either. I must be more nervous that I thought. I started rolling Poke Ball over in my hands. I had been waiting for this moment all my life, yet now that it's here am starting to feel a little anxious.

    There's nothing to be nervous about, there's nothing to be nervous about. I kept repeating the phrase in my head and I plucked up my courage. I tapped the centre of the ball and it shot up in an instant filling my palm.

    I clutched the red and white ball of mystery in my right hand, ready to deliver the words I has been waiting a whole year, no, my whole life to saying. I took a deep breath, and tried to steady myself as I prepared to take a strong throw of the ball.

    Ok, Ritchie, here we go. "Poké Ball...I choose you!"

    The action never came.

    Before I could release the ball from my grip I was tackled to the ground. I was attacked from behind and was suddenly face down on the floor.

    I was disoriented. What had happened? I tried to get up on my hands and knees and have a look around but I was kicked in the stomach. It took my breath away and I found myself flat on the floor once again. I heard footsteps stomping away as I tried to get up again but was collapsed back down in pain. I turned my head around to see where the footsteps were coming from.

    By the time I had collected some semblance of my bearings and tried to pick myself up off the ground, I was watching three men with hoods drawn over their heads running away from me - with my Poké Ball in their possession.

    I had been robbed. They had stolen my Pokémon!

    I tried to get up, I tried to run after the thieves but I was too slow, I was barely to my feet before they had disappeared over the Frodomar landscape.

    It all happened so quickly. They were gone.

    My Pokémon had been stolen. The Pokémon that was entrusted to me to help me start my journey was gone. The Pokémon I had been dreaming about all my life was gone just like that!

    Why? Why now? Why me! Why would they attack me, I was nobody! I wasn't anyone special.

    I don't have a Pokémon, they won't let me register for the League without a Pokémon, and they won't let me become a Trainer!

    My dreams flashed before me all at once. Every battle I would have. Every Pokémon I would catch. The special bond I would share with everybody I meet. I had always dreamed of how my journey would begin. I would begin in a blaze of glory. I would catch the strongest Pokémon, I would defeat everybody in my path and I would become undefeated.

    But no, that's not what was happening. No glory, no winning streak, no Pokémon. This had never come into the equation. This wasn't something I envisioned.

    Of all the ways I had fantasied this day would go, of all the ways my journey could have begun…

    My story starts in disaster.

    Team Rocket: Built On Lies

    Set after the events of Operation Tempest, Giovanni's next scheme plans to send the whole world into ruin. But how will Team Rocket cope when they realize that Operation Tempest changed Giovanni forever...

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    Chapter 2 – Run

    I have to get my Pokémon back! I have to catch those thieves! They need to pay for what they did!

    I ran. I ran for my life. I ran towards my thieves, faster than I have ever ran before. I couldn’t stop, I had no time! I couldn’t stop until I had caught them and I had my Pokémon back. I couldn’t think of anything else, I just had to keep putting my feet on the ground and pushing forward and going faster and faster and catching those men.

    The wind was whipping through my hair, the terrain underneath my feet was changing as I ran, but I couldn’t focus of the environment around me. I just had to keep running towards the spot on the horizon where my attackers disappeared. I had no way of knowing how far I ran or even if I was even on the same track as the thieves were. I couldn’t give up… I couldn’t give up…

    But they were gone. I couldn’t see them. Since they had disappeared over the landscape I had just been running in this direction, for as far and as long as I could. But the battle was lost. They had vanished. Nowhere to be seen. My starter had vanished. No Pokémon, no thieves, no nothing, just me. All alone.

    My legs gave way after what seemed like hours of running, I must have travelled miles. I crumbled onto the hard floor and it dawned on me what was happening, on what had happened. This couldn’t be real. Why had this happened to me? I hit the floor in anger as I realised what was true.

    My journey is over. Over before it even began. What if I never catch them? What if I never see them again? What will I do? I am a Trainer without Pokémon…

    Ok, ok, ok, think logically Ritchie… What do I have to do now? My Pokémon has been stolen. I need to report it. Maybe the police have caught them. Maybe they have my Pokémon.

    So my aching legs were once again called to action as I picked myself up, dusted myself off and ran back towards Frodomar City. I aimlessly wandered around the city looking for a police station. I have lived here all my life yet I never had the need for the police. I had to ask a few people what direction it was first (which didn’t make me feel pathetic, at all), but I found the building and made my way into the small police station.

    So instead of running into the wilds of the open countryside with my Pokémon by my side like I had been imagining for all of my life, I was actually stuck inside, waiting for the Frodomar City police to see me. I was stuck in their waiting room for what was surely hours, in spite of the clock telling me it wasn’t very long at all before they ushered me into an interview room.

    I was sat slouched at a desk as a big balding man in a blue uniform came stumbling through the door. He was just hanging up his phone and laughing as he walked in. I was in no mood for laughter.

    “Hello, son, I see you are here to report a robbery?” He sat down opposite me on the desk and asked his questions. He lit up a cigarette and started taking a smoke as he pulled out a notepad. This guy seems awfully casual, I am sure I heard stories about a glamorous Officer Jenny. I guess she is be busy.

    I don’t know if it was my disheartened mood at the way my journey started but this guy really didn’t look like he would be able to help. Please prove me wrong, Inspector…

    I sat up in my chair and tried to explain my situation. “Umm, yes, I was just attacked from behind and had my Pokémon stolen.”

    “I see, I am very sorry to hear that. Let’s see what we can do.” He took out a pencil and started writing something down, after taking a smoke. I wish he would put that out, it’s hardly professional. “So let’s go through all of the events from the beginning, shall we?”

    I looked at him and tried to keep my voice steady. “I had just come out my house, it’s my 10th birthday today and I was just about to start my Pokémon journey and challenging the Kanto League. When I wasn’t looking somebody tackled me from behind and stole my Pokémon.” The smoky room was starting to look as gloomy as my mood was.

    “I see, I see,” Furious writing in his pad, “Did you get a look at who attack you?”

    “No, not really, not a good one,” Even I know that sounds as hopeless as it gets. “I was thrown to the ground from behind, by the time I had the chance to look I could only see the back of three men with black hoodies.”

    “There were three of them?” His eyebrows seemed to prick up at that information.

    My heartbeat grew faster. He knew three thieves? Are they caught? “Yes, yes, and they took my Poké Ball.” Maybe he could help. Maybe he could find my Pokémon!

    “Did anybody see this robbery?”

    “No, no, I don’t think so, I was all alone out there.”

    He looked disappointed at that, though he tried to hide it. “Ok, ok, and what was the Pokémon that was stolen?”

    Now that was a good question. “Err, I don’t know.”

    He looked up from his pad before asking, “You don’t know?”

    “It was given to me as a gift. I hadn’t had the chance to see what it was yet.”

    He didn’t seem too happy with that information, either. “Right, forget about the Pokémon for second.” If only I could. “These thieves, could one of them have been female?”

    “Oh, um, yeah, maybe, I guess so.” They had their hoods up, they looked quite big from my perspective but I suppose one of them could have been a woman.

    A smile grew on his face, “Ahh, that’s good, there have been reports of a gang of three Pokémon thieves operating around Kanto lately.”

    “Oh, really?" It's something at least, if they were well known maybe there was a better chance they would be caught and I could get my Pokémon back! I was starting to feel better already.

    “So, listen, these three thieves... Was one of them a cat?”

    "I-I beg your pardon?" …What did he say?

    “Was one of them a cat? A Meowth to be-”

    “No!” A cat!?! A freaking cat! “No! No, no, one of them was not a cat. It was three men, three large men in black hoods!”

    His optimism since I brought up the trio of thieves seemed to be dashed as he started writing in his pad again.

    “Black, huh? Ah, well, those other guys wear white anyway.”

    What kind of thieves wears white? Actually, what kind of thieves has a cat? A cat! Oh my goodness. I put my head in my hands on the Inspector table.

    The Policeman cleared his throat and started talking again. “Right, ok, so we can rule those guys out, at least.” He literally crossed something out on his pad. “Do you have any other information for us? Did you see which way they ran away?”

    “North, maybe, I don’t know.” I mumbled through my hands. “That’s the way I ran when I tried to chase them. But I couldn’t find them.”

    The officer looked uncomfortable at the little amount of information I could offer. “I am sorry, kid, but without a look at the people who attack you, no eye witnesses of the robbery or even an identification of the Pokémon that was stolen, I am afraid there is very little chance they will be caught. Of course, we will keep trying, robberies like these aren’t common in our city, and we will keep on lookout for three hooded robbers, but the chances of them being caught are slim.”

    I have to admit, I was devastated. “But my Pokémon...” I don’t like to admit that I was on the verge of tears, “There’s nothing you can do? Please, anything you can do I’ll be grateful.”

    “I’m sorry, Ritchie, but we-”

    I cut him off before he could finish. “So what am I supposed to do now?! Huh? I have no Pokémon! How am I supposed to be a trainer without a Pokémon?”

    “I'm sorry.” He did look genuinely guilty, and I suppose I hadn’t been behaving appropriately. “Err, if I was you, kid, I would try and speak to Professor Oak, he might be able to sort something out for you.”

    Professor Oak. I had thought of that, of course I had thought about that, I had been dreaming of getting a Pokémon from him for ages, but no, my father had “everything sorted”. There’s no way I could get a Pokémon from Oak now, to get anywhere close to a starter Pokémon from him you had been be put on a huge waiting list, not to mention the steep price to even get on the list. If I show up there with a just a sob story I am gonna be laughed out the door. Not to mention Pallet Town was miles away.

    But maybe it would be worth going to him. The legendary good will of the old Professor might be able to help me in some way.

    I left the police station even more demoralized than I already was. That was it. My Starter is gone and will never be found. No hope of reunion, no hope of catching the people who stole my wonderful mysterious starter. No hope of becoming a Pokémon Master.

    No. No, no, no, no. I will not let this happen. I don’t care if it takes me all my life I will get my Pokémon back.

    I will not let my journey be ruined just because some random thugs chose to attack a weaker target. Cowards! I may be weak now but one day I will be strong. One day I will be Kanto League Champion and one day I will get my revenge. One day I will be the strongest trainer in Kanto and then we will see who you try to attack from behind.

    I have no hope of being a Pokémon Master… Until tomorrow. Tomorrow I will find Professor Oak, I will convince him to give me a starter Pokémon and then I will start my quest.

    The trek over to Pallet Town will take all day and all night. My first day as a fully-fledged Pokémon Trainer, my whole 10th Birthday so far has been spent waiting around in a police station and the rest will be spent bored senseless on a long bus across the region to Pallet Town.

    Oh joy.

    Team Rocket: Built On Lies

    Set after the events of Operation Tempest, Giovanni's next scheme plans to send the whole world into ruin. But how will Team Rocket cope when they realize that Operation Tempest changed Giovanni forever...

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    Chapter 3: Eden and Oak

    So, here it is. Pallet Town. For such a small and apparently uninteresting town it sure does have a legacy of creating some high classed and important trainers. Though I doubt anybody would ever come here if it wasn't Professor Oak's hometown. And that was exactly who I wanted to see.

    It was quite a lovely morning in Pallet Town. A cloudless blue sky covered the small town and the whole place was awash with bright sunlight. The red roofs of a small collection of housed dotted around the landscape as I looked down upon the town. Dirt pathways crisscrossed between the different buildings and all the roads seemed to lead to one place. Several white building stood out furthest on the horizon and I saw a huge wind turbine stretching up from one of the buildings. The Oak Corral, that was where I needed to be.

