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    Default SPPF: GalaxyEyes

    Name: Galaxy
    Starter Pokemon: Gothita, Female, lv.5
    Misc. Info: Galaxy and his Gothita were friends at birth, literally. The Gothita's egg hatched as Galaxy was born, so the two are inseparable and lifelong friends. Because they are such good friends, they are able to speak telepathically. Galaxy also plans strategies, and occasionally asks Gothita for advice. Galaxy can also play a violin very well, something Gothita enjoys dancing to.

    Gender: Female
    Pokeball: Love ball
    Nature: Modest
    Characteristic: Mischievous
    Type: Psychic
    Obtained: Starter
    Ability: Frisk
    Moves: Pound, Confusion
    Evolves to: at lv 32


    x1 Backpack
    x1 Pokédex
    x1 Twistedspoon
    x1 Berry Bag: x1 Razz berry
    x1 Pokéblock Case
    x1 Coin Case w/3,000 coins
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