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Thread: Planned Emereld team (HELP PLEASE :))

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    Talking Planned Emereld team (HELP PLEASE :))

    Anyway, keep in mind this will be an ingame team, and is non competitive, and as such some HM's are needed to progress, but can be removed later on/after elite four.


    Shadow ball
    Brick brake
    Hopefully a grass move. All I have atm is bullet seed.


    Blaze kick/flamethrower
    Double kick/brick brake


    Ice beam


    Rock slide
    Cosmic power/unknown


    Poison fang

    Unknown flying type. Would perfereby have fly in its moves. What flying type would best suite my team would you say?

    Thanks for the help
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    I think this is a really solid team. It's got lots of different types and good Pokémon to complement that diversity.

    Shiftry looks good at the moment. Shadow Ball and Brick Break are good attacks that go well with its high attack. Bullet Seed is a bit weak though, it has awesome novelty but no power, unless you hit at least 4 times which isn't all that frequent. You get Giga Drain by Mt. Pyre but it only has 5pp which may be a problem for the Elite Four unless you've stockpiled Leppa Berries, Ethers and so on. If you're not keen you could try a Sunny Day + Solarbeam combo, which is even better if you have Chlorophyll and it would also go pair nicely with Blaziken. Unfortunately Shiftry doesn't have too many moves to its mane unless you still have Nuzleaf or Seedot.

    Blaziken looks great. Flamethrower is more powerful and has higher accuracy than Blaze Kick but the latter has a higher Critical Hit chance and like Bullet Seed novelty as Blaziken's signature move. I used Fire Blast on my one as the compromised accuracy is more than compensated for by the power rise. Definitely choose Brick Break over Souble Kick, more power and can shatter Dual Screens if you like that sort of thing. Or if you're committed raise to it level 59 and you're rewarded with Sky Uppercut. As for the last two slots, Bulk Up and Earthquake will rock. You can try Agility but in game Pokémon aren't EV trained so you'll be outspeeded almost everything.

    Again another nice Pokémon in Wailord. You could try Return to take advantage of its Attack or Water Spout if you want some real power from the get go. Might I add that Water + Normal attacks ate nearly unresisted.

    Claydol is nice as is I reckon. You could try Explosion at level 55 if you're feeling suicidal.

    Seviper is an interesting choice. But by all means go for it- it can use some pretty cool attacks as well. Sludge Bomb is 80% more powerful than Sludge Bomb however if you poison your opponent it will be cumulative poison as opposed to set Poison with Sludge Bomb. I would choose Flamethrower over Return to cover its Steel resistance, and you have its physical side vcovered by STAB Poison Fang or Sludge Bomb. Otherwise I like it.

    As for a Flying type there are quite a few options. I find Swellow to be a useful Pokémon, sporting decent Speed and
    Attack but if you really want to nuke the opponents go with Flygon or Salamence.

    -Aerial Ace
    -Steel Wing

    -Dig/ Earthquake (depending on if you gave it to Blaxiken or you want to Breed EQ).
    -Dragon Claw/ Dragon Breath (DC TM is in Meteor Falls, otherwise level up to get DB and you also have a nifty Paralysis Chance.
    -Flamethrower/ Fire Blast (covers Ice weakness and is unresisted with Dragon moves).

    -Dragon Claw
    -Flamethrower/Fire Blast
    -Not too sure. Check its move pool for another Physical attack, it would be a shame to use that massive attack for only one move.

    Hope that's helpful in done way. Feel free to praise/critique/whatever

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    Unless Shiftry has a lot more attack than special attack, Faint Attack should hurt more with STAB than Shadow Ball, and have the benefit of never missing. There's quite a few Double Team abusers in lategame battles, so it's worth considering. Bullet Seed is terrible, go for Giga Drain.

    Brick Break > Double kick, Bulk Up is nice to have, Rock Slide gives basically perfect coverage with Fighting and Fire.

    Toxic maybe on Wailord to get past other Water types... Or you could check if it has a decent Hidden Power typing. Body Slam for paralysis also helps.

    Claydol and Seviper look nice, only you could use Sludge Bomb for a stronger STAB, and it also learns Flamethrower via TM for steel types. Keep Glare, it helps with Seviper's kind of bad speed.

    For a flying type, you got a few options in Skarmory (physical defense), Altaria (special defense), both are very respectable. Skarmory can use Steel Wing, Toxic, fly and and Rock Slide/Spikes, Altaria has enough bulk to setup a few dragon dances and Fly+Dragon Claw+Earthquake got pretty awesome coverage. It also learns Ice Beam, Flamethrower and Fire Blast if you want to go all out special.
    If you want something more offensive use Salamence, it has awesome attack and special attack AND speed, and it gets Intimidate as well, you can't go wrong. Fly/Dragon Claw plus either Fire Blast or Earthquake for Steels, Hydro Pump if you want to bother with breeding, Crunch, anything works. Again, if you get a nice Hidden Power typing, you might as well use it. Other flying pokes are either redundant with your team, or just not good enough. Swellow might be nice early game but later on it just fail to KO stuff, has no coverage, and gets KOed very easily in return.

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