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Thread: Pokemon Heroes: XY: The World Is Not Enough PG-15

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    Default Pokemon Heroes: XY: The World Is Not Enough PG-15

    Authors Note- Hello! Didn't see this coming, right? Well its happening! A new chapter in the Pokémon Heroes series begins! Professor Sycamore's students gather for a new semester! Are you ready? Enjoy!

    /Enough- 001

    In this world there are two people that exist, those who do purposely do wrong and those who purposely do wrong... The punishments for these individuals, however differ greatly depending on the conditions of their birth. These conditions include social class, wealth, heritage, genetics, gender, sexuality, education, and perspective. In this world there are people with poor conditions of birth, those with suitable conditions, and those beyond average. These individuals can be separated into two groups X and Y, the ins and the outs of the world respectively, these are their stories...

    "Unfortunately we were not able to keep our discretion when we raided your house... All of your possessions were burned in the fire... We apologize for what appears to be a exert of justice upon your life, Madame." a man in a black tuxedo said to a young woman with raven black hair who stood before him steaming with anger.

    "Come again?! Did you really just say that you burned down my house and not only that but all of my belongings with it?! What the hell is wrong with you people?! Arent you trained in keeping causalities as low as possible?!" the raven black haired young woman yelled completely disgusted with their lack of restrain.

    "Unfortunately our men didnt believe that- that the alleged apparel could be considered a causality... Ma'am..." the man said starting to tremble a little in fear as the young woman steadily started to approach him with flames in her eyes.


    "We- we're dreadfully sorry Madame... It was the only way we could arrest your father!" the man in the black tuxedo attempted to explain but to no avail as the young woman burst into tears over losing her clothes (not even concerned about her father...).

    "Its not fair!~ You all told me if I turned my father in I could have my own castle~ Waaaaah! But you've ruined my life instead!" the young woman whined as the man and the other agents in the room covered their ears to mute the crying.

    "We're so very sorry! So very sorry! Please, listen to this! Its important! You can no longer be here in this region now that we have arrested your father! Former members of his mafia will surely come after you for leading to his arrest! We must place you into Witness Protection Services immediately, this is for your safety and protection!" the man in the black tuxedo shouted attempting to explain the situation over her obnoxious crying.

    "Nooooo! I dont wanna go! I dont wanna go!"

    "I wish it didnt have to come to this but I have no choice... Look at this!" the man in the black tuxedo said flashing the young woman with a school uniform that stopped her crying almost immediately.

    "W-What is that?" the young woman asked crawling over to it and rubbing her face gently against it.

    "Its the school uniform for Professor Sycamore's Pokémon Academy in the Kalos Region... It can be yours if you attend his Academy." the man in the black tuxedo explained attempting to bargain with the young woman.

    "... Fine! I must have that uniform! Men, make haste for Kalos, pronto!" the young woman exclaimed standing back on her feet and ordering the men around like normal.

    This is Aunya Rossilia, the daughter of a mafioso and the sole heiress to his Underworld empire, she has a passion for fashion and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

    "Why? Why does this sort of thing always happen to me? Why am I always the last person to find things out? Why am I always the last person to find love? Why have I never had true love? Why?" a young man with brown hair questioned as he stared up at his wall blankly reflecting on past events as his television blurred in the background showing images of a couples wedding and the reception that followed.

    "Julian... You were suppose to be mine, forever. I mean... I know we only met once and that was in passing and you barely smiled at me but--- That day that we spent together! How could you possibly forget all that we went through?! And all that we promised one another?! How could you completely forget all of that you promised me?! And go off and marry that dingbat!" the young man shouted getting angrier and angrier the more he thought about the situation.

    Someone slowly opens the door and walks in uninvited.

    "Okay Syd, I'm done packing now... We cant live here with the termites anymore... Lets go." an older woman demanded the young man to get up out of his slump as he rolled over pretending to be asleep.

    "Syd! Lets go! The movers arent gonna wait all day on you to go through some stupid teen melodrama! Kalos awaits us!" the older woman said grabbing Syd by the arm and literally dragging him out of the room.

    "No no no no! I dont wanna go to the same Region as him! I dont! Waaaaah~" the young man started to pout and whine as the older woman dragged him down the stairs outside to the moving vans.

    This is Syd Hitchings... He's heartbroken over a former flames unexpected marriage to a famous movie star in Kalos... He really does not want to be in this story whatsoever.

    "Shauna! Come quickly, my child! You wont believe what came in the mail today!" an older man called out for his daughter as she raced into the den to see what he was talking about.

    "What is Daddy? Are we being evicted from this house too?" Shauna said before she saw her father crying tears of joy while looking over some sort of letter.

