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Thread: The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 4)

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    Smile The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 4)

    Welcome Shippers to the Shipping room! My name is Sweet May and I'll be in charge of yet the new and 4th version of the Shippers Truth or Dare game. Unfortunately the last game died due to inactivity but I got approval from the fabulous Skiyomi and Encyclopika to give this another go! Sit down and make yourself comfortable.

    If you're not familiar on how to play this game, basically a group of people sit around each other in a round formation and spin a bottle. Whoever the bottle points to must be asked a question (truth) or told to perform a certain task (dare), depending on what the person chose to do. That person then spins it where another victim is chosen and asked the same question. It repeats until everyone gets bored of playing.

    Tweaking the game to fit with the forums, you must respond to the member above you. If they ask for a truth, you ask them a question. If they ask for a dare, you must assign them a task to perform. Everything must be related to shipping. You can become devious and give them a mind-boggling truth/dare for them to answer or not. Be creative!

    Here's a rough example of how we'll play:
    Sweet May: I choose truth.
    Member A: Okay SM do you prefer ___shipping or ____shipping? I pick dare! I'll do anything, haha!
    Member J: I dare you to draw a cute and sweet picture of X and Y. I pick a dare too.
    Member G: I dare you to put “____shipping is the best!” on your sig for Z hours. I pick truth.
    Member C: Have you ever had a battle between a friend because one of the characters in your OTP were part of their OTP? I pick a dare.

    Here are the rules and restrictions of playing:
    • General SPPF rules and Shippers Community rules apply at all times. This means no spamming, flaming, mutli-posting, etc.
    • Bold your option when posting.
    • By posting, you automatically become a participant and your name will be added to the list.
    • While posting, you must respond to the user above you.
    • Keep truths and dares PG. This is a kids-friendly forum so keep your kink ideas elsewhere.
    • For the sake of this being a Pokémon community, keep your truths and dares Pokémon-related. If you know the user well enough, then you may give then a non-Pokémon dare.
    • Once you post, you cannot post until 4 users have posted after you. Once you see 4 posts, you can then post again.
    • Avoiding a truth or dare given to you is against the rule games. Doing this will equal in you getting dares every time you post.
    • Questions or concerns can only be reported via PM to me or any of the Shipping mods.
    • Have fun and go wild!

    Options You can Pick
    1. A question will be handed to you and you must answer it honestly.
    2. Try not to kill the game by choosing truths all the time. Mix it up. ;]

    1. These are the types of dares you can give the user:
      • Draw a sketch, doodle, or fan art of a certain shipping.
      • Write a one-shot (1000 words or more) or drabble (500 words or less) on a certain shipping.
      • Design a banner, icon, wallpaper, etc graphic of a certain shipping.
      • Write a certain message you want on their signature and they must keep it there for either 24 hours to a week.
      • Locate fan art or a screenshot of a certain shipping.
      • Leave a shippy message on a participant's profile.

    2. As mentioned, you cannot avoid your dare so try to get it over with as soon as possible.
    3. Telling a participant to make a shipping thread is against the game rules so do not give this to someone. We don't want a thousand ship threads to spam the forums.
    4. Posting shippy messages on users' profiles is allowed but the users must be actual participants in the game. For a list of who is playing, look below!

    1. Sweet May
    2. Azran Flame
    3. Pokemonpa7
    4. JetshipperKekkaishi
    5. Skiyomi
    6. Yuppirox
    7. AquaRegisteel
    8. ChloboShoka
    9. Vycksta
    10. Nightlingbolt
    11. midnightjewelz
    12. darklord18
    13. Meowth City
    14. PopPrincess_Lyra
    15. Dawn and Piplup
    16. StarMasterWarrior
    17. CommanderPigg
    18. Whimsicotton
    19. RWB
    20. 00poke_maniac
    21. Bryony
    22. Katsume
    23. FreeToFly
    24. The Shiny Gengar
    25. Crystal-Rock
    26. Furosuto
    27. alteredegoX
    28. Innocentmercy
    29. Tour de Unova
    30. Gothitelle K
    31. VS
    32. Keltena
    33. FullMetalAlchemist
    34. Airi-Chan
    35. FrenchieFie
    36. Ninja Bulbasaur
    37. Moonlight Amaryllis
    38. xEryChan
    39. ~SkyHigh~
    40. pokemongeof
    41. Oceanus191
    42. Dragoniss
    43. geag-a
    44. Winter Storm
    45. SapphireBlueEyes7799
    46. sonjaluff
    47. Chimpchar
    48. aloasa
    49. Auaria~
    50. GoldenHouou
    51. Night Flower

    (anytime you see them post, give them a dare no matter how much they beg!)

    No one! Yay.

    Let's begin! ♥

    - - - -

    I'll start us off with a dare. ;D
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