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    Default Wall's Battle Frontier

    Wall's Battle Frontier

    Frontier Brain Efficiency : 73%

    Hello, and welcome to my Battle Frontier. Breaking away from the common mono-type theme of the leagues around
    this Battle Frontier will be a new beginning in the league section. My Battle Frontier could be a great place for practice
    for the Serebii Battle Frontier if you are having trouble getting matches or winning them. I believe we could make this
    Frontier the strongest league in the section, and respected by many. Because of this belief the Frontier Brains will
    be as strong as possible. If at any point a Brain seems to be lacking in there ability, and a more worthy person comes to
    fill there spot, it must be accepted. We can not afford to lose respect because of weak Frontier Brains.
    I will accept 7 Frontier Brains. Each
    Brain should select a format either
    from the list or there own that is
    not already in use. This format must
    be followed for every league match.

    All Challengers must use the sign up form before challenging the brains.
    Challengers may only challenge a specific Frontier Brain once per day.
    Once a challenger has defeated a frontier they may place to symbol found
    in the post of the Frontier Brain they have defeated in their signature.

    Former Frontier Brains:

    coolcoolcool - RU
    TheBluePorygon - 3:3 mono-type OU

    Available Frontier Styles:

        Spoiler:- Styles:

    Sign Up Forms (PO Required) :

        Spoiler:- Forms:

    Challengers + Symbols:

    • Chuck$$$ - [#2][#4][#5]
    • chimp891
    • Pika ruler
    • C-Demo - [#1][#2][#5]
    • Dragonicwari
    • ShowMeTheMankey
    • Ninja Dog
    • Sanitarium
    • ShadowFox11[#2]
    • woebegonenick [#1][#2][#3][#4][#5][#6][#7]
    • coolcoolcool
    • TheBluePorygon
    • Jr Breshears[#1][#5]
    • Rayquaza The First
    • dusk26
    • Kantomasta
    • zombiemonkey1334
    • Lance the champ[#1][#2][#5][#6][#7]
    • Tehero[#1][#5]
    • James the Gambler
    • metroid78
    • Kaimar The Original
    • Sietse23
    • Scubasteve23
    • Jase
    • Jets
    • The Mysterious Stranger [#1][#7]
    • Skamory7
    • Charbris
    • Psilo
    • SoulMuse
    • Erica. [#1]
    • John Wallrein
    • saphirapwns
    • Darkfire98989
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