    "No... Nothing like that... Y-You've received a full scholarship to the Sycamore Pokémon Academy! You got in sweetheart!" her father said lifting her up with his massive strength and spinning her around joyfully.

    "Oh yeah... Thats great..." Shauna said halfheartedly but not wanting to show it to her father.

    This is Shauna, a young Pokémon Trainer from Kalos who lives in the slums of Aquacorde Town with her mother and father... She has received a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the prestigious Sycamore Academy, however she has no interest in Pokémon.

    "I'm so sorry had I not being the jerk that I am I would have told you both this sooner... But I'm afraid that we must depart from one another. Please, dont be sad or feel bad about yourselves... Its me, not you. I have chosen a path to follow that has forced me to leave both of you, my one and only true loves. Do not shed tears for me as I do not deserve them..." a young man said saying goodbye to a twin sister and brother who both began to cry immensely after his rant was over.

    "Nooooo! Please dont leave me! I dont know what I'd do without you!" the twin sister said groveling on her knees for him to stay as the twin brother did the same.

    "Please dont go! Please dont! We promise we wont fight over you anymore! You can have a boyfriend and a girlfriend if you want!" the twin brother said crying into the young man's shorts.

    "Come now you two... I dont have a choice but to leave. My dream of dance forces me to be released from these confines and go on a journey with a Pokémon partner, however! I will never forget either of you or the way that you touched my heart!" the young man exclaimed passionately as the two twins fell head over heels for him once again.

    "Oh Tierno~ You're soooo great~!" the two twins so in unison in awe over the young man's "greatness".

    This is Tierno, his dream is to be a professional dancer alongside his Pokémon partners so he has signed up for courses at the Sycamore Academy... He is the personification of depending on the time of day a Kalosian can go either way.

    "Hmmm... Professor Sycamore's Academy, huh? Its not too far from here... Actually its walking distance. I wonder... Should I go or not?" a young man said pondering whether or not to accept the invitation sent to him by Professor Sycamore to attend his Academy.

    This is Trevor, is a generally timid scholarly young man with a passion for everything Pokémon, but due to his quiet demeanor people tend to forget he exist.

    "Professor, I'm wondering... Was it really wise to select these particular students to be in your Advanced Placement Courses?" a young woman with long blue hair questioned her superior's judgment as he chuckled at the question.

    "Yes... I am certain that they are all fully capable of accepting the task at hand. I cant wait until they all arrive here, the X's and Y's of the world." Professor Sycamore said looking out of a window from his lab at the wide open spaces of Kalos beyond the bustling Lumiose City awaiting the arrival of his newest addition of students.

    "Hello? Hello? Its me... I'm confirming that the rumors are true. Team Plasma has been completely defected in the Unova region, we are ready to begin operations as soon as you give word, sir." a young woman said using her Holo-Caster while riding in the back of a red limousine.

    "Thats good to hear... As soon as you reach your destination contact the others and tell them that its time for the new semester to begin and this time, its personal."
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
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    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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    "Stepping off this plane... I get my first impression of the Kalos region right off the bat... It so blatantly... GAY." Aunya said exiting off her private jet with her associates following closely behind her with her luggage.
    "You cannot be serious... Is that all you have to say? What about the pristine beauty of this region and its obvious rich culture?" the man in the black suit asked her hoping that he would convince her the region wasnt so bad but to no avail.
    "Nope... Dont see any of that... Just utter and complete gayness." Aunya said walking down from the loading area to the airplane terminal where the nearest coffee stand stood.
    "You're only saying that because of the view you had from the airplane! You just have to see the wonderful array of prestigous qualities that the Kalos region has to offer!"
    "Yeah, yeah whatever... Buy me some coffee." Aunya said once again bossing the man around as he gave in and finally bought her a cup of coffee.
    "You know Madame... You're going to be in this region for quite some time--- alone. You might want to get used to getting things for yourself..."
    "Um... How about no? I'm sure I'll find a new boy toy here soon to do all of my bidding for me." Aunya said darting her focus around the terminal until a certain young man caught her attention.
    "I cant believe you made me move... Away from everything I love... Away from everything I treasure..." Syd whined and moaned as he walked around the terminal with his mother hunched over in defeat.
    "Syd... You're making a scene. Stop being a big baby and adjust to the change like everyone else!" Grace yelled assertively as if she was training one of her Rhyhorn to bare more confidence.
    "Yeah sure... "Adjust" to hell... Sounds about right." Syd said sitting down on a bench no longer having enough energy to protest the move on h-
    ----*-----s feet.
    "Oh boy... Raising a teenage boy is far more difficult than I intially believed." Grace said with a sigh as Syd continued his protest followed by several more moans and groans.
    "Mhm! Sorry to intrude but I couldnt help but overhear your conversation... You see I'm new to the Kalos region as well, and I was wondering if you might like to hangout with me sometime." Aunya said boldly and quite strangely approaching Syd and Grace out of the blue.
    "See sweetheart I told you the people of this region were extra friendly! You've gone and made yourself a friend already!" Grace said with a smile towards her son who shivered with disgust then through shade Aunya's way.
    "I wouldnt really call somebody who randomly walks up to a stranger a friend... She's more in likeness to those homeless men who flash us on the subway." Syd said rather coldly as Aunya tried her best to keep her cool.
    "Must resist... Urge... To... Pummel... Hehehehe... You have such an interesting sense of humor, I like that." Aunya said taking a seat on the bench beside him in an attempt to get closer.
    "Dont you have somewhere to be? Or do you hangout in airport terminals like all the other weirdos?" Syd sincerely asked Shugo in order to get her to leave.
    "Actually I'm on my way somewhere right now... A prestigious educational institution right here in Lumiose City!" Shugo said with a boastful pose to portray herself in an elegant manner.
    "Wow! Dont tell me that you were invited to the Lysandre Academy?!" Grace asked quickly becoming impressed with Shugo if she was one of the few to be selected.
    "Um... No... I have no idea what that is. I was accepted to the Sycamore Pokemon Academy."