    I have been thinking all night how exactly I was going to approach this. My motive sounds like I am planning to steal a rare Pokémon from an old Professor. It's not my fault I want my first Pokémon to be cool and interesting. Everybody does. And if I cannot have my amazing mystery Pokémon then I want something rare, specifically Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur...

    It's not gonna be easy to get any of those, if I had signed up a few years ago then my only conundrum would be which one to choose. But no, I don't have such an option, my father was quite emphatic about me not signing up for such an opportunity because he said he would sort it out for me. "I will provide you with everything you need."

    Oh man, what am I going to tell my dad?!

    My father said he would buy all my gear, the most expensive of equipment and devices but I told him no. I wanted to do this how everybody else does it. Earn money myself and live on what I earn. I hope I earned his respect by saying that.

    If he finds out I had already lost my first Pokémon he will kill me.I couldn't tell him I had lost my Pokémon already. He'd be so disappointed. I haven't told anybody, I just need to keep quiet and then nobody will know I am already such a failure at this.

    I have my pride. No Pokémon. But pride. Because I am a nice and respectable individual. Now I just need to swindle an old man out of a rare and valuable Pokémon and I will be on my way.

    That sounds bad, doesn't it?

    So here I am, just standing in front of the famous Oak Corral. This really is make or break. If I don't get anything from here I am basically stuck. No money, no Pokémon... I'll have to go back home and admit defeat. I don't think will ever live that embarrassment down.

    I was just about to traverse the long pathway up into Oaks lab when I saw a girl racing out of the lab and almost ran straight into me.

    The girl was very pretty. Pale skin covered in a red jumper and black shorts and her long red hair flowing down her back as she ran. She as literally bouncing with energy as she just about saw I was standing in front of her and stopped her dash as she saw me. "Hello!" She stood right in front of me and gave a very cheerful greeting. Too cheerful for my current mood but I shall try my best...

    I forced a smile and greeted her, "Good morning, umm, how are you?"

    "Oh, oh, oh, I am fantastic. I just got my first Pokémon, I start my Pokémon journey today!"

    Don't some people have all the luck? "Really? That is excellent, you must be very excited."

    "Oh, of course. I'm gonna be Kanto League Champion." By the look on her face she was visualizing holding that trophy up as we speak. "And I will become a Pokémon Master!"

    No, you won't. I will. "Haha, right, well, I wish you all the best." I tried to move past her and enter the lab.

    "Thank you! Look at my Charmander! Isn't he awesome?" The girl pulled a Poké Ball out of her back pocket and threw it high into the air. The ball exploded in a flash of light and a small red lizard materialised in between us. The Charmander looked around expectantly and leaped into the girls arms when the Fire Pokémon saw his trainer.

    What a Pokémon! I had always loved the Charizard family. "Wow, he looks amazing." I stepped forward and pet the Fire Pokémon on his head. The Charmander squeaked in appreciation and wriggled in her arms trying to get more attention. How lucky she was to have such a Pokémon, and start her journey with what will become a true powerhouse. Ok, now I'm starting to feel jealous...

    "I just got him yesterday. Me, Professor Oak's grandson and some guy from Johto all chose starter Pokémon together. Although I have actually known this Charmander for years. When I was younger Professor Oak let me play with all the baby Pokémon just after they hatched. And this little guy finally matured just as I turn legal age. Isn't that amazing! It's like we were destined to be together."

    "You certainly seem to share a bond..." I tried my best to smile and not let my envy show through, "I probably would have chosen Charmander as well."

    "I know, Charmander is so much better than the other two! I was so busy showing him off to all my friends yesterday I didn't even have time to start my journey. But a one day delay doesn't matter, Zippo and I are gonna rule the world!"

    Huh? "Zippo?"

    "Yes, Zippo! That's this little guys name." She looked at her little Pokemon with pride.

    Wow… What a crap name. "Your Charmander is called Zippo?"

    She must have caught the derision in my voice. Her bright and sunny personality since we met started to turn. "Yeah! What's wrong with that? It's a perfect name!"

    "Umm, nothing is wrong, Zippo is…" Ridiculous, horrible, stupid, dreadful, "A great name." Guess my voice wasn't as steady as I had hoped as her annoyance didn't seem to subside.

    "Ok, I was five when I named him! Give me a break! And who are you to call me out anyway? What are you even doing here? Professor Oak gave out all his starters yesterday so you can't be a beginning trainer." It seems I angered her.

    "I am a beginning trainer actually, I just need to talk to Professor Oak." I walked away from her and up the pathway. I really didn't feel like telling this girl my woeful beginnings as a trainer.

    "So why do you need to see Oak?" She was right behind me as she followed me up the pathway.

    "Err, it's nothing." I really didn't want to divulge my life story to everybody I met, especially not this annoying girl.

    "Well, he's a busy man, you know, you can't keep him away from important business for nothing." She crossed her arms as she spoke to me in her condescending tone.

    "It is not nothing. It's important, trust me. It's more important than anything I ever dreamed of."

    She laughed at my, admittedly quite melodramatic, statement. "Wow, you should write that down, it'd be good for a musical or something. So Mr Trainer, what is it that is the most important thing in the world?"

    Oh great, she wasn't going to leave me alone without telling her something. "Well, I was supposed to start my Pokémon journey yesterday as well. But my starter was stolen so I came here to see if the Professor could help me in some way."

    She didn't give any sympathy to my predicament and continued to look down her nose at me. "What do you want him to do? Give you a starter?

    That would be nice… "Well, I-"

    "You can't just rock up here with some lame excuse and expect him to give you Pokémon you haven't earned!" It looks like I have annoyed her again.

    "I know, I just-"

    "You're just an opportunist trying to get one over on the old man, aren't you?"

    "What? No, of course not!" Well, not as maliciously as she was implying anyway.

    "You better not be, I hate to see people take advantage of his good nature. I've seen it too many times. Yesterday he gave an idiot a Pikachu he didn't deserve. And even he showed up late!"

    That was nice of the Professor, I wonder if lightning will strike twice.

    I had walked up the stair, with the ginger girl at my tail and I pressed the doorbell on the building. I waited for a while and tried to ignore the girls tirade about how I was apparently the worst person in the whole world. Her chatter was stopped when to my surprise it was Professor Oak himself who answered the door. I assumed he would be too busy to answer his own door. "Oh, hi, Mr Oak I-"

    "Ahh, Eden, still here I see." He had a broad smile across his face as he acknowledged the girl standing next to me.

    She took her suspicious gaze away from me and answered him. Her mood brightened as she talked to Professor Oak. "Yes, sir, I was just leaving." She returned her Charmander back to its Poké Ball and faced the Professor with a confident smile. "My Pokémon journey starts now."

    "Very good, very good. You and your Charmander seem like an excellent team, I am sure you will go far. I wish you all the luck in the world."

    "Thank you Professor. I'll keep in touch." She shook the Professors hand and gave me a untrustworthy glance before leaving the buildings doorstep.

    "Oh you be sure of it! I'll look forward to your progress." The Professor stood and watched the young girl walk away before he addressed me with a warm smile and a heart handshake. "Hello, young man, err, do I know you?"

    Here we go, Ritchie, play this right and you could get a Pokémon. "No, actually you don't, my name is Ritchie. I was hoping I could talk to you about starting my Pokémon journey."

    "Excellent, yes, yes, come in." Wow, he was seeing me straight away? He must really care about young trainers, surely he has other things to do.

    "Oh, thank you, sir, and thank you so much for seeing me on such short notice." I took a little bow of respect in front of him (too much?), he laughed at my greeting and motioned for me to come in and follow him. I walked behind him as we travelled through the building and my curiosity was getting the better of me and I tried to take a quick peek into all the different doors as I was keeping up with his brisk pace. I could see all different kinds of laboratories, a Poké Ball storage facility and rooms I couldn't even begin to imagine their purpose.

    We came to a door and Oak walked into what seemed like a very humble office room. Books lined the walls and the whole places seemed very lived in. He certainly didn't seem to tidy up much. Funny, I always imagined the famous Professor Oak as being quite clean and orderly. Maybe he doesn't have the time.

    "Please sit down, Ritchie. I am always happy to talk to and help starting trainers whenever I can. You know, I sent away my last batch of starting trainers yesterday. Now that their journey has begun I can look forward to all the Pokédex data they will send me." He looked very happy at that prospect. "Actually my own grandson started out yesterday. Such an intelligent boy, I am sure he will do splendidly, mind you, his rival will surely keep on his toes, but that's when we work best, don't you find?"

    The question surprised me as I was (quite selfishly) trying to figure out how I should phrased my questions from now. "Oh, yes, absolutely."

    "Oh, I am sorry, excuse my rambling." I hope my tone hadn't offended him, though his beaming smile never left his face. "So, what can I do for you, Ritchie?"

    Once again, I explained my story. "Well, umm, like your grandson I was also supposed to start my Pokémon journey yesterday, but I kinda had my starter Pokémon stolen."

    "Oh my goodness, how awful for you." He did seemed terribly upset for me, not believing my plight to be a sob story one bit, unlike Eden's implications.

    "Well, I talked to the police and they said there was nothing really they could do, they did imply that maybe you could help me in some way?"

    Realisation dawned upon him, "Oh, I see, well, umm," He scratched his head and seemed to be thinking over the situation.

    I gently pushed him. "Sir, anything you can do to help would be much appreciated, right now I have no money, no Pokémon, this whole thing has just been a nightmare, to be honest."

    He started to stand up and walk away from his desk. "Ok, ok, wait here, I'll see what I can do." He smiled and patted me on the shoulder before leaving the room.

    What was he doing? Was he getting me a Pokémon? My heart pounded as I was left in his small office and I turned in my chair and watched the door with baited breathe as I waited for the Professor to come back, hopefully with a Pokémon!

    I am sure he was gone for hours, though my watch was telling me it was only a few minutes. I (finally) heard footsteps coming down the hall and saw the energetic old man come stumbling through the door. "Ritchie, here you go." He was carrying a tray of six Poké Balls which he set down on his desk. "These are some empty Poké Balls which should help you get started in building a roster of Pokémon. I have also gotten you officially registered for the Kanto League challenge. And I have added you to my client list so when you catch over six Pokémon, you will be able to store your extra Pokémon here."

    I stood up from my chair and eyed the six Poké Balls. "Wow, thank you very much, sir. That is very gracious of you."

    "Oh, that's not a problem, my boy." He looked over me with a troubled expression. "I just wish there was more I could do."

    Umm, there is one thing… I just had to try. "Well, now that you mention it. I do need a starter Pokémon? How am I supposed to catch any Pokémon without weakening them first?" I hated myself for trying to guilt trip the old man but what choice did I have? I suppose I abandoned all hope of politeness and tried one last outburst to try and get a starter. It's not like I had anything to lose.

    The Professor scratched his head, "I am sorry Ritchie, I would love to give you a Pokémon, I really would. But I can't just give out these rare Pokémon to everybody to shows up. If I could I probably would, haha."

    My disappointment must have showed through on my face as another setback was thrust upon me. It looks like wasn't going to get a Pokémon from him. "No, you're right. Of course not…" I collapsed back into my chair.

    Professor Oak saw my disappointment as he tried to explain himself. "As much as I would love to give you a Pokémon, I feel especially bad considering I gave a Pokémon to a boy who was late yesterday, there are some forces outside my control preventing it."

    I looked at him, that bit of information seemed odd. Why would anybody stop Oak from giving out Pokémon? "Outside forces?"

