Gah, sorry I took so long, but ... yeah. I'm here now.

Actually, I haven't got much to say. Screw that, I've got nothing to say. This story left me speechless. I love your talent for worldbuilding: it seems to me that the entire Kingdom-Colonies war feels like how a real war would be. Either you're completely detached, as Leo and co. were previously, or you're right in the thick of it, like how the mystery Scyther was. Speaking of which, that guy was kewl. And so was Richelieu. And, for that matter, Nexus. Your villains feel very clearly defined, you think you know how they're going to turn out, you think, "Yeah, that guy's evil," - and then WHAM! they pull a Wire on you. All your characters are awesome that way.

So, yeah. Impressive, to say the least. So impressive that you can expect a couple'a award noms from me Oh, and add me to the PM list as well. And those people in your sig? They're absolutely right. This is an enthralling tale of suspense, war and - dare I say it? Yeah, I dare - insanity.