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    Epic-Inferno: Glad to see you're interested! I guess Earthbound is more popular than I thought it was...

    Raiden193: Yup, you got it! Although Duster was already in the DCMC in Mother 3. Kumatora (or Violet, I should say) is just a last-minute addition after Magic went missing. Yeah, you can probably guess I'll be introducing quite a few Mother 3 characters in this RPG...

    @Magikarpenter: Pending--I almost want to flat-out say Denied. You're still rather new to RPing, aren't you? That or you haven't quite grasped the high RPG standards of these forums. It's really hard for me to deny you, because I really like the concept of your character. We certainly could use an old man like Alec and Wess in this RPG! However, your signup needs quite a bit of improvement, particularly in the "Big Three" fields (Appearance, Personality, and History). I strongly recommend you look at the Making a Signup thread for tips.

    - First, the Appearance. It's decent, but it could use a bit more detail. There's a million different cowboy hats out there--how big is the brim? What colour is it, and what sort of material is it made out of? Same thing with the poncho--that could mean a bizillion different things. And just how "dark" is his skin? I need a specific shade here.

    - Your Personality is WAY too short. Two sentences ain't gonna cut it, bro. Expand a bit on how he acts around others, how he deals with dangerous situations, his hobbies and interests, things like that. I expect at least two paragraphs here.

    - History is sort of okay, but I'd like to see a bit more detail. The purpose of this section is to give us a sense of why your character acts the way he does. What inspired Amos' love of adventure. Did his family have any influence on that? What challenges did he face in his career, especially during the transition from archaeologist to college professor? What did he teach as a professor, and where? And for how long? And expand a bit on why he reacted how he did to the Aurora Mysteria.

    Everything else in your signup looks good though. Your Skills seem reasonable, especially since Amos isn't PSI capable. And you're at least a notch above many newbies in that you have good grammar. Kudos for that.

    But still, please fix the big three fields. Majorly. Otherwise you have no chance of being accepted.


    The Discussion Thread is now up! From now on, please use that thread to discuss any questions, comments, etc. regarding the RPG! This thread shall only be used for posting signups and talking about acceptance, denial (not the river in Scaraba), etc.

    Well gee, with all these signups, I'm gonna have to start the RPG soon! However, I'll be very busy with schoolwork at least until Tuesday. I'll probably start the RPG the weekend after that, just a heads-up. Regardless, LSU's will still be accepted for a little while afterward.
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