    "Well," he seemed a little uncomfortable talking but he didn't stop himself. "You see, a few weeks ago, the Pokémon League came to my Laboratory for a routine inspection. Well, I assumed it was routine anyway, but it turns out they came by to tell me I was being too lenient with beginning trainers. Giving them Pokémon and Pokédexes they were not signed up to receive, that sort of thing. I never really saw the problem with giving out this kind of help, it is a dangerous world out there, especially for beginners. But apparently the League thinks it is too much help, and that I am mollycoddling new trainers. So from this point forward I am banned from giving out Pokémon that aren't on the list."

    "I see." Typical that all this had to happen before I could get a Pokémon…

    "Anyway, yesterday they found out that I defied directed orders by giving a new Trainer a Pikachu, so let's just say they aren't very happy with me. Haha. I never expected such law enforcement, they have never intervened with my duties before. It is quite strange, this year they seem to be a lot more hands on with their rules."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, the League seems to be, what's the word… interfering with Trainer's journeys. A lot more than they have before anyway. There has been a change of leadership recently and from what I have seen they are enforcing their procedures and structure on Trainers much more."

    What was he saying? "So, is that a bad thing? The League just wants to help trainers get stronger, right?" This wasn't a conversation I was expecting.

    He seemed to be deep in thought for a moment before snapping out of it and returning to his jolly demeanour, "Yes, yes, of course. You have nothing to worry about, they are just mad at me for defying them. Haha, So, Ritchie, I am truly sorry I can't give you a Pokémon."

    "No, no, that's fine, I apologise if I was asking too much." I tried to be slightly mature to make up for letting myself get upset.

    "That is quite alright, Ritchie, I can imagine many people would be doing the same in your situation. It's a tough old world out there. You just have to accept that there is going to be set backs. It's going to be hard. You are going to fall and think that the world is over. But the only thing you have to remember is that it isn't. It isn't about how you fall down. It is about how well you get back up. You may have had a hard beginning into this world Ritchie. But trust me, it will get better. There is one good thing to come from this. You have hit rock bottom. There is only one direction you can go now."

    "Up…" I finished for him.

    "Up." He repeated. "I wish you all the luck in the world, Ritchie. I cannot wait to see you dominate in the Indigo League."

    "Thank you Professor, you have been very helpful." I started to get up and leave. I guess I'll have to earn my first Pokémon by caching it myself… That sounds hard without anything to weaken it first.

    "Ritchie, wait," The Professor stopped me before I could leave and reached into his desk, "Here, take this." He slyly handed me a device he had taken out of the drawer in his desk. It was a Pokédex!

    "Oh my, Professor, thank you!" I cradled the shiny red device in my hands, these things were like gold dust!

    "That's alright," He seemed to nervously look around to see if anybody was watching. "That Pokédex was one the Pokémon League accidentally left behind after their last inspection. Don't let anybody know you got that from me, alright?" He smiled and gave me a wink.

    I shook his hand in gratitude. "Wow, thank you, Professor, you have no idea how grateful I am!"

    He laughed, "Don't mention it. And good luck out there, please keep in touch."

    "I will. And I will dominate the Indigo League." A sly grin crossed my face before declaring, "Even if that mean beating your grandson."

    He smiled at my joke. "Oh, yes, haha, very good. Time will tell, Ritchie, it always does."

    With that I bid him farewell. Still no Pokémon, but much better off.

    Now, the journey begins.

    Team Rocket: Built On Lies

    Set after the events of Operation Tempest, Giovanni's next scheme plans to send the whole world into ruin. But how will Team Rocket cope when they realize that Operation Tempest changed Giovanni forever...

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    Chapter 4: Pokédex Problems

    So my visit to Professor Oak didn't exactly give me the results I was anticipating, I was hoping he would be so kind as to give me a Starter Pokémon, but I guess it wasn't to be. Then again, the visit wasn't a total waste of time, I now have 6 Poké Balls and a shiny new Pokédex to use on my journey. Now I just have to use them…

    I suppose it could be worse, at least now I am in control of my own destiny. This way I get the chance to choose and earn my own starter Pokémon.

    But where to begin?

    It seemed there was a long road ahead of me, there was a single pathway in front of me snaking over the hill tops and grassy terrain that lead me to Viridian City. With just the one road at least I wasn't going to get lost. The sun was still shining and I was looking out over the area surrounding me, seeing if I could spot any Pokémon. No luck.

    Wild Pokémon from around this area are said to be notoriously weak, here as I walk down Route 1. Going to Viridian wasn't exactly a big choice as there was no other direction to go down from Pallet Town unless I wanted to swim to Cinnabar Island. Even if the wild Pokémon are a little weak here, without anything to weaken it first before catching one might be a bit of a problem…

    Maybe Pokémon at full health may not be strong enough to break out of a Poké Ball. That's a big 'maybe'. The Pokémon from around here aren't exactly valuable or rare. Sandshrews, Rattatas, Spearows… Oh man, would I really want a Rattata being my starter? I said I would be happy with anything but still…

    No! I can't think like that! I will catch the first thing I see, beggars can't be choosers and a future Raticate would be an excellent member of my team. If I can find one, that is. The weather has been excellent all day, perfect for wild Pokémon to be out and about, yet ever since I arrived at Pallet and yet I haven't seen a single Pokémon. How strange…

    One place that I knew would be overflowing with a vast array of cool and interesting Pokémon would be in the Viridian Forest. I have been reading up on all the important places in the Kanto region and that was a place that particularly caught my eye as being somewhere I could catch a vast array of Pokémon. But going into that forest without any kind of protection for a Pokémon would be insanely dangerous so I most definitely need to catch something before I go into the forest.

    While I was walking, to the newly decided destination of the Viridian Forest, I heard a strange crackling noise coming from my pocket. The pocket that held the Pokédex Professor Oak had given me. The Pokédex was giving off a strange screeching noise and I as quickly as possible try to stop the horrible noise. I pressed the large blue button on top and flipped open the red Pokedex to see what was happening. The strange noises were becoming louder and seemed more violent as static interference lit up the screen and I pressed every button I could on the interface to try to shake off the horrible noise! I tried everything to get the screeching noise to subside but nothing seemed to be working. The noise was becoming so loud now I was worried it might upset the wild Pokémon in the surrounding area (not that I could see any as of yet). And as a last ditch attempt to fix it I turned the whole thing off and finally the static noise stopped. When I turned it back on the Pokédex screen came to life.

    "I'm Dexter, a Pokédex programmed by Professor Oak for all new Pokémon Trainers. My function is to provide information and give advice regarding Pokémon and their training. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced."

    Aha! It's working.

    Looking the whole thing over the Pokédex problems seemed to be over and it looked to be working normally again. I turned "Dexter" over in my hand and took a closer look at everything. Apparently it was a slim model HANDY505, it had 22 buttons and a small screen in the middle. Upon closer inspection the Pokédex didn't look as new as I thought it was when the professor gave it to me. It looked a little worn and scuffed and there was even a big crack down the side of it, almost as if somebody had pried it open and stuck it back together again. Oh well, I guess I couldn't complain. He was nice enough to give me a Pokédex for free, I don't mind if it is second hand.

    I was snapped out of my inspection when I saw a rustling in the grass before me and something leapt out of its hiding place and confronted me with a mean look on its face. A Pokémon! It was quite small, and blue fur covered its body, a long tail trailed behind it and it was on four small legs and looked straight up at me with anger in its eyes and snarls coming from its mouth. With the Pokédex in both hands I aimed it at the small blue Pokémon that had run out into my tracks. The red information directory buzzed to life and identified the Pokémon.

    "Dragonite, the Dragon Pokémon. This extremely rare and highly intelligent type is able to fly faster than any known Pokémon."


    I looked at the small screen and for some reason the Pokédex was showing me all the information of a Dragonite.

    If only…

    I shook the Pokédex and banged on the back of it and the screen turned off and lit back up when I aimed it once more at the Pokémon in front of me.

    "Rattata, the Forest Pokémon. It likes cheese, nuts, fruits, and berries. It also comes out into open fields to steal food from stupid travelers."

    Ah, that sounds more likely. It had Rattata's name, species, ability, height, weight and oh look – its moves.

    Wait… Did my Pokédex just call me stupid? I'm not the one who mistook a Rattata for a freaking Dragonite!

    So, it was a Rattata, a mean looking Rattata at that! It was looking at me with a blood thirst in its eyes and with no means of defense, I slowly started to back away. Then again, I do have one defense. A Poké Ball! I could catch it before it tries to attack me. Though honestly, it looked kinda strong, for a Rattata anyway. And looking at it closer it had blood dripping from its two front teeth! I looked back to my Pokedex and saw the moves the little guys had. Crunch! Hyper Fang! Sucker Punch! My goodness, this thing is a monster! And before I could look back at the Pokémon the monster started moving its little legs towards me!

    I saw the feral look on the rats face as it came closer and closer and I started backing away much quicker. "Ok, calm down, Mr Rattata. I don't have any food, I need food just as much as you do. Don't lo-AHH" The Rattata came running right at me with its large teeth bared and it jumped tried to attack me! I let out a high pitch shriek that I wasn't proud of and ran off in the opposite direction with the small blue Pokémon right on my tail.

    So this is my life now. Here I am, running away, screaming like a girl, from a tiny little Rattata… No one must ever know about this.


    So my encounter with the Rattata (which I had finally managed to run away from) definitely was not my finest hour. The little terror chased me for ages! He bit into the backs of my trouser legs. My trousers are ruined now! I never even got the chance to catch it, I couldn't even try, the thing probably would have kicked out anyway. Oh well, at least the Rattata taught me not to underestimate anything.

    Anyway, I was now closing in in Viridian City, which I was actually reaching a lot quicker than I expected thanks to the Rattata (every cloud, huh?). However my attention wasn't on the road in front of me, it was off into the trees. Off to the side I saw a flock of birds that had landed in the largest tree I had seen on this route. Some were smaller than other but they all had brown feathers and a cream coloured underbelly. Hiding behind a smaller tree of my own, I aimed my Pokédex high into the tree to identify what I already knew.

    "Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon. Snorlax wakes only to eat."

    "What? No!" No! No! No! What is wrong with this thing? I shook the Pokédex as it once again gave me faulty information. I tried it again.

    "Pidgeotto, an evolved form of Pidgey. It is armed with sharp claws and dives from the sky to capture its prey. Unlike the more gentle Pidgey, Pidgeotto can be more dangerous. Approach with extreme caution."

    I'm not going to approach them at all! I aimed Dexter at the smaller members of the flock.

    "Pidgey, the Flying Pokémon. Among all the Flying Pokémon, it is the gentlest and easiest to capture. A perfect target for the beginning Pokémon Trainer to test his Pokémon's skills. Pidgey's Gust power creates tornadoes. It also has a Sand-Attack."

    There we go! Perfect information, that's what I wanted to hear. My (admittedly defective) Pokédex has finally given me something I can work with.

    'Easy to capture'

    'Perfect for beginners'

    I need to catch one of these Pidgey. This is where my fortune turns around!

    I had been watching these birds for a while now, trying to pick out the weaklings on the flock, these no way I could catch any of the stronger Pidgeotto without weakening them first. There was one Pidgey down on one of the lower branches that looked a little smaller than all the others, and didn't seem to be flying as strongly as the rest of the flock. That must be one of the babies of the group. Surely that will be the easiest to capture, it'll take some work training it up but I welcome a challenge. I need to catch it without alerting any other members of the flock.

    Ok, here we go, I need to be stealth personified, I need to make ninjas look like the Snorlaxs in my Pokédex, I need to be the Master I always dreamt I could be and I need to throw the Poké Ball and catch this Pidgey!

