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    No Hacks obviously
    Dont over post or be rude to me or other
    I'm not a hard guy to deal with or mean, but to many people are asking for my pokemon out of my shop for free or really low value pokemon. I get it you are new, but please come here with the intention to trade not to ask for a free pokemon. I would've kept giving out pokemon like a regular bagon, but more and more people pm me for free stuff.
    TELL ME EVERYTHING! I have found some of my new pokemon to be OT:Mat. I DO NOT WANT OT:Mat So when I get these THEY ARE WORTHLESS TO ME
    Be resonable with trades no I dont want your patrat for my Arceus
    I do not have all day. When i trade and trade back a clone to you do not ask me for other things because you through in something you shouldnt have in the trade so you want something else in the shop. This happens to much and i cant be on all day, and when im cloning for you it will only be a minute so do not leave the room and keep me waiting this backs up my trading schedule a lot, so please be curteous.
    No means no get over or offer something else im a fair person
    Clones and RNGs are ok.
    As far as I know none of my pokemon are hacked, but eventually they will slip through. If you trade me a hack, I do NOT want my pokemon back as you probably cloned it already I want a replacement for that or you will be black listed. If I trade you a hack show evidence in a civil manner and i will give you a FAIR replacement of your choice.
    Don't argue with me I can and will refuse if you argue. I cant be on all day. You can? Great I cant.
    Looking for RNG'ers, If you can RNG pm or vm me with what you want for each RNG'd pokemon.
        Spoiler:- Gold List:

        Spoiler:- White list:

        Spoiler:- Black List...:

        Spoiler:- Pending trades:

        Spoiler:- Trophy Case:

    My offers
        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- 10 Aniv:

        Spoiler:- Year Of The Dragon:

        Spoiler:- Services:

        Spoiler:- My BIG WANTS:

        Spoiler:- Other, but still wanted wants:
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