    "Oh, that backwater hellhole? Pssh." Syd remarked on how below standards the Sycamore Academy was in comparison to the Lysandre Academy.

    "Backwater, huh?! Then tell me why is an heiress like myself going there then?!" Shugo protested Syd's remark about the Sycamore Academy being less than average.

    "An heiress?! Hahahahahaha! You hardly have the demeanor of an heiress... Sorry to say but that sounds like a lie." Syd replied to hermocking laughter. "**** you! For your information I am one of the most richest teens in the entire world! I could buy your entire livelihood if I wanted to!"
    "Gee thanks but no thanks I dont really wanna be owned by someone like you... And I find it kinda strange that you resorted to buying another human being before a material possession.

    "Whatever... You're just jealous cause I can pull more girls than you ever will in your lifetime." Aunya said attempting to get back at Syd with an equally immature reply as Syd rolled his eyes and responded promptly.

    "I dont even like girls so I dont really take an offense to that whatsoever..."

    "Whaaaat?! Are you telling me that you're gay?! Holy crap! I've never met another gay other than him... This is incredible. Um... How would you like to be my GBF?" Aunya said attempting to reconcile with Syd so that she could aquire him as a GBF.

    "What the hell is a GBF?!" Syd asked pulling his hand away from Aunya's tightening grasp prompting Grace to explain the term for him.

    "A GBF is a gay guy who best friends with a bad ***** everybody knows that Syd... You're gay so you should."

    "Will you stop trying to stereotype me like Dad?! I thought we already went over this..." Syd replied to his mother's explanation with agnst as Aunya's frustration continued to grow little by little.

    "You have to be my GBF! You just gotta! Im new in this region and I have no one here to be my friend... We're so much like alike its crazy." Aunya said with puppy dog eyes continuing to try to persuade Syd to be her GBF.

    "I'll... think about it? I guess." Syd responded having a distinct weakness for anyone with puppy dog eyes.

    "Same old same old Syd... Yeah... I guess its probably about time I tell you, huh?" Grace said reaching into her messenger bag and pulling out some sort of invitation from her bag.

    "Not before you get upset, just know that this is the best learning academy I could find on such short notice... I know its no Professor Oak's Pokemon Academy but I think its a nice transition since the cirriculum is pretty much the same." Grace explained as Syd steadily opened up the invitation only to be taken by surprise when he saw the words "Sycamore Academy".

    "How could you do this to me, lady?! How could you?! We were both just ripping into Professor Sycamore on the plane ride here!" Syd said not understanding his mother sudden change in perspective.

    "Well... When Professor Sycamore contacted me personally a few days ago and started all of his Kalosian smooth talk I couldnt find the words to say no to him... Sorry Syd." Grace said feeling a little bad for falling for Sycamore's seduction in accordance to her sons education.

    "Dammit! Now I suppose Im stuck here in Lumiose City while you go live it up in Vaniville Town?!" Syd asked his mother Grace who was already half paying attention as she had spotted a single young man exiting from the Hoenn region terminal.

    "What was that, Syd? Oh, yes yes love you too son... Keep in touch! The directions to the Professor Sycamore Academy is written on the invitation! Dont be a stranger now, drop on by home anytime~!" Grace yelled as she ran across the terminal in pursuit of a possible new beau.

