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    Hi, first time poster of fan fiction and super nervous. I posted a very early seed of my idea on the fanfic idea thread a few days ago and finally just finished the first chapter.

    This story is going to be a bit of a workplace comedy mixed with Pokemon action that we've all come to love and enjoy. I've decided to take bits and pieces from various canons and combine them all into my own personal headcanon Pokemon world. I hope that doesn't offend anyone, but I feel like it makes for a great story.

    I would love critiques and reviews. My main goal in writing fanfic is to be come a better and stronger writer. With your help, I can become that and more.

    So, without further ado, here is The RAPP Division

    The RAPP Division

    Chapter 1: The First Workday

    I stuck out like a sore thumb in Goldenrod City. My dark skin was nothing like the pale faces of most Johtoans. It was easier in Unova, especially Castelia, but I couldn’t follow my dream back in home. Today, I was becoming Special Agent Mayers for the International Police - Rare and Powerful Pokemon Division; Widely known as RAPP. It seemed most Goldrenrodites were nice enough not to balk and stare, but I caught a decent amount of side eyes from people who mostly had stoic, business like faces. The traffic on the sidewalk was much more orderly than Castelia traffic. I felt like I had joined a line that had been going on for ages and would fail to see an end anytime soon. But at least the line was moving. I would be at my new offices, the International Police HQ, in a matter of minutes.

    As I approached the entrance I gave myself a quick patdown; checking for my ID badge, Pokeballs, apartment key card, and various other essentials. Having been to this building once before, I knew I would have to take them all out and place them on a conveyer belt for them to be scanned. I was worried the scanning tech would do something bad to my Pokemon, but they seemed normal when I checked them after my interview a few months ago.

    Outside, the building looked like any other skyscraper in a city of skyscrapers, but with the Pokemon Association and International Police emblems above the doorway, a pokeball and a pokeball with a crown over it respectively. Inside was a whole other story. The lobby was more grandiose than even ones in Castelia. White marble made up the walls with gilded crown molding. State of the art security stations were at every entrance -- one man, one floating scan bot. Heck, even the floor was made of white and red marble that, when seen from above, made the image of a giant pokeball. The fact that I would get to see this lobby every day I came to work was easily a perk of the job.

    But enough about the lobby. After, I got past security, which was a bit of a hassle, I got into the elevator, scanned my ID badge, and hit the button for my floor. A minute later, with a few intervening stops, it stopped with a ding at the twenty eighth floor. When I exited the elevator I expected to see and hear the hustle and bustle of a busy office. Telephones ringing, water cooler laughter, and even someone getting yelled at. That was not the case.

    It was quiet. A bit too quiet, to use an old cliche. I was worried I had it the wrong button and was stuck on an empty floor, but the elevator was already gone before I could jump back in. So, I did what anyone would do in that situation, I decided to explore a seemingly empty office in a federal law enforcement building.

    Sadly, it wasn’t as grandiose as the lobby. In fact it was a bit shabby and outdated. green carpet that had to be at least two decades old decorated the floor while onix grey covered the walls. A hoard of cubicles was placed right in the center of the room which made it seem a bit suffocated. One window let natural light enter the office, with the rest of the outside wall being blocked by private offices. To be honest, it was quite a let down.

    “Hello,” I asked to the empty room. No response was given.

    I proceeded to head further into the office. Even though it was the middle of the morning and summer, I felt a sense of dread an eeriness wash over me as I walked past obviously personalized cubicles and private offices. Where was everybody? When I finally get past all the cubicles and offices, I found a door. I could finally hear some faint sound coming from it, but it didn’t sound like it was on the other side. I knocked, waited, then opened it to find a hallway. This is where the eeriness really kicked in. No natural light, just fluorescence. Blank, grey walls and the same old carpet from the main office leaked into this hallway. But sound was coming from a door all the way at the end of this creepy corridor.

    Getting closer, I could finally make out what sounded like party music. Exploud and loudred beats mixed with a woman singing in falsetto. When I finally got to the door I knocked. Still no response. But I could hear music, people talking, and even laughter. Throwing workplace caution aside, I opened the door all the way to be greeted by a group of men, women, and pokemon, in party hats, eating cake and listening to music in what would be the room version of the weird hallway I just walked through.

    Everyone was staring at me and all I could do was stare back. This was so weird. I did not expect my first workday to involve wandering around an empty office then crashing what looked like a work party. Finally, the music was cut off and everyone, including me, looked over to see who was the culprit. An older man, probably mid fifties, had a finger on the stop button. His hair grey hair was speckled with white and he had crows feet and smile lines on his face. But instead of a smile, he had a look of complete shock.