    I crept up to the tree the flock of Flying Pokémon were in with one of the Poké Balls Oak had given me in my hand. I was getting more jumpy the closer and closer I got, I had to pull the trigger before I get noticed. Slowly but surely, I approached the tree and none of them had seen me! I got as close to the weakest Flying Pokémon as I dared and I mustered all the strength I could and I threw my Poké Ball hard at the small Pidgey on the lowest branch. The bird squawked in surprise as its whole body suddenly became enveloped in red energy which the Poké Ball locked around. Yes! The Pidgey was in the Poké Ball!

    But then the Pidgey kicked out first time…

    First time! The Poké Ball didn't even wriggle!

    The small Pidgey burst out of the Poké Ball, smashing the ball into a million pieces and let out a screech to all the birds in the higher trees. The flock turned around in their position and all looked down on me. I saw hundreds of Flying Pokémon looked down at me from their high branches in disgust, as they all realized that I had tried to attack their young. In a flash hundreds of Pidgey and Pidgeotto came flying down at me in an attacking formation. Not for the first time today I found myself running and screaming, running away from hundreds and hundreds of Pidgey and Pidgeottos.

    Some of the Pidgeotto were true to the Pokedex entry and they came swooping down at me and scratched and clawed at my bag and clothes but I didn't stop running (I had a lot of practice since this journey had started!). After what seemed like forever, and a lot long than it took the Rattata to give up, eventually the flock of birds started to get smaller and smaller as they decided to leave me alone and went back to attend the young Pokémon I had attacked.

    Out of breathe I collapsed onto the floor, panting and looking myself over to see if I had any injuries and I stayed on the floor until I could fully catch my breathe again. It looked like I was ok, my bag and clothes have a few nicks and cuts but that was easily fixable. I am actually very lucky the Pidgeottos decided to give up on me when they did!

    So, the Pidgey wasn't as easy to catch as my Pokedex said. I still can't believe it kicked out first time.

    Getting up from my position I had a look around to try and get my bearing. I am almost certainly lost now. I was in the middle of a grassy field and I was looking around trying to find the pathway I was on which lead to Viridian City. Hopefully this chase would have gotten me even closer to the city. Eventually, I found the pathway and walked down it for just awhile and saw something that made me just want to cry. A huge sign post on the side of the road.

    "WELCOME TO PALLET TOWN.Shades of your journey await!"

    Pallet Town. I was at Pallet Town. Right back where I started…

    Right back where I started, looking down upon Pallett Town, the town I had just left. The flock of birds had made me double back to where I came from.

    "AHHH!" I clenched my fists and started beating at the sign as if it was the signs fault.

    What the hell? I must be the worst Pokémon trainer of all time! What is wrong with me! I can't walk in a straight line! I can't follow a simple path to Viridian City! I'm getting owned by Pidgeys and Rattatas!

    Pokémon Master? HA! That'll be the day…

    Whatever happened to beginners luck?

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    Team Rocket: Built On Lies

    Set after the events of Operation Tempest, Giovanni's next scheme plans to send the whole world into ruin. But how will Team Rocket cope when they realize that Operation Tempest changed Giovanni forever...

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    Please excuse the entirely unoriginal chapter title

    Chapter 5: Ritchie Catches a Pokémon

    It took me a few hours to reach Viridian City. I actually didn't even stop in the city when I eventually did reach it. It just didn't interest me right now, I just walked straight through the city and made a beeline to the forest to the north of Viridian. I had a plan: When I have caught my Pokémon I'll come back, I'll visit the Pokémon Centre and the Poké Mart and the Pokémon Trainers Club and then I can start to be a proper Trainer and start to learn about all the ins and outs and work with my team until I am ready to challenge the Viridian Gym.

    Thanks to the failed attempt at catching the Pidgey, I now had five Poké Balls left, five more attempts to catch my first Pokémon. No more weak little Pidgeys and Ratattas standing in my way, I will enter that forest I will not leave without a strong, powerful rare Pokémon standing by my side!


    It was around midday when I finally came to where I wanted to be and I saw the great Viridian Forest towering above me. Huge trees the size of sky scraper side by side creating a natural blockade across for as far as the eye could see. I had heard stories of this forest. It's a dangerous place. People have gotten lost and killed in the forest, kidnapped by the wild, unruly Pokémon and never escaped. People have gotten lost in here and spent weeks and weeks trying to escape. And yet here I was, with no Pokémon and no defence. I just knew this place would hold a rare Pokémon I can claim as my starter. But I have no way of protecting myself until I get that Pokémon. Going into the forest with no defence would be suicide! It would be like venturing into no man's land without a rifle…

    For all of my bravado earlier I was starting to get a little nervous about entering the forest now. With no Pokémon in there to help me I would be so vulnerable. My first 'bright idea' when it came to this place was that maybe I didn't actually need to go into the forest itself. The place is teeming with Pokémon after all, and I am sure to spot one if I just hang around the edges, attract its attention somehow, draw it out and then I will be able to catch it. Waiting here until a Pokémon comes out of the Forest on its own accord seems like a less risky solution than a suicide mission. Yeah, that'll work, of course that'll work!

    I'll wait here.

    1 hour later…

    Ok, bad idea!

    I saw nothing. Not a zip! Ugh, I am sure these Pokémon just see me and run away…

    I had to go into the forest. I wasn't going to get anywhere if I stayed outside. The rare Pokémon will all be deep within the forest. I can't just stay on the outskirts and hope something cool comes along. The Pokémon I want in this forest are things like Pidgeotto, Arbok, or oh, how cool would it be if I found a Bulbasaur! Ha, that'd show Miss 'You can't have a starter' Eden. But to get those kinds of Pokémon I'd have to go through the forest, without protection, with no Pokémon to defend me. It's suicide, I'd be eaten alive, literally! Especially knowing my luck these days.

    But it's the only option. If I want a rare Pokémon to be my starter.

    Rain started to fall as I slowly ventured into the forest, I heard the leaves and the twigs rustling under my feet as I meandered through the dirt pathway with the huge trees passing me by on either side. I heard a lot of sounds, the wind, the chirping of birds, and the rustling of the foliage all around me. But still I wasn't seeing any Pokémon yet. I kept looking behind me and saw the entrance to the forest getting smaller and smaller, seeing that my chances of fleeing getting smaller and smaller as well. But I couldn't think like that, I couldn't be nervous. I had to catch a Pokémon with no fear and no regrets. I just had to keep going deeper into the forest.

    As I saw the entrance disappear as I turned with the makeshift pathway that roamed through the thick foliage, I heard an explosion! An ear splitting blast echoed throughout the forest, I couldn't see much of the sky through the tall trees but I could see a huge plume of black smoke rise up into the sky. It looked like it was quite far away from where I was but still it was like a giant fireball had just rocked the whole forest! I heard the cried of many Pokémon and suddenly I saw whole colonies of Pokémon starting to materialize out of nowhere from the trees and they started running away. I couldn't even see which ones were which as there were just so many, they were running in all directions, clearly scared out of their minds. I could make out families of bug and birds scattering away.

    What the hell had happened?! I couldn't even imagine the kind of power it would take to create such huge explosion! I couldn't complete with that kind of power! I needed to get out of there… As I was just about to turn back around and find my way back to the entrance another explosion ripped through the forest and jerked me out of my thoughts as even more smoke filled the sky high above. I turned to look in the direction of the explosion and I was almost struck by flying Pokémon fling through the trees, desperate to get away from the violent detonations. I had no idea what kind of Pokémon they were, the birds were flying so fast I couldn't even make out their features.

    I ducked for cover behind a tree and I tried, along with a lot of the Pokémon it seemed, to hide form the huge forces that had disrupted the entire forest. What the hell was happening? Hundreds of Pokémon are flying through the forest. I tried to aim my Pokédex at the flying Pokémon as even more came speeding past me.

    "Spearow, the Tiny Bird Pokémon. UnlikePidgey, Spearow has a terrible attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokémon and humans."

    I cringed at my Pokédex description, Unlike Pidgey? Pidgeys attack me! But something clearly seems to have scared these birds.

    My Pokédex buzzed to life again as it spotted another Pokémon.

    "Farfetch'd, the Wild Duck Pokémon. This extremely rare Pokémon can always be found holding a leek, or green onion, which it uses to build its nest."

    I saw Pidgeys and Pidgeottos and from the looks of it their evolved form come flying past, still hundreds of birds where whizzing above me and the closer I looked I realised that these Pokémon didn't seem to be in the best of health. They looked a little burned, if this has something to do with that explosion it's a miracle that they survived at all.

    Hmm… I hate to take advantage but if they've already been weakened, all I need is for one to drop by me and I can capitalise. I got a Poké Ball in hand just in case. Still hundreds of birds were flying by freaked out and injured.

    A Farfetch'd was flying across slowly and seemed to have his wing injured. Its brown feathers looked scorched, the white underbelly looked bruised and battered, and one wing looked badly damaged. It dropped the leak in its mouth which fell right by me next to the tree. I picked up the leak in my hand as the Farfetch'd came awkwardly flying down to where I was. It was in such bad shape, it tried to land but it could hold its flight much longer and just dropped harshly straight onto the floor. It was squawking in pain, its feathers were singed and one of its wings looked even worse than I thought.

    This was my chance. Now or never, I guess. I pressed the button on the Poké Ball to enlarge it and looked down at the fallen bird Pokémon. "Don't worry, Farfetch'd, I'll take you to a Pokémon Centre and get you healed." Just before the injured brown bird was sucked into the Poké Ball, it let out one last squawk in defiance before turning into red energy and going into the Poké Ball. I could still feel the other birds zipping past me but my focus was entirely on the bird in front of me. My first ever Pokémon.

    One wriggle…

    Two wriggle…

    Thre- NOOOO!

    It kicked out! It kicked out!? The shaken bird broke out of the Poké Ball as the ball burst into shards and the Farfetch'd flew away before I could move in my shock. It was so injured! How did it kick out? I still had its leak in my hand, how can it leave without its leak! Ugh, my luck hasn't changed at all.

    The birds flying through the trees seemed to be dying down, the explosions had stopped. The silence of the forest had returned. "What the hell were those explosion?" In spite of my little in the way of defences, my curiosity was still as strong as ever. All thoughts of fleeing had left, I had to check out what was going on over there. The explosions seemed to have been far away from where I was right now but I could hopefully still find my way to them. I started to tread my way through the forest once more looking up at the place in the sky where I saw those huge plumes of smoke.


    I had been walking through the forest for a while, the leak Farfetch'd had left behind was actually helping me quite a lot, it was much stronger that I thought it would be, and it was great for hacking away at low tree branches and cutting a path through the more wild areas of the forest.


    Uh-oh. I froze. That was never a good sound. Not in a forest! Trying not to move a lot I slowly peered up towards the noise and saw a lone Beedrill minding its own business in a tree above me. The large bug was perched high on a horizontal tree branch high right above where I was standing. Its two pair of veined wings were stationary and the huge stinger on the end of its tail was lodged in the tree branch it was sitting on. It had two more stingers which substituted as its arms and in these it was holding a light brown thing which it seemed to be eating. It hadn't seemed to have spotted me yet, thank god! It seemed far too engrossed in whatever it was eating to notice anything around it. I, as quietly as I could, backed away to a safe distance and aimed my Pokédex up towards the bug Pokémon to get its info.

    "Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokémon. This Pokémon is an evolved form ofWeedle, following its Kakuna stage. Its sting is highly poisonous."

