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Thread: Anime Forum - Rules & Conduct *READ BEFORE POSTING* [Jan 24, 2013]

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    Default Anime Forum - Rules & Conduct *READ BEFORE POSTING* [Jan 24, 2013]

    LAST UPDATE: January 24, 2013 (Rule 8, character bashing)

    Pokémon Anime Discussion – Rules & Conduct

    Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion forum! Within the general discussion or its appropriate sub-forums, you can discuss all matters related to the Pokémon anime, including but not limited to past and upcoming episodes, movies, characters, Pokémon teams, gym battles, contests, leagues, animation, music, and anything else that has to do with the Pokémon anime.

    In addition to the standard forum rules being applied here, the anime forums do have some specific rules you need to be aware of, so make sure to read them before posting! Many thanks go out to Chelc & S.Suikun for creating the previous rules, of which many ideas here have been adopted.

    Table of Contents

    A. Post 1
    1. Rules
    2. Sub-Forums and their Purpose
    3. Important Topics

    B. Post 2
    4. Banned Topics

    C. Posts 3-5
    5. Frequently Asked Questions about the Pokémon Anime (FAQs)
    (Part 1)
    (Part 2)
    (Part 3)


    1. All general Serebii Forums Rules apply in this forum unless stated otherwise. It is recommended that you read them before posting anywhere on the forum. If you have not already done so, please read them after finishing this.

    2. Read the following topics before posting and/or creating a new thread – Anime FAQs (see below), Banned Topics (see below), and Anime Questions. Your thread will be locked if it’s a banned topic/already covered by one of the other threads mentioned above. Repeated offenses may result in infractions as well.

    3. This forum is for discussion of the Pokémon anime only. Do not discuss the video games, manga, other anime, or any general topic having to do with the franchise as a whole. Keep it specific to the anime. This includes shipping (potentially romantic relationships), which has its own forum, the Shippers Community. The posting/advertising/discussing of fan-created material (fanart, fanfic, AMVs, fandubs/fansubs, parodies etc.) does NOT belong here either; neither do petitions and similar campaigns.

    4. Do NOT ask for places where you can watch or download full or partial episodes, or listen to music (songs/BGM). Also, do NOT tell others about such locations! This includes torrents, direct downloads, sites that provide streaming content (INCLUDING YOUTUBE), and anywhere else that provides access to such material.

    5. Post spoilers in the spoiler forum only! This cannot be stressed enough. If you wish to discuss events that have not occurred outside Japan, use spoiler tags for your information or keep it to Anime Spoilers. There are two types of spoiler tags:

    1) [spoil*]Ash catches ________ in an episode called _______![*/spoil]
    2) [*spoiler=Warning, spoiler ahead!] Ash catches ________ in an episode called _______! [*/spoiler]

    Remove the asterisks and the information will become hidden to all but those who wish to see it by clicking a specific button to "unlock" it. Use whichever tag you prefer. Just remember to always use them as soon as you mention something (outside of Anime Spoilers) that viewers of the English dub would not know about yet. If you don't know if what you're about to post is a spoiler, look here.

    6. Respect each other’s opinions! Being a discussion forum, there is a chance that another user may post something that you may not agree with. If so, you may refute them with respectful and thought-out debates. Do not flame or insult each other for conflicting opinions and keep all discussion civil and respectful!

    7. Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) is never tolerated. This is a discussion, not a chat room, meaning that your posts should be thorough and thoughtful. It’s not difficult, as at least two sentences per post will suffice. Avoid merely posting material like a simple “I (dis)agree”, “Thanks”, “Sorry”, etc. that adds nothing to the discussion; if you agree with something, then explain why. Also make sure your posts are relevant to the discussion at hand and don’t stray off-topic.

    8. Character bashing is forbidden. There is a distinct difference between constructive criticism of a character (which is perfectly acceptable and discussion-worthy) and outright bashing (which is never allowed). For instance, saying “Dawn’s Piplup suffers from overuse and her other Pokémon are neglected as a result” is fine, but posting “OMG I HATE PIPLUP IT MUST DIE” is unacceptable and rude. Not only may it offend fans of a particular character, but it is void of any reasonable discussion. It is largely at the mods' discretion to determine what is bashing. For instance, if you have a history of hating on or bashing a character, chances are we won't believe your claims that you didn't mean what you said or were joking.

