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Thread: Do you like the new or old Pokemon episodes better?

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    Default Do you like the new or old Pokemon episodes better?

    The new Pokemon episodes are so much different from the original Pokemon shows.

    What do you like better?

    I personally love season 1 of Pokemon. It was funny and showed a lot of character. I don't really "connect" with the new episodes of Pokemon. The humor is not funny like it was in season 1 and truthfully, the characters don't talk very natural anymore. The new episodes just seem so awkward.

    What are your thoughts?
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    Whilst the OS is my favourite series, the new series are just as good and I won't knock any of it.

    I'd love to make a paragraph on why, but I've said it so many time it tires me repeating it.
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    It depends.
    Some episodes from the older series are awesome and som suck.The same with newer series.Some are good episodes, some bad.
    Overall I like both.

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    I know you can't be aware of this because you're new, but we've had a lot of similar threads lately for some reason ^^" The topic itself isn't taboo or anything, but with people having the opportunity to state their opinions in about 2-3 threads in the last two months, I think the discussion has run its course for now.

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