    Not the most informative of info but thanks any-

    "Weedle, the Hairy Bug Pokémon. The stinger on this Pokémon's head guarantees that any attacker will get the point right where it hurts."

    Weedle? Great, looks like my Pokédex is playing up again. I glanced down briefly at Dexter and saw a picture of the light brown bug on the screen. Light brown bug? Light brown? It looked kinda familiar actually. Glancing back up at the Beedrill was something I wish I hadn't. Weedle was light brown… Just like the thing the Beedrill is eating. I shuddered in disgust when I realized what was happening.

    Oh god, its eating a Weedle… Oh god, oh god. I think I'm gonna throw up.

    Eww! Isn't that like cannibalism or something?! Ew! Ew! Ew!

    Ok, ok! No! No! Chill! Nobody ever got anything done when they were squeamish. It's a perfectly natural law of the jungle. I think…

    Anyway, it's a Pokémon, an obviously strong Pokémon if it can eat its own kind. I can make use of it. Maybe I could catch it off guard while it was, you know, enjoying its meal. I need to work quickly, Beedrill was nearly done, Weedle's head is starting to disappear into the Beedrill's mouth… Ugh…

    Ok, let try this again, I enlarged one of the four Poké Balls I had left. After the Pidgey and Farfetch'd this would be my third attempt to capture something. Third times the charm! Without hesitation I threw the Poké Ball up into the trees and the Beedrill was caught off guard when it was hit with the Poké Ball and enveloped in a red light. The Poké Ball started falling to the ground (along with the half eaten Weedle, which was thankfully not sucked into the ball) and then bounced on the forest floor a couple of times before violently shaking about. I watched with anticipation as I waited for it to settle. Had I done it? Had I just caught my first Pokémon?!


    The ball shattered into pieces as the Beedrill exploded out of the ball and let out a violent noise. I quickly backed away and started to run before realising there was no point. The Beedrill fled the scene without even noticing I was there. I let out a sigh of disappointment as I saw that I had failed again and started to walk away. I made it only a few steps before I heard the buzzing return. I quickly dived down into a bush before the Bug Pokémon could see me. But there was little point. Once again the bee had no interest in me, the Pokémon swooped down, grabbed the half eaten Weedle carcass and then buzzed away.



    My search through the forest continued. I was quite happy with myself that I had kept out of relative danger for the most part. Nobody and nothing had tried to kill me or attack me yet. I just kept moving forward towards where those explosions happened and hoped upon hope that I could find a Pokémon that would let me capture it. I had seen a few Pokémon scampering about, but thy never gave me the opportunity to throw a Poké Ball at them. And I had to be careful with the frivolity with which I used my Poké Balls, I only had three left now. Even if I had the money to go and buy some more from Viridian City, I was well and truly lost in this forest by now…

    I was now walking on quite a clear pathway through the forest, this must have been a route that a lot of people had used. I was looking directly in front of my when I accidentally stepped on something and heard a ferocious hissing noise. I was instantly jerked out of my thoughts when looked down to see what I had stepped on and backed away as quickly as I could. I looked down at see a long purple serpentine Pokémon. The snake was coiled around itself and looked up at me, it did not look happy that I had disturbed it. I checked my Pokedex to see what it was.

    "Arbok, the Cobra Pokémon. It is rumored that the ferocious warning markings on its belly differ from area to area."

    Nope, no, that doesn't look like an Arbok. Try again.

    "Ekans, the Snake Pokémon. The older it gets, the longer it grows. At night, it wraps its long body around tree branches to rest."

    Wow, I'd love to have a cool Pokémon like Ekans as my starter!

    The Ekans was glaring at me with venom in his cold black eyes… And not to mention the venom dripping from his long thin fangs as well! I walked backwards and kept eye contact with the snake as it was slowly slithering towards me, tasting the air in front of it with its tongue flitting in and out of its mouth. It was angry, it was going to attack me. Right now, the only way I could defend myself was with the Poké Ball. I had to throw it.

    In one swift motion I enlarged the Poké Ball in one hand and threw it as hard as I could at the snake in front of me.

    No sooner had the ball zapped the snake inside it that the snake burst out of it again, breaking the Poké Ball! I had no time to worry about the fact that I had lost another Poké Ball as Ekans was again staring at me with hatred in its eyes. It started slithering towards me again, much quicker this time. I tried to turn and run away but it was too quick for me. It leaped into the air, aiming right towards me. Its huge gaping mouth opened and it bared its long fangs.


    I couldn't see who had given the order, or see who was being ordered, but I could feel the heat of the fire attack behind me as small balls of flames came shooting out of the trees to the side and hit the snake in midair. The Ekans hissed in pain and dropped to the ground at the forest of the first attack. Ekans' fury didn't subside and he was baring his teeth towards the trees, daring whoever attacked him to come out and fight it. The snake seemed as blind as I was. Whoever had ordered the attack had just saved me from getting poisoned… Or worse.

    Another volley of small fire balls came flying out of the trees and again burned into Ekans with a direct hit. The snake coiled round itself and shrieked in pain as it was burned by another Ember. Losing all of its confidence, the snaked decided not to challenge the fire once again and it quickly slithered away and disappeared into the forest.

    I breathed a sigh of relieve, thanking god that Ekans hadn't attacked me. That would have ended my journey full stop! I tentatively took a few steps forwards and looked through the trees where the fire attacks came from. I wanted to see whoever had saved me. I kind of wish I hadn't.

    "Oh dear, dear, dear. Dude, you know you have to weaken a Pokémon first before you can capture it." A condescending tone came from behind me and I felt a hand placed around my shoulders. I saw a Charmander come through the trees in front of me and I realised who my saviour was.

    My 'friend' from Pallet Town, just what I needed. "Oh, Eddie, how nice to see you again." I shrugged her hand away as I turned and saw the girl I met outside Oaks Lab.

    "It's Eden, thank you." She rolled her eyes yet the delight in her voice never subsided. "So, buddy, why exactly are you trying to catch strong Pokémon without battling them?"

    Quick, think of something clever. "Because..."

    "Because the old man didn't give you a Pokémon to start your journey with!?" The glee in her voice really wasn't nice.

    "No, he didn't," She started laughing at that. "But that's alright. I don't mind earning my Pokémon, instead of getting them handed to me..."

    She just giggled at my pathetic attempt at an insult. "What? You are saying that receiving a Pokémon at the start of your journey is an easy way out? You know, I wouldn't go shouting that around, you'd probably offend 99% of the trainers out there. And considering you seem to be wondering around Kanto alone, I'd say you need all the friends you can get."

    "I am perfectly happy with my own company, thank you very much. Especially when it is compared to the company of arrogant trainers." I looked her in the eye for that. "And, anyway, once I catch a Pokémon I'll never be alone again. So please, leave me be, and let me carry on."

    She smiled and held up her hands. "Fine, fine, as you wish. But you know you'll never be able to catch something without weakening it first."

    I just glared at her. "Oh, I wouldn't say never…"

    "Why don't you let me help you?"

    Because I would rather die…

    "My Zippo can knock out most things around here. He has already won like 10 battles already!"

    "Wow, a fire Pokémon beating bugs, you must be very proud." My turn to be condescending… I don't know why I kept being impolite to this girl. "And no, thank you, I don't need your help."

    "Are you sure? I do just love to help people in need. I help needy people all the time." She placed a hand over her heart.

    "I am sure you do," I bet she doesn't... "But nevertheless, I'd rather do this by myself."

    She shrugged her shoulders. "Suit yourself. Call me when you do catch something, if you catch something." She started snickering as she started to walk away from me

    "Eden, wait!" She turned around just before she disappeared into the trees and looked back at me expectantly. "Thanks… for dealing with the Enaks."

    She raised her eyebrows in surprise at my gratitude (I really hadn't been very nice to her). And a small smile played on her lips. "No problem, dude." She said before leaving me alone in the forest once again.

    I was probably a little rude to her (again), ruder that I normally would have been, anyway. The constant failure since my beginning really aren't making me the nicest person in the world. If I would have just swallowed my pride and let her help me maybe I could have caught something really cool… Oh well, too late now. But she was probably right, about catching strong Pokémon without weakening them. The Pokémon I am going after are just too highly skilled. I know that's my own fault, I know I should just lower my standards. But my first Pokémon should be special. I don't want it to be something everybody has. But then again, I guess I don't have many options, I shouldn't be so picky.


    I had been in this forest all day now. My focused now changed from a Pokémon hunt and instead turned towards the search for food. In all the excitement I realised that I hadn't really eaten all day, I had found a few berries here and there to eat which had kept me going up until this point, but I hadn't had anything substantial. Fatigue was starting to get to me as well, I didn't even get a lot of rest last night as it was spent on the bus to Pallet Town. Wow, it had been a long day…

    The sky was starting to get dark, the air was started to get a little cooler, as night time was imminently approaching. There was no way I was going to find my way out of the forest and rest at the Pokémon Centre tonight, I was left with no choice but to find shelter within the forest. In my backpack I had a sleeping bag, but sleeping right on the floor didn't seem like the best idea, not with the likes of Ekans and all kinds of bugs roaming around on the floor unseen. I suppose I could find a good tree and sleep up in that. Doesn't sound very comfortable though. A cave to sleep in would be my preference, I would get shelter from all of nature's elements and I'd be mostly out of the dangers of the forest. But I hadn't seen any rocky walls during my travels today, I doubt I would be finding any caves soon. Night time was quickly approaching and I desperately wanted to find a place to sleep before the forest descended into total darkness. My luck hadn't been great during the day, I really didn't fancy my chances when I couldn't see anything.

    I had been looking for a good strong tree I could sleep in for a while before I found something that could work. This tree was huge! It was by far the biggest I had seen all day. The thick trunk was covered in moss, its roots were poking out of the ground for as far as the eye could see, and it had many heavy branches coming off it in all directions. It would be easy to climb, and it would get me off the forest floor. I did have the passing thought that maybe I was right in the middle of Viridian Forest here, it would make sense that the biggest tree was in the middle. If I climbed high enough I will be protected from all the dangers of the forest floor and hidden enough that nobody can pick a fight with me. Well, that was the idea, anyway.

    I climbed the tree as high as I could and found a nice thick branch I could rest on without worrying that it would snap and make me plunge to my death during the night. I was sitting on this branch with my feet swinging off the side as I went through my backpack to find my sleeping bag. I wasn't looking down below me when I giant force struck the bottom of the tree. A huge crash rocked the base, shaking the whole tree, sending vibrations all the way up, I was abruptly thrown off the branch I was sat on and I fell about ten feet to the floor at the pure force of the crash.

    I landed hard on the ground below me and I saw the contents of my backpack spilled out onto the floor. I groaned as pain jolted through my legs and I tried desperately to ignore it and collet all my things together and put them back in my bag. I heard loud grunts and cries at the base of the tree and wondered what on earth had struck the tree so hard. I tentatively looked to were the sounds were coming from and saw two large Pokémon locked together in fierce battle.

    One of them had its back pinned against the tree. It had a wide dark brown body and two large pincer like claws coming off the top of its head. It eyes were murderous, looking at the Pokémon it was fighting with anger as they were face to face, both their arms locked together. The Pokémon it was fighting was much thinner. Its green head was quite reptilian and its arm were unlike anything I had seen before, it had no hands, instead had long razor sharp scythes which it was trying desperately to cut into the darker brown Pokémon. They must have slammed each other right into this tree. Now that was power! They were both huge! Both looked to be taller than I was, certainly the biggest Pokémon I had seen today. I aimed my Pokédex at the fight that was waging at the base of this tree.