    9. When posting new information (such as new titles), remember to cite your sources! If you have no source to back up your information, how are we supposed to confirm it as factual? A thread announcing a new title without including a source will be locked instantly. Simple links to reliable websites or pictures will do. Remember, Wikipedia and fellow Wiki sites are not reliable sources!

    9a. Speculate future events based on known information. There is a difference between your predictions and your fantasies for the series. This is not a forum for fan-fiction or creating your own stories. Make sure all speculation is on-topic and that it does not belong in an already-existing topic as the Next Pokémon Thread.

    10. Use the Report Button to report problematic posts! See that triangular button with the exclamation mark in the bottom-left corner of each post? If you come across a rule-breaking message, click it to send a message to the staff so that we can get to it as soon as we can! Do not reply to rule-breaking messages, threads that would be classified as a banned topic, or that are covered by the Anime FAQs.

    2. Sub-Forums & Their Purpose

    Anime Spoilers → Discuss everything happening in Japan here! Discuss and speculate the newest episodes, upcoming movies, future character events and battles, the latest captures and evolutions, and anything else that has yet to air in the dub!
    ***If you’re not certain if what you’re about to post is a spoiler, have a look at the FAQs!

    Anime Polls → Have something on your mind and want to see what other people think as well? Post your anime (general polls about Pokémon themselves or the franchise as a whole belong in Pokepolls) polls here! Remember to read the rules and FAQ thread stickied at the top of the forum before posting a poll! Also remember to add a spoiler warning in the thread title if it contains spoilers.

    Episode Discussions → Feel like discussing a certain episode, movie, special, or season? This is the forum for you. Each episode/movie/special has its own discussion thread, and all are open for discussion any time. This is one of the only forums where you will not be infracted for bumping threads, but please keep discussion thoughtful and free of any illegal content.

    3. Important Threads

    In Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Anime Questions V2 → If you have a simple, factual question about the anime that is not already answered in the FAQ, please look/post here instead of making a new thread.
    Japanese/English Reference Thread → This thread is a useful translation guide for Japanese characters, Pokémon, towns, attacks, items, and much more. If you see Japanese names posted and you are perplexed as to their translation, check here!
    New Dub Titles → Titles for the latest dub episodes will be posted here. You are also free to discuss your opinions on the titles, as well as their meanings.

    In Anime Spoilers

    Next Pokémon Thread → Speculate on what Pokémon various characters will catch/evolve/release in the future, in addition to finalized teams at the end of the saga. This thread also includes Team Rocket’s Pokémon. PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING!
    The Big Anime Move Catalog → For a useful encyclopedia of every move that every character’s Pokémon has learned over the years, check here! Many thanks to Dreamcoat for aiding with this catalog.
    New Movie Speculation Thread → The current speculation topic for the fifteenth movie. Discuss its plot, events, and characters here.

    In Anime Polls

    Anime Polls – Rules & FAQ → Information about what makes a poll and what doesn’t. In addition, the rules for the Anime Polls sub-forum can be found here.
    The “What Attacks Should They Learn?” Thread → Ever feel that a certain Pokémon in the anime should be capable of knowing a certain attack? Wish and speculate about attacks here! Remember to include reasons as to why you believe the writers should give a certain Pokémon a certain attack, rather than creating shallow wish-lists!
    If You Were in Charge of the Anime → Rather than ranting, this thread is your imaginative toolbox to create your ideal vision of the anime. Describe everything you ever wanted from this anime, as long as it adheres to the rules (restrain the character bashing and such).
    Favorite Character Thread → Have a favorite character or two in the anime? Feel free to express your love here! Again, all standard rules apply, and that includes avoiding character bashing and respecting other users’ choices.


    Announcements for Pokémon Anime Discussion
    Announcements for Anime Spoilers
    Announcements for Episode Discussions

    MAKE SURE TO CHECK THEM REGULARLY. This is vital to ensure the enjoyment of all members, and must be stressed. Sometimes a new announcement will be posted reminding people of certain rules (if they’re broken frequently) or addressing other issues. You don't have to necessarily click the above links to view the announcements, as there is a link to the newest announcement right above the thread list of its respective subforum.
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