A Magic: the Gathering RPG
Rated PG-13 for violence, language, and mature situations

Welcome to the Multiverse, home to all the planes and world in existence. Within the Multiverse exist a nearly-infinite number of planes...or perhaps they're infinite? No one really knows, a well-respected scholar once theorized that there are a finite number of planes, but there are more than can be counted in the combined lifetimes of every being in existence. We may never truly know which it is.

The planes of the Multiverse are separated from each other by the space known as Blind Eternities which is filled with chaotic energies, including Ćther and mana. The inhabitants of most of these planes have no idea that theirs is not the only universe, or indeed the only world. Powerful beings, known as Planeswalkers, are the only ones who know of the different planes and are able to travel intentionally between them.

You are a Planeswalker, an traveler and explorer of different worlds from any of the myriad planes of the Multiverse. Perhaps you are a vampire from the dark world of Innistrad; or you're a merfolk from Dominaria; maybe you're a human from Kamigawa; or you might be a minotaur from an as-yet unknown and unexplored plane. Regardless of where you originated, your story has already all that's left is to see where it takes you.


Something has begun to stir, moving throughout the Multiverse, manipulating events on a cosmic scale. Beings of great power and influence are assembling weapons, artifacts, and armies. Ancient forces are rising across dozens of planes. Even more disturbingly, Planeswalkers have gone missing. Disappearing from planes they frequent, leaving no discernible clue as to where they've gone, vanishing without a trace or message of warning. And there is a pull, a feeling, passing through the remaining Planeswalkers. The magic is gathering.

It began on the plane of Kamigawa, where the balance and fragile peace between the plane's material and spirit worlds is kept by the Sisters of Flesh and Spirit. A simultaneous assault on both planes left the Sisters distracted, and a mysterious pair attacked them, stealing a piece of divinity from them. On Ravnica, a worldwide city-scape of a plane, the several of the ten Guilds were approached by various strange offers from even stranger beings. The Planeswalkers waging war on the corrupted plane of Mirrodin (now known as New Phyrexia) with the Mirran Resistance report a change in the movement of their mechanical Phyrexian enemies: it seems as if they're building something. Across the Multiverse, machinations are coming together, a mysterious force is emerging, and a plot is beginning to take shape.

Intrigued by this strange turn of events and hoping to uncover more of the mystery, you planeswalk to the Nexus of the Multiverse, the plane known as Dominaria, where you find a strange gathering of several other Planeswalkers, all drawn by the same sense of urgency and happenings across the various planes. Gathered together and made aware of the scope, it has become strikingly clear that there is something at work: an event of Multiversal scope is coming together, and how it unfolds could have disastrous consequences.


Planeswalkers are among the most powerful beings in the Multiverse, and can be born at random in any sentient race, with no outward signs of their latent power. However, there is a one in a million chance that any given sentient, natural being will be born with a Planeswalker's spark. When that being is put through a period of extreme stress—in many cases death—the spark can trigger, causing the individual to ascend and become a Planeswalker.

The defining trait of Planeswalkers is the ability to travel between separate universes with ease, while the vast majority of people throughout the Multiverse are not even aware that other worlds beside their own exist.

In the past, the Planeswalkers of old were nearly-omnipotent, immortal beings, but a cataclysmic shift in the Multiverse changed the nature of the Planeswalker spark. The new breed of Planeswalkers no longer display the near-omnipotence of their predecessors (and surviving old Planeswalkers do not possess the abilities they once had). While they are usually powerful mages, they are still physical beings that in general age normally, can be harmed, and need the same sustenance as other mortals. This is in stark contrast to the earlier Planeswalkers. Some of them have managed to suppress or avoid some of these limitation by magical means; however, these are specific to each Planeswalker.

A plane is a self-contained world or universe of any size found within the Multiverse. While planes can be governed by any conceivable set of rules and natural laws, or even indeed inconceivable ones, most planes visited in the storyline are comfortably similar to Earth.

Natural planes are naturally occurring worlds that just came into existence at some point. Most known planes just have one central, populated world, and the entire plane is typically named after it. However, it is possible that in vast universes with billions galaxies and stars, other populated worlds also exist.

There are also artificial planes, worlds created usually by the Planeswalkers of old through sheer will. The creator of such a world defines all of its rules. These planes however, are unstable and eventually collapse if there is nothing that would sustain their existence (like constant flow of mana, or technical means). It has been theorized that several new-breed Planeswalkers might be able to create an artificial plane by combining their powers.

Several Known Planes:
    Spoiler:- Alara:

    Spoiler:- Dominaria:

    Spoiler:- Innistrad:

    Spoiler:- Kamigawa:

    Spoiler:- Lorwyn/Shadowmoor:

    Spoiler:- Mirrodin (now New Phyrexia):

    Spoiler:- New Phyrexia (Formerly Mirrodin):

    Spoiler:- Ravnica:

    Spoiler:- Zendikar:

Mages and planeswalkers of the Multiverse can cast a vast array of spells—they can drain the life of a foe, supplement their allies with arcane strength, even summon a dragon. But all magic requires mana. Mana is the magical energy that powers spells. Where do you get it? Mana comes from the land. Mages must know a place to gather mana from it. Mana is scarce, so mages don't have infinite energy to cast spells. Mana is the magical energy fueling spells of spellcasters. It is also deeply interconnected with life-force in every plane, and it can take that role by itself as well. When there is no mana in an area, everything dies, and where mana's density is very low, lifeforms become emaciated and weak.
There are five colors of mana, and each comes from a different type of land:
White - Plains
Blue - Islands
Black - Swamps
Red - Mountains
Green - Forests
Each color is driven by different values.

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