    "Pinsir, the Stag Beetle Pokémon. This fearsome Pokémon uses its powerful claws to put the squeeze on its opponents."

    As I could see! The Pinsir was doing everything it could to capture that green Pokémon in those massive claws atop of its head. I aimed Dexter at the green Pokémon.

    "Scyther, the Mantis Pokémon. Its claws are sharp as swords, and it is a powerful flyer. This Pokémon is rarely seen by humans and almost never captured."

    Oh, you don't say? Two Poké Balls left… What are the odds I could catch them both! I can let them beat each other until unconsciousness and then I can swoop in and take them both. It was perfect! I wonder what they were fighting over, was it territory? Was I in that territory? I hope not… Ah well, it doesn't matter, their concentration was fixed entirely on each other and as long as they didn't come near me, I should be fine.

    The fight continued! I watched, crouching behind a bush, at these two behemoths struggled to hurt each other. It wasn't the most technically sound battle I had ever witnessed, the two Pokémon were just violently mauling at each other, and as I could see no other trainers in the vicinity, it was quite clear these two Pokémon were wild. Good!

    With Pinsir pinned against the tree, Scyther swung back one of those giant scythes on its arms and tried to bring it down on Pinsir. Just before the scythe came slashing through the soft body of the Stag Beatle Pokémon, Pinsir arched its body and blocked the scythes with those two huge spikey pincers on top of its head. In an amazing show of strength, Pinsir caught and trapped Scyther's arm in those giant pincers. Scyther couldn't move, it struggled to pull its arm away but Pinsir had it locked in tight. I heard what could have been a growl of victory come from Pinsir, with Scyther's arm trapped in Pinsir's death grip, Pinsir started to relentlessly slash at its thin green body with both of his free claws.

    The Mantis Pokémon screeched in pain at the devastating body blows and hopelessly kept on trying to pull away. But Pinsir wasn't done. With Scyther's arm still trapped in the pincers, Pinsir attacked once more. Scyther shook in panic as it looked into it opponents eyes, Pinsir opened its huge mouth and bit into the Scyther's neck with its strange long, horizontal teeth. Scyther once again cried in pain before going limp as Pinsir let go of its arm with its pincers.

    It was quite clear now that Pinsir was the stronger of the two, Pinsir still looked quite fresh and relatively unscathed while Scyther was looking near death on the floor. With the Scyther fallen, Pincer stood over it, he let out a roar of victory and in one swift motion it picked up the injured Scyther with those huge claws atop its head. The claws started to glow white and closed around Scyther's thin body.

    Oh god, the Pinsir was gonna rip it in half! Scyther had no chance. It was terrible! I needed to save Scyther before Pinsir kills it! If I throw my Poké Ball at Scyther now he'll get sucked into it and get out of the pincers. Pinsir may come after me afterwards but at least it would save Scyther. It was worth a shot. I enlarged one of my two remaining Poké Balls and threw it at the Scyther who was just limp in Pinsir's death grip. As I watched the Poké Ball fly through the air, and just as the ball was going to hit Sycther and save it from its impending doom, the Poké Ball was batted away!

    A dark brown vine came shooting out of the trees and smacked away my Poké Ball milliseconds before it would have hit the Scyther, batting it far away over the tops of the trees! I looked at where the vines came from and I saw a man emerging. He was quite tall, he had dark spikey hair and was dressed in black shirt and jeans with a long black trench coat coming down to his feet. In one hand he was holding the branch of a tree with the end of it lit with fire that he held in front of him in, presumably, defence. A Bulbasaur was at his feet looked determinedly at the Pinsir/Scyther battle. "You're mine now!" The guy yelled as he threw a Poké Ball at the Scyther. The ball sucked Scyther out of Pinsir's death grip and the Pokémon went into the red and white ball. Pinsir looked surprised at the sudden development and turned to face this guy dressed in black.

    The man waved the fire torch in front of him and yelled at the Pinsir to back away. The Bug Pokémon saw the flames and growled in defiance but still slowly backed away. I heard the ping of the Poké Ball as the Scyther was successfully caught. The guy heard it as well and laughed in victory that he had caught the Scyther. My Scyther!

    "Hey!" I came storming out of the bushes I was hiding behind and I let my presence be known to the one who had stolen my Pokémon. The guy turned from looking at the Pokémon and faced me with a confused expression. "Hey, that Scyther was mine!"

    "Excuse me?" He smirked.

    "I was going to catch that Scyther but you stopped my Poké Ball!" I was trying to be tough but my confidence was a little knock when I realised he was a head taller than me, and he must have been about 20 years old.

    He just laughed, "Sorry, bro, its survival of the fittest around here. You should have been quicker."

    "No! You can't do that! It wasn't fair!"

    Shrugging his shoulders, "Life isn't. See you around, kid." He snickered as played with the Poke Ball in his hands and turned away.

    "Hey, stop!" I stood in front of him, not letting him get away with my Pokémon. I pointed down at the Pokémon Ball in his hand. "That Scyther should have been mine. I won't let you leave with my Pokémon."

    He seemed surprised at my boldness. But he wasn't intimidated one bit. "Oh yeah?" He bent down to go eye to eye with me and his tone turned slightly menacing. "Or else what? You gonna stop me?"

    I was getting a little scared at this point. He was much older and much bigger than I was, he could easily take me. I tried to form words but he was intimidating me much more than I would like to admit. I pathetically repeated what I have already said, "I was going to catch that Scyther…"

    "But you didn't. Now, why don't you let me leave, and then I will let you leave while you can still walk." He just smiled at me and let his menacing words sink in. The fear in my eyes must have been evident. He got to me, he was scaring me. I couldn't fight him. I stepped aside and let him go. "Later, kid!" He laughed and swaggered away through the trees, leaving me alone with my humiliation. I crumbled to the ground after yet another failure. I put my head in my hands and tears started pouring out of my eyes. I failed again. I couldn't do this. I just couldn't do this for much longer. Maybe I wasn't cut out to do all of this.

    Maybe I'm just not Pokémon Trainer material…


    I had no idea how long I was sat down in the forest crying. I could have been sat there for hours. I knew that it was pitch black and raining now. Night time had fully set in now. Visibility was so low. I could barely see a thing.

    I potentially lost a powerful rare Pokémon, I lost yet another Poké Ball, just one more left now… Well, no, not exactly. The Poké Ball I used on Scyther was never broken, that guy's Bulbasaur just batted it away over those trees. I can find it, I need to find it. I couldn't lose what little I already had. I need to find that Poké Ball before it gets broken.

    I didn't sleep that night. After spending so much time finding a tree that I could sleep in I didn't even use it. My whole night was spent foraging through the bushes and plants on the forest floor trying to find one of my last two Poké Balls. It was not the most glamorous search. It was dark, it was cold and wet, all my clothes were soaked from the rain, I was on my hands and knees, combing through leaves and branches and plants on the floor desperately trying to locate what I needed. It was a hopeless search, I had no idea how far the ball was flung in this direction. I didn't even know I was going in the right direction.

    The sun was starting to come up when I finally found a bit of luck. I was determined to find that Poké Ball, I just could not bear another failure. I was going to find that ball if I was going to have to comb through every inch on that forest. I came to a clearing in the forest. I was crawling through the floor, feeling around all the bushes and all the plants that surrounded this clearing. After spending a few minute in this clearing I heard something. It was like a squeak or a grunt, it was something I hadn't heard in this forest before anyway. I had been here all day and night and at this time, around daybreak there was a certain amount of peace in Viridian Forest. During the day and night there was the chirping of birds, the whistling of the wind, and the rustling of the leaves. But not now. Now it was quiet. Silence. Except for this squeaking noise.

    I stood up and looked across the clearing into the bushes across the way. I walked slowly towards the noise and tried to see what was going on. I had been in this forest long enough now that I knew if I disturbed anything then it usually ended up with me running away from a Pokémon attacking me. So I edged towards it cautiously. The noise was coming from a small bush, covered up by some branches and leaves, slowly, and trying my hardest not to disturb whatever was happening, I moved the leave and branches out of the way. And there it was! My Poké Ball! I found it!

    Resting in the middle of a kind of nest made up of small twigs and leaves, was my shiny Poké Ball. And it wasn't alone in that nest. As I peered into the nest there was a small green Pokémon climbing up and on top of my ball. I took a sharp intake of breath, "Oh, a Pokémon!" It was quite small, its head was about the size of the ball, but could easily balance its whole green and yellow body on the top of my Poké Ball, its black eyes didn't spot me at I peered into the nest. I got my Pokédex out.

    "Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon. Caterpie uses the suction cups on its feet to climb trees and feed on its favorite leaves."

    A Caterpie! I was actually surprised it had taken me so long in this forest for me to see one of these. The Caterpie was wriggling and climbing up onto the ball, leaving a sticky sap wherever it placed its six feet on the shiny ball. It was balancing right on top of the red section of the ball when the Bug Pokémon turned at noticed my presence. It must have been shocked to see me as it tried to back away, not remembering it was on an unsteady sphere. Caterpie's fright caused the Poké Ball to roll away from underneath it. Caterpie shrieked in surprise and fell down from the ball, but on its way down, it must have hit the button in the middle of the Poké Ball!

    "Wow, wait!" It caught me by surprise. I reached out to try and grab the Poké Ball, but it all happened so quickly for me to do anything. The small green Pokémon was suddenly transformed into red energy and got sucked up into the Poké Ball!

    The ball started bouncing about, the button in the middle was flashing red and white as the ball rolled around in the nest.





    Oh my god! I crumbled to my knees. I couldn't believe it! It was caught! I caught a Pokémon! I did it. I did it! I caught my first Pokémon!

    My first Pokémon is… A Caterpie!

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    Chapter 6: The Fires of Eden

    I just stood staring at the Poké Ball. I had done it. I had caught a Pokémon.

    Suddenly all my worries about which Pokémon I wanted and if it was rare or not just went away. It didn't matter anymore. I had a Pokémon. An actual Pokémon. A Pokémon who depended on me and needed me to look after it. It felt like my whole life was now different. Something depended on me, something needed me. I could not fail it. I picked up the Poké Ball for the nest like it was the Holy Grail. I stared at it in awe and I fumbled about for my Pokédex to get more information on it.

    "Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon. Caterpie uses the suction cups on its feet to climb trees and feed on its favourite leaves."

    "Ok… ok… anything else? Can you tell me anything else?! How do I look after it?! What does it like? What doesn't it like? How do I train it? How does it eat? Oh my god, is it a cannibal like that Beedrill I saw? Does it need anything to survive? Give me something! Anything! Please!" I shouted at my Pokédex.

    My Pokédex gave me nothing else. Of course it didn't. I was going to have to learn not to rely on that thing. "Ok, then, I guess I'm going to have to learn everything on the fly. Ok… I can do that…" I placed my Pokédex back into my pocket and held Caterpie's Poké Ball in both hands. "Caterpie… go!"

    I launched the Poké Ball into the air and watched as the ball split open and released my Pokémon. As soon as I set eyes on Caterpie I scooped it up in my arms and, well, to say I was giddy was kind of an understatement.

    "Caterpie, oh my god, you're here! I can't believe it! You are my first Pokémon! The first I'll ever have, you have made me so happy! I thought I was going to quit so many times, I thought I was going to have to shuffle off back home empty handed but now I don't have to because you are here! You and me, Caterpie! Oh, you and me! We're gonna rule the world! We are going to become Pokémon Masters together! This is amazing, this is the best day of my life! Caterpie, are you excited?!"

