Since Flame Mistress didn't get a dare (midnightjewelz, remember that you have to give a truth/dare to the person above you) I'll give her one: find a WishfulShipping fanart.

Truth for darklord18: What's your second favorite ship and why do you like it?

As for my truth...

@Skiyomi: Do you secretly really, really hate a particular shipping?
Well, I don't think I'm really secretive about how I feel about certain pairings. I may not talk about them much, but I'm not actively trying to conceal information :P

Hate is... such a strong word. To be honest, in most fandoms, including Pokemon, if I see a pairing that I disagree with my response is generally "Meh. It's not of my business what people ship." And it won't get any kind of rise out of me. In series I have a deeper connection with like Yu Yu Hakusho and Slayers, my feelings do tend to be stronger, though. And I'd say there's one pairing from Yu Yu Hakusho that particularly upsets me, and that's Karasu/Kurama. Now, you have to understand that this pairing is between one of my favorite characters (Kurama) with my least favorite character (Karasu). Not only that, the nature of the pairing pretty much guarantees that my favorite character would be brutally victimized. I hope that goes some way toward explaining my aversion to it.

I'll take a drabble dare or a graphic making dare.