    "That was... Weird and unexpected..." Aunya said not believing what had just occured between the mother and son.

    "That conversation was so formulaic its embarassing... She does this every single freaking time we go to a new region..." Syd said with a sigh as he looked over the invitation once more then let out an even bigger sigh.

    "Well--- Boarding schools like this arent so bad. My parents used to send me to them all the time before I became a real member of the family..."

    "What? You're so weird... Regardless I have to find this Professor Sycamore Academy now I guess..." Syd said picking up his stuff from off of the cart and carrying all of it in his arms before Aunya took some to lighten the load.

    "Hey now were both going to the same place... Lets go there together." Aunya said being unusually for her usual mean demeanor as the man in the black suit watched over her discretly without being noticed.

    "Fine... I guess thats okay."
    "Woooow! Is this really the Professor Sycamore Academy?! Holy crap! I love it! The brochure inside the invitation makes it look so much different!" Aunya said almost jumping with joy as she gazed upon the Sycamore Academy before turning her head over to the sign that read "Lysandre Academy".

    "Oops... Guess we went the wrong way after all... Gosh... This city is bigger than Saffron." Syd said picking his stuff back off the ground and reading over the directions once more.

    "Are you serious?! I wanna go here! I wanna go here!" Aunya said beginning to have a hissy fit as Syd rolled his eyes and started down the sidewalk towards the actual Sycamore Academy.

    "You're aware that I dont give a damn, right?" Syd commented on her temper tantrum as someone hiding in a bush quickly stuck a lollipop in Aunya's mouth to her delight.

    "Now... The directions say we were suppose to take a right at Verte Plaza... Did we take a left or a right? ... Aunya? Aunya, where are you?!" Syd asked starting to panic that she was possibly abducted looking around every corner and retracing his steps for her until he finally ran into an Officer Jenny.

    "Excuse me, Officer Jenny! Please help me! I've lost somebody!" Syd said running up to the Officer Jenny in a hurry.

    "Um, sorry but I cant help you if you're not going to pronounce my name properly... Look at the badge. Its "Officer Jannae" not Officer Jenny... I wanted to be different from the rest of my family all over the world so I had my last name legally changed. Thats also why I train a Manetric and not a Froufro like all my other stuck up ***** cousins here in Kalos." Officer Jannae began to rant on about her unimportant opinions as Syd almost pissed himself holding himself back from yelling at her.

    "I... Really... Dont... Care... Listen! I have a friend--- Person who's missing and I'm really worried about her! I think she has a mental disposition and she might trust any stranger who promises her candy! Please, please help me find her Officer Jen- Jennae!" Syd pleaded with Officer Jannae for her immedieate assistance with the situation as she smirked then let out a morbid chuckle.

    "Hahahahahahaha! Dont worry, foreigner! Here in Kalos justice is A1 like the steak sauce! Now! There's only way we can get your friend back safely and quickly..." Officer Jannae said taking her Holo-Caster from her pocket and quickly typing in some sort of message to each of the precincts around Lumiose City.

    All of a sudden each of the screens in Lumiose City interrupt their current broadcast and flash "MISSING WHITE GIRL".

    "Um... When did I ever say that she was white?"

    "You didnt have to I just assumed... Plus this is the only way the people of Lumiose City will care to find her." Officer Jannae said speaking the complete truth of the matter as a man comes dashing towards them.

    "I came as soon as I heard! Is there really a missing white girl?!" Professor Sycamore asked Officer Jennae who nodded slowly as she showed him a picture of the most generic white female she could think of.

    "Yes, yes I see... I think I saw that young woman heading towards Prism Tower after two Fletchling who stole something from her." Professor Sycamore said pointing in the direction that he believed she ran in.

    "Thank you so much Mister! I really owe you one!" Syd said running in the given direction as fast as he could so that he could catch up with Aunya as soon as possible.

    "Hmm... Maybe we should check this out Jennae... Might quell our boredom." Sycamore suggested as Officer Jannae shrugged and followed his lead.
    "I've finally caught up with you two little bastards! You'll pay for stealing from me you rodents!" Aunya said barely keeping her balance as she got on her knees crawling on the top of the Prism Tower with barely a prayer to support her.

    "Aunya!!! What are you doing up there you moron?!!" Syd screamed at the top of his lungs as Aunya began to lose her balance before finally regaining it.
    "Sorry cant hear... Much too busy getting back the most important think of my life..."

    Aunya said almost being able to reach the Fletchling by extending her arm just a bit further before finally losing her balance and almost plummeting to the ground thousands of feet below her before she is saved by an onslaught of vines from a Venasaur.