    "Piii?" Of course, the Caterpie had no idea what was going on. It just looked happy to be out of the Poké Ball. And a little uncomfortable that I was squeezing it so tight.

    "Oh, I'm sorry." I quickly let go of my death grip. It wasn't easy though. I never wanted to let go of it. I wanted to keep it on a tight leash so it would never leave me. Never run away. Of course, once I let it go the Caterpie tried to walk away from me. It wasn't the quickest of Pokémon and could only really move at a snail's pace so I had no idea if it was walking away from me because it hated me or if he was just stretching his four tiny, weird 'legs'. I liked to think that it was the latter. This worm like Pokémon had a many yellow circles patterns that ran down the side of its body and a bright orange antenna on her forehead. It had rather large eyes and a strange button shape nose/mouth that led the way as it walked right by me.

    I was walking beside my Pokémon as he moved slowly across the clearing when my Pokédex vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and was surprised to see that the screen actually had some information about my Caterpie on it. Dexter told me that the Caterpie was female. It wasn't really very old, just a few days old actually, and was quite small, Dexter said fully grown Caterpies were exactly one foot long. This one was less than that and in spite of its youth, Caterpie did know a couple of moves in Tackle and String Shot. I walked by my Caterpie as she ambled slowly to a nearby bush and took a bite out of one of the lower leaves. Oh good, not a cannibal then.

    I sat down cross legged right next to her. "How does that taste, Caterpie? Is it good?" I tried to pet my bug but it just let out a weird hiss at me and continued eating.

    "Ok… Umm, do you want any more? I can go get you some more leaves, I'll bet I can get you some really tasty leaves from some different trees. Would you like that?"

    She ignored me and continued eating. Well, I wasn't sure if it was total ignorance or she just didn't understand me. I pet the bug on the head, "I'll go get those leaves."

    She seemed happy, I think. She hasn't attacked me yet, that's gotta be a plus. I didn't really know what to do next, do I try to train her? Will she listen? She hasn't really paid any attention to me but at least I haven't been attacked. I kept my eyes on my small Pokémon while I dashed around the clearing and picked as many leaves as I could.

    I guess I could have been a little more subtle with how I presented the new 'food' to Caterpie, as she didn't really look ecstatic when I dropped a bunch of leaves over her head. I couldn't be subtle! I was too excited to be subtle. I just needed to calm down. Calm down and figure out what to do next…


    I spent the next hour or so just watching my beautiful bug eating her leaves. I watched my Caterpie eat the leaves I got for her (she ate them! She must like me!) And I just sat there and watch her eat, and eat, and eat. She really did have quite the appetite. I was just about to get up and get her some more when she made a sound, it was kinda like a garbled squeak. I instantly turned around to see what was wrong with her (I knew she had eaten too much!), but actually she didn't seem all that troubled about that, she just started crawling off down one of the pathways that headed out of the clearing we were in.

    "Caterpie, what's wrong with you?"

    No answers came, obviously. Since I had no other ideas about what to do next in this forest, I packed up all my things and followed my Pokémon down the pathway she was leading us. She understandably wasn't very quick, so I just leisurely followed her while looking out in all directions at the beauty that was surrounding me. I hadn't taken it in until then but this place really was a paradise. Long trees stretched up all around me, vivid greens and the sunlight streaming through the natural roof of the forest. Looking around like this and it really was hard to believe how dangerous this place could actually be.

    I'm not sure how long we were walking, I don't think it was very long, I was more than happy to just walk along and enjoy the scenery with my Pokémon. But I was broken out of my wander when I realised what had gotten into Caterpie. She was following her nose. And I finally smelt what she had clearly sensed in the clearing.

    I smelt burning. Somewhere out there, trees were burning. My mind was instantly brought back to the huge explosions I heard when I first enter the forest. I remembered that I was going to go and find out what was going on with that before I found myself side tracked by all of the people and Pokémon I had encountered so far. I followed my nose and started to see wisps of smoke floating through the air, Caterpie and I had to be going in the right direction! It dawned on me that if fire was going to be involved then maybe I should return my Pokémon to her Poké Ball. "Alright, Caterpie, take a rest, I'll sort this out on my own."

    I walked down the pathway Caterpie had directed me to for about 5 minutes before I came to a rock face that stretched high above the trees, I must have been at the bottom of a cliff. I didn't even know there were cliffs in Viridian Forest. I walked along, keeping the rock face to my right until I came to see smoke billowing from ahead. Looks like I had found the source. I tried to move as stealthily as I could to see what was going on.

    I snuck forward and tried to peer through the bushes and the trees. And then I saw her. Eden.

    Eden, my 'friend' was battling a Weedle with her Charmander.

    The Weedle was looking quite worst for wear as the Charmander was chasing the bug around in circles and letting out Ember attack after Ember attack Eden was ordering on Weedle. It was, of course, a mismatch. The little bug had no chance. There were bushes burning all around this place, her Ember attacks clearly weren't very accurate. That's what Caterpie was smelling. That was kind of an anti-climax. No huge mysterious explosions, just wayward Ember attacks…

    "You know, you'll never get stronger if you keep battling weaklings." She turned around as I made my entrance into the 'battlefield'. The Charmander ran from the Weedle and stood protectively in front of its trainer.

    She seemed surprised to see me at first but she smiled when she realised it was me, "Thank you for your advice, oh wise master, but I think I know what I am doing." She knelt down to pet her Charmander. I smiled as I looked at the remarkable Pokémon and tried to get its data.

    "Victreebel, the Flycatcher Pokémon. Lures prey with the sweet aroma of honey. Swallowed whole, the prey is melted in a day, bones and all."

    "Haha!" Eden looked up and laughed as once again my Pokédex got the wrong info.

    "Oh, c'mon!" I said as I banged on the back of it with my hand. "It's been like this since I got it."

    She twirled some of her red hair around her finger. "You know, my Pokédex works perfectly…"

    I rolled my eyes, "Of course it does." I tried pointing Dexter at the Fire Pokémon again.

    "Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon. A flame burns on the tip of its tail from birth. It is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out."

    She scoffed at the information, "I'll never let that happen!"

    I just stared at the Pokémon as Eden played with him… I wish I had gotten a proper Starter Pokémon. "Good… So, how are you? Have you had any troubles in this place?"

    "Nope, like I said yesterday, my Charmander can handle more or less everything around here. Why do you care anyway? You hate me, don't you?" She smiled at that last bit.

    I cringed, "No, no, I don't hate anybody. We just got off on the wrong foot… I think."

    She appeared sceptical. "Hmm, whatever you say, dude. So how are you doing? I gotta admit, I'm surprised you survived the night."

    I rolled my eyes. "Thanks for your confidence… And I'm fine, more than fine, I've been fantastic." Well, she didn't need to know that the Ekans wasn't the only trouble I had so far. I tried to change the subject, "Umm, did you hear those explosions yesterday?"

    She was sat down cross legged next to her Pokémon, petting him. "Of course I did. I'd be surprised if they didn't hear them in Lavender Town."

    I didn't know where that was. I'm guessing it's far away. "Do you know what caused them?"

    "Nah, I was having lunch in my cave when I heard them." She rooted through her backpack and fed her Chamander some Pokémon food.

    She had a cave?! A cave! The perfect shelter. Damn, how lucky was this girl! Yep, there it was. A big entrance to a cave not thirty feet from here. I looked longingly into the darkness and tried to swallow my jealousy once more. "Have you seen anything suspicious around here? Those explosions weren't normal, surely."

    "Yeah, I agree, I tried looking to see what was going on but this place is so dense I couldn't find anything. And no, I haven't seen anything suspicious. A creepy Samurai guy jumped out at me but he couldn't have done it."

    "A Samurai?"

    She waved her hand, "Oh, don't ask…"

    This place must be full of freaky stuff… "Umm, whatever. When I smelled the burning of these bushes I thought they might be connected to the explosions. But no, it was just you and your dodgy aim…"

    She had had her eyes on her Charmander during this whole conversation but I knew that comment would make her take notice of me. "Dodgy!? What do you mean dodgy?"

    I gestured around us, "Are you kidding? Have you seen this place? There's like twenty burning bushes around here."

    She stood up and got in my face. "My Charmander does not have dodgy aim! I-I meant for him to hit though bushes!"

    She was lying, ha! I held my hands up. "Alright, alright, chill out. I didn't mean any offense. I was just saying, my Pokémon could smell the smoke from miles away…"

    Her eyes lit up. "Your Pokémon? You-you've caught something?"

    I puffed out my chest. "Yes, actually I did!" I held out Caterpie's Poké Ball in front of me.

    "Wow! About time!" She gave me a sarcastic round of applause. "So what is it?"

    "It's an awesome Pokémon. That's all you need to know."

    "Not quite." She walked up behind her Charmander and locked eyes with me. "I challenge you to a battle!"

    Oh… "What? Now?"

    "Yes, of course, now! Unless you're scared…"

    Scared wouldn't exactly be the right word. More apprehensive. Caterpie would not match up well against her Charmander. I put on a look of confidence, "Sure, let battle! Umm, do you have any other Pokémon?"

    "Nope, not yet. It's just me and Zippo. I'm just training him for now."

    Damn it. Oh well, maybe it'll be ok. She is just a beginning trainer after all. She probably doesn't even know how to battle yet. I bet Caterpie could take her! "Great, then you and your Zippo will be going down!" I still had Caterpie's Poké Ball in my hand as I reluctantly walked a short distance away from to create a makeshift battlefield. Even if her Pokémon couldn't battle I was reluctant to send Caterpie out against a Fire Pokémon. "Err, you ready?"

    She looked at me, confused at my weird attempts at stalling. "Born ready. Now, c'mon then, put me out of my suspense, let's see what this famous first Pokémon is."

    She didn't really looks suspenseful at all, her confidence was in place the whole time. "Alright… Poké Ball, g-go!" I hesitant one last time before finally pulling the trigger and releasing my Caterpie to my opponent.

    Her eyes widened as she looked down at my small Caterpie. Then she started laughing.

    "What's so funny?!"

    She was doubled over laughing at this point. "Oh, I don't even know why I am surprised! You were going on about it like it was the second coming. And it was just a poor, little Caterpie all along."

    I shook my head, "Well, my 'poor, little Caterpie' can still beat you."

    "I have beaten like 4 of those this morning!" She said between breathes of laughter.

    "This one is different!"

    She straightened up. "Oh yeah, I'm sure it is."

    "Oh, just shut up and start the battle will you." I was starting to get annoyed at her disrespect for my Pokémon.

    "As you wish. Ok, Charmander, use Growl!" The orange lizard took a deep breath and let out a loud piercing cry. Visible sound waves moved across the battlefield and Caterpie was swept up in the noise, being thrown backwards and bouncing back from the sound waves.

    "Growl? Ha, that doesn't deal any damage. Caterpie, get up and use Tackle!" He wasn't the quickest but maybe he could get up enough speed to knock Zippo off his feet.

    "Use Tackle too, Charmander!"

    Both Pokémon set off like gunshots! Well, kind of. Neither of them were all that quick. Both Pokémon were racing (quite slowly) towards the other, clamouring to beat the other to the punch. My Caterpie had a head start and got the first hit. The Bug Pokémon jumped from her tiny legs and smashed head first into Charmander's midsection with all the force she could muster. Charmander had no time to retaliate and doubled over and fell to the ground clutching its stomach.

