Serebii Forums Suggestions Thread™

Got a suggestion that you think will make the forums a better place?
Well look no further, new 2012 edition, now with less saturated fat but all the same flavours.

Things not to ask about
Seriously read this.

Name Changes
Explanation from RaZoR LeAf.

Custom Avatars
Explanation from JoshYEAH & Serebii.

Spam Forums
The Games forum may suit your desires.

New Server / Upgrade to latest VBulletin
We actually got the server fixed at the start of 2011, upgrading to a newer VBulletin is being considered.

Changes to the Infraction Point System
Any queries about said system will most likely be answered here.

Changes to the Mod Team
Any grievances you have with a moderator should be directed towards an admin (list near the bottom of this page).

Changes to the Sig Rules
They were changed way back in December 2009, and made a lot more user friendly, check them out here.

A Trade Forum
We have one that can be found here. We also have the Wifi-Chatroom. More information regarding the chatrooms can be found here.

The option to see Post Count
We implemented that! Check the top right hand side of your posts!

Serebii doesn't want donations, and likely never will.

Anything related to the Website and not the Forums
Go to this thread if you have anything to suggest regarding

Avatar Requests

Avatar Search Option

Fan Game Forums