    "The weatherman didnt say anything about *****es falling from the sky today..." Sycamore said helping Aunya off Venusaur as she dusted herself off then looked piercingly into the sky at the Fletchling who continued to mock her by gliding around the skies with something important to her dangling from their mouths.

    "I cant forgive anyone who takes that away from me! Not even two little weak Pokemon! I gotta get back up there and get my locket back!" Aunya said about to start back for the Prism Tower's entrance before she is pulled back by Sycamore.

    "Now... Do you really think such a tres mediocre method will help you to get back your locket? Dont you think something far more conventional is in order?" Sycamore said taking three Poke-Balls out of his labcoat and handing one of them to both Syd and Aunya.

    "Dont tell me these are the 3 starter Pokemon of the Kalos region... Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie..." Syd said observing the Pokemon from within the Poke-Balls surprised that the strange man had these in his possesion.

    "Fine, fine! I guess what you're trying to say is to catch a Pokemon you should use a Pokemon? Gotcha. Go! Whatever you are!" Aunya said throwing the Poke-Ball into mid-air revealing it to be a baby Froakie inside of it.

    "Woah! Froakie?! Thats like the coolest Water type Pokemon ever! Literally!" Syd said impressed with Aunya's choice as she rolled her eyes then commanded her temporary Pokemon.

    "Yeah yeah whatever... Froakie! Use Bubble attack on the first Fletchling then Scratch attack on the second one!" Aunya commanded the Froakie who was alarmed not only to be falling in mid-air but to be commanded by an unknown person.

    "Oh yes that Froakie... I was just going to send him over to Professor Rowan in the Sinnoh region so he could put him down. It being illegal here in Kalos and all." Sycamore commented on Froakie's lack of ability and prowess as the Pokemon continued to fall towards its death when suddenly a pair of vines catch him.

    "Goodness! I dont know who's worse you or this weird guy, Aunya! Let me and Chespin handle this!" Syd said taking control of the situation as Chespin applied Froakie safely to the ground then went in for a mid-air Tackle against the first Fletchling defeating it.

    "Now that Chespin is definently a winner... The number one Pokemon I have under me for new Trainers." Sycamore said praising Chespin's prowess as it made a soft and elegant landing back on the sidewalk.

    "Hmmm... Now maybe I should catch that Fletchling..." Syd said digging in his bag and pulling out a Poke-Ball then proceeding to throw it Fletchling's way and succesfully catching it in the process.

    "Ugh! Whatever! So I chose a stupid Pokemon! Big deal! That Fletchling wasnt even the one that had my locket! The other one did!" Aunya remarked as she pointed into the sky at the other Fletchling who was darting towards them for taking down his friend.

    "Forget this! Come on Professor Sycamore lets get the hell outta dodge!" Officer Jannae yelled as she hopped on her motorcycle and prepared to runaway while the other 3 simply remained still because Venusaur's Sweet Scent was already calming down the Fletchling.

    "Come now Officer Jennae... Did you really think that I would allow danger to befall any of you?" Sycamore said as the wild Fletchling landed peacefully on his shoulder but soon began to peck furiously at his face.

    "Yes... Yes I did... But regardless, its good news that the missing white girl has been found. I'll leave them in your care Professor because I'm a totally irresponsible Officer of the law." Officer Jannae said saluting then riding away into the sunset as Aunya and Syd blink a couple times then realize what she said.

    "Wait, wait! You're the Professor?! You're Professor Sycamore?!" Syd asked completely shocked as he looked at his invitation that was an exagerrated image of him entirely.

    "Yes thats me alright... Should I know who you two are?" Sycamore asked Syd and Aunya at each other then sighed in unison.

    "We're enrolling into your Pokemon Academy... My name is Shugo Watanabe and this is Syd he's my GBF." Aunya said introducing them both very poorly as Sycamore bowed politely then smiled.

    "Well then welcome... Shugo... Syd... My name is Professor Sycamore and Im the gatekeeper to your eternal happiness here in the Kalos region."
    What happens when two diffrent people connect through an unlikely adventure?
    Pokemon-BW- Dare to live?

    So how many Pokemons are there?

    Silly Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon

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    Pokemon: Filler Adventures and Pokemon: Rise of the Penguin respectivley.
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    Now that I think about it....that poster is a horrible advertisement
    Quote Originally Posted by Street Comedy View Post
    Wow, I'm just stating that I'm uncomfortable with one of the few decent pokemon on the train wreck that is Ash's Unova team getting shafted and you accuse me of impersonating an imposter?!

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