    I was surprised my little Catepie did so well, his Tackle looked way stronger than I was imagining! "Wow, Caterpie that was a great move, well done!" My Caterpie turned her head around and looked back at me. Her eyes were beaming with pride, she lifted herself up on her back two legs and made some adorable noises in celebration. She looked so happy. "Caterpie, use Tackle again, you can win this!"

    Eden snorted in derision. "You wish! It was only a Tackle attack. Charmander, wait till that hopeless bug gets closer and use Scratch."

    Charmander planted its feet and stood on edge watching as Caterpie ran full force at it. The four fingers on its left claw grew and started to glowed white. Caterpie didn't understand what was happening and raced towards it, I tried to call out to stop her attacking but it was too late. She was too close. "No!" I watched in horror as Charmander's claw slice down the side of my little Pokémon. "Caterpie…"

    My Bug Pokémon scream out in pain and fell to the ground. Even from the distance I was at I could see that my Pokémon had a gash all along the side of her body, cutting through the light circles that decorated the side of her body. The wound was looking red and my Caterpie was still crying out in pain.

    I heard a shout from across the battlefield. "Would you like to surrender?" She said was a sly smile, folding her arms in arrogance. But I couldn't concentrate on her. My bug was writhing around on the floor, screaming in pain, with Eden's Chamander looking down on her, ready to use the move again.

    "Caterpie, are you alright?" Some garbled noised came from Caterpie as it lied on its side, blood pouring out of the side of its body. Maybe I should surrender, a good Pokémon trainer would quit now and live to fight another day. But how could I just let Eden win? She's so cocky! This is my first ever battle! I can't lose my first ever battle! No, no, of course, no, Caterpie's health is more important than my stupid pride. Ok, I'll surrend-

    "Do it again, Charmander!" Eden barked out another devastating attack before I could say anything. I watched in horror as Charmander puffed out its chest and wheeled back its hand readying for another Scratch attack. I looked on in fear, too startled to even try and protect my Pokémon.

    "Caterpie!" My shout must have stirred Caterpie enough to bring her back to her senses. While my Caterpie was lame on the floor, she lifted her head enough just in time to fire its sticky web from its mouth directly at Carmander's arm just as he was reeling back to attack again with its Scratch attack. Within seconds Charmander was shocked to realise that its arm was suddenly trapped by the silky web, stuck to its body like it was in a strait jacket!

    Oh my… What a stroke of luck that was! She fired a String Shot and had trapped Charmander's arm to its own body. He couldn't use Scratch again! "Genius! Caterpie, do it again! Do that again!"

    For the first time since I had met her Eden looked genuinely out of sorts. Pacing the floor and shaking her head trying to think of a way to get out of her predicament. Her annoying confidence was gone and was replaced with worry as she had her hands against her head and she shook in desperation trying to think of a way out of this.

    "No, Charmander, break out of it."

    The Fire Pokémon struggled valiantly against its restraints but he wasn't strong enough to break away. It didn't even see as my Caterpie struggled courageously to get to its feet and fire off another String Shot. The silky, stringy web fired out of Caterpie's mouth and wrapped around and around Charmander's orange scaly body. I had no idea how she could produce so much webbing, there was so much that the Fire Pokémon was starting to look like a cocoon with its little orange head popping out of the top. It cried in pain and worriedly tried to look towards its trainer for assistance.

    I have to admit that I had a little confidence myself now. "So, Eden, would you like to surrender?" I said with a smile of my own.

    "Shut up!" She scream in rage. She certainly didn't seem used to being on the back foot like this. "Oh fine, screw it, I didn't want to do this but screw it. Charmander, break that web with your fire. Use Ember on yourself, that'll shred that stupid web."

    "No…" I knew once she had Charmander started using his fire that the match was basically over. Caterpie has no chance against fire. I was actually surprised it had taken her so long to resort to this. I suppose I did have the fleeting thought that she was going easy on me by staying away from Charmander's fire for so long.

    Charmander could barely move its head after being wrapped so tightly in Caterpie's String Shot. The Fire Pokémon angled his head up ever so slightly into the air and let loose several small fire balls straight up into the air before falling back down onto himself and ripped into the webbing that was wrapped around him. The Pokémon couldn't help but give a little grin of his own as the web degraded enough that he could use the strength of his body to break away from the remaining tendrils.

    Uh oh. "Quick Catepie, use String Shot again!"

    Looking ready and suddenly starting to take the battle more seriously, Eden ordered the counter. "Block those strings with Ember." Caterpie shot out another strand of String Shot that was almost immediately burned away as soon as it came into contact with Charmander's Ember.

    Caterpie looked visibly afraid of the fire. She was backing away and I could literally hear her crying in fear. I tried my best to get her to rally. "Don't worry Caterpie, use String Shot again, and aim for its mouth, we can clamp that mouth shut and stop it from using is fire attacks!"

    Eden heard that. Her voice seemed more frantic as she directed her Pokémon. "Keep using Ember until it's finished, Charmander!"

    Caterpie tried to fire off another String Shot from its mouth but before they could even get close to the Fire Pokémon, Charmander blasted them away with small balls of fire. Caterpie backed away from the Carmander who was making its way over to the Bug Pokémon with fire dancing around its mouth, ready to attack with an Ember that will put my Pokémon down indefinitely. I couldn't let that happen.

    "Ok, Eden, please stop, I surren-"


    Eden ordered the end. And it was the end, before I could even say anything, Charmander let out a blast of fire down at my Caterpie, who just stood there defenceless right in front of him. I heard the scream of my bug as she was set alight, rolling around on the floor, her little body blazing with fire from head to tail. "Caterpie!" I ran across the battlefield as fast as I could to my flaming Caterpie. Charmander was bearing down on the injured Caterpie once more before Eden also ran onto the battlefield and restrained her Pokémon.

    In my panicked state I had no idea how I had the foresight to rip off my jacket and use it to smother the flames that engulfed my Pokémon. Thankfully it worked, and the deadly flames died down.

    Eden came up behind me, "Is he alright?"

    I was shaking, "Er, er, I-I don't know, there's some Full Heals in my bag, could you-"

    "I'm on it!" Before I could even finish Eden raced over to where I had placed my backpack down on my side of the battlefield and run back with my bag. By the time she had returned I had managed to extinguish most of the flames, but my poor Caterpie was still screaming from the pain as Eden handed me a bottle of the medication.

    I didn't know what I was doing with the Full Heals, I knew it said to use them to help a Pokémon recover from all kinds of status alignments but I never had chance to see exactly how you would use them. How much to I spray on him? How often? What if I don't use enough to heal him fully? A Burn Heal would have probably worked better, why didn't I get any of those! My Caterpie was starting to fade into unconsciousness. Not really know what I was doing with the Full Heal, I just sprayed to whole bottle all over the small bug Pokémon. A white foam came spraying out of the bottle like that of a fire extinguisher and I tried to cover as much Caterpie's body as I could with this foam.

    When the Full Heal ran out, I reach for another bottle and prepared to spray the Pokémon with another bottle. Eden stopped me, "I don't think you need to use two bottles."

    "How do you know? What if that wasn't enough." I looked down at the charred skin of Caterpie that was now covered entirely in the white foamy substance.

    "It should be enough. Wait until all that foam has sunk in, then the burns should have healed and then you can use these potions." She said as she was rooting through my bag looking for any other medical equipment I had. The Full Heals and the Potions were all I had. "Oh, and you can use my cave to shelter her, I was gonna move on today anyway."

    "Why did you have to use fire!? You knew that would be too much for her!" I snapped at Eden.

    She seemed a little taken aback, her eyes flickered with sadness before she restored her usual poise. "Wow, wow, wow, don't blame me! This isn't me! Your Pokémon got hurt because of you. You knew the risks of fighting a Fire Pokémon, and you got burned. Don't lash out at me, this is all you!"

    I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe. She was right. Of course she was right. I let my competitiveness and jealousy of this girl get the better of me and I put my Pokémon in danger. I looked down and stroked my Pokémon before apologising sadly. "You're right, it's me. Of course, everything is my fault. I haven't had the best of luck with anything since I started my journey… Guess it's all getting on top of me."

    I couldn't see what she was doing, she didn't answer. She didn't make a sound for a good while. When she did she didn't even acknowledge what I had just said. "C'mon, let's get your Caterpie into the cave."

    "Should we really move her? What if we do further damage?"

    "Oh my god, you are so pathetic. She'll be fine, just pick her up gently and move it over there." She said gesturing to the cave with the hand she was still holding my open backpack in. "I'll prepare some kind of bed for it. Oh, we can use your sleeping bag!"

    "Will you stop going through my stuff!" I watched her fold up my sleeping bag and take it into the cave. She disappeared into the darkness. "You really think she'll be ok?"

    She came out of the cave to answer me. "Oh, relax! It was just an Ember attack, I have been accidentally scorched a little by one of his Ember attacks once and yes, it hurt but look!" She did a little twirl, "I survived. And I'm ginger, my skin can't deal with heat!"

    I suppose she was right… my Pokémon should be ok. I picked up Caterpie as softly as I could and walked past Eden into the cave.

    The rugged and weary walls stood surrounding me. They seemed so strong. Such a stark contrast to the bright environment just mere feet away in the dense forest. Cold air filled every corner and darkness swallowed most of my vision, yet this still seemed like such a sanctuary compared to the dangers from outside. I could feel the dampness in the air, which must have been from the rain last night. With all of the excitement today I had forgotten that I was up all night searching around the forest in the rain. God, I must have looked horrible.

    As I placed Caterpie down I saw Eden come up behind me. "So… I, err, I never did catch your name?" She said with a smile on her face.

    "Oh, really?" I thought I had already told her. "I'm Ritchie." I said with a smile of my own and I held out my hand.

    And she shook it.


    I stayed in that cave for the rest of the day. We lit a fire, Eden didn't move on like she said she would. She stayed with me to make sure Caterpie was ok. We even shared dinner, well, I shared her dinner, cheese sandwiches. I was glad to get something substantial in me after barely eating any food for the past day or two.

    Caterpie was tucked up in the sleeping bag close to the fire Eden had made. I questioned why she needed to be close to a fire when recovering from burns but then Eden told me I was being 'pathetic' again. She had squirmed around a bit in her sleeping bag so I was quite happy that she was still alive at least. Why must I always assume the worst case scenario?

    I don't quite know the time when Eden went to sleep, it was getting quite dark outside of our cave. I stayed awake a little longer, I sat beside Caterpie and looked through my Pokédex to see if I could find any information on how I could help Caterpie with her recovery. I couldn't, I could only just get on Caterpie's profile page before the Dex just crashed and stopped working. I was beginning to think that this Pokédex was more of a hindrance than a help on my journey with the amount of times it breaks down.

    I must have fallen asleep while I was trying to fix it yet again. As unbeknownst to me my broken Pokédex fell out of my hands and dropped down close to the fire. I didn't hear yet more strange noises coming out of the Pokédex.

    I didn't hear the glitching and buzzing and beeping coming of my Pokédex.

    I didn't hear the voices that started to come out of my Pokédex.

    "Golf Mike Echo November, the fix is in. Repeat, the fix is in. Golf Mike Echo November, awaiting your instructions."

    Team Rocket: Built On Lies

    Set after the events of Operation Tempest, Giovanni's next scheme plans to send the whole world into ruin. But how will Team Rocket cope when they realize that Operation Tempest changed Giovanni forever...

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    The title quickly got me. It reminded me of the episode where he beats Ash in a battle. I think this is getting really interesting. He was a lot like Ash and it will be interesting to see how in later chapters if he does become his own character or if he will be another Ash clone. I have a feeling that this is going to have a lot of potential to be really good. Keep it up.

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