    “Was that today?” he asked to no one in particular. He glided across the room, almost effortlessly, dodging humans and pokemon as he went, stopping right in my face. “Are you the new agent, son? I’m Samuel Weaver, Assistant Director of the Rare And Powerful Pokemon Division,” he said putting his hand out for me to shake.

    I took it and gave him a nice, firm Unovan grasp.

    “I’m Special Agent Richard Mayer, sir.”

    “It’s an honor to have you with us, Agent Mayer.” He looked around at the room that was previously a party and sighed. “It seems you caught us at a bad time. We were just celebrating the birthday of Agent Esposito,” he said, gesturing to a swarthy women sitting next to the cake.

    “It’s my fault for interrupting, sir. I should have waited by the elevator instead of ruining your party.” Better to start the butt kissing now if I was to have his job in the next decade.

    “No, not at all. You’re part of this Division now and that means you get to enjoy birthdays along with us. Why don’t you grab a slice of cake.”

    I didn’t need to be told twice. I had a bit of a sweet tooth and the cake looked chocolate, easily my favorite flavor. Walking across the room was a bit awkward though. Avoiding the various party favors on the floor was easy, but the snubbull and growlithe that were sniffing at my feet were a different story. I could feel everyone’s eyes on the back of my head. Slight whispers filled the air, but none that I could hear. I was the odd man out despite the Assistant Directors amazing hospitality.

    After cutting a slice of the cake, I walked back over to the door; this time without being bothered too much by the pokemon. Soon, conversation began again and it was almost as if I had never entered. Though, I could see people stealing glances in my direction every now and then. It could have been because of my skin color, because I was new, or because I was probably the tallest guy in the room. It didn’t matter. Soon I was going to show these people, my new colleagues, what I had in me.

    After a while, the party began to die down of its own accord and people began to mill out into the main office. The Assistant Director and I were the last ones out of the room. As we left the hallway and entered into the main office again, I could see plenty of people getting back to work in their cubicles and private offices.

    “So,” the Assistant Director began, “I should probably give you a tour of the home office.”

    “That would be greatly appreciated, sir.”

    “So you saw our break room. Now, it’s time for you to see where the magic happens.” He made a jazz hand motion and plastered a huge grin on his face. Walking around the office, he pointed out various people in cubicles, various closets that held probably thousands of pieces paperwork, and a decent amount of trophies from various pokemon related things that agents had won over the years. But the office still didn’t seem as lively as I had hoped for. The loudest thing, besides the Assistant Director, was the cacophony of keyboards being clicked.

    When we got to his office, he sat me down in the chair across from his desk and began to speak. “Here at the RAPP Division we’re tasked with the keeping track of the most powerful and magnificent pokemon this world has ever seen. We also deal with various organizations that would break the law and disturb the peace using these pokemon.”

    I gave him a smile. I knew full well what the RAPP Division handled. After I received my call and was told what branch and division I was to be placed into, I did all the research I could on it.

    “In fact, we were at the forefront of the Unovan -- you’re Unovan, right -- Incident a few years ago. We arrested almost all of their leading members.”

    I remembered the Unovan Incident, as the inter-regional papers called it, very vividly. A group called Team Plasma reviving a legendary dragon type pokemon, getting shut down, then coming back two years later trying to revive a kyurem. I was still attending Castelia University when this happened and the whole school was on lockdown for two days until the situation was resolved.

    “I know the Unovan Incident well, sir. One of my former friends ended up actually joining Plasma. He believed all their propaganda about how Pokemon battling was wrong.”

    “A lot of people did, son. I’m glad you weren’t mislead like your friend. I’ve actually heard good things about your battling skills.”

    “One of my better skills, actually. I’m good at filing paperwork, but battling is where I shine.” I usually tried to be as humble as possible, but one doesn’t get all eight Unova League badges without a little bit of skill.

    “Eight badges and defeating Shauntal of the Unova Elite Four is nothing to scoff at, son. If you use those skills out in the field, you’ll be worth your salary within a month.” He gave me a genuine smile. “Now, I do have some work to do. You can just find an unused cubicle and take it.” He began to look at his computer screen, but turned quickly and looked me straight in the eye. “Oh! Also, welcome to the team.”

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    Good start! I like that you've revealed some of Richard's character and placed us into his shoes. The party was a good way to gather a lot of elements together for show without suffering from intro exhaustion. Knowing where the setting so far is, the main characters' general motivations (but not too much about past yet, leaving room for development) and some of the people the story will concern is a great opening. I suspect that the Plasma characters will be important later, but maybe that's just what you expect. If anything I'd say there's just not enough yet, but considering any other material in this would've been filler I like it how it is. Strong trainers, yay!
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