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Thread: Favorite Gen 4 BF facility

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    Default Favorite Gen 4 BF facility

    Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver were home to Gen 4's Battle Frontier: Which facility did y'all appreciate the most? Please try and explain your thoughts thoroughly, not just "I like _____".

    I personally really liked the Battle Arcade; seeing various effects take place via the roulette was fun for me, mostly because I was always lucky with that. I also liked the Battle Hall because of the one-on-one matches; it was the easiest Battle Frontier facility for me, plus I loved how glamorous the catwalk was.

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    I really liked the Battle Factory. I used to always play it because I just found the concept of renting Pokemon so interesting. I found it fun to see what selection of Pokemon I'd have.

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    Picking a favorite is hard, I really like all of them. Did sadly not play them as much in Platinum when the game was new but I went back to them earlier this year (and I am currently still trying to win my Gold Print at the Factory) and rediscovered/remembered how fun it was. Never really tried it in HG/SS since it was the exact same as in Platinum and one Battle Frontier per generation is enough for me.

    Anyway, even if I like all facilities, my favorite is the Castle. I prefer it because it allows you to strategize a bit more than the others, being able to see what sets your opponent is using and adapt your own strategy with it in mind, making it easier to win as long as you have enough points to do what you want to. It was also the one that gave me the most trouble outside of the Factory and winning 100 battles in a row at the Tower.

    As for the others, the Tower and Factory were pretty standard and not too different from Emerald (and D/P regarding the Tower). I have always found the Factory incredibly difficult but that doesn't make it any worse for me. The Hall was fun and I found it quite challenging to keep winning with just one Pokemon. The Arcade was fun albeit a bit too luck-based for my liking, though the results of the board could be hilarious.
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    I liked the battle hall a lot, it just feels great to beat Argenta without eithe using stupid broken pokemon, even if a random shedinja could easily ruin your fun.

    I remember beating her using my personal flyer, drifblim, and her using a seaking, great times.

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    I picked the Hall and the Arcade.

    Battle Hall
    I thought it was interesting how you could only use one Pokemon during your challenge. For one thing, it made the battles much quicker, which was nice when I didn't feel like having to defeat that many Pokemon. I also liked how the game would keep track of the streaks you achieved with each individual Pokemon species as it encouraged me to try out a wide variety of Pokemon. Like, I remember having a surprisingly fun time using Illumise.
    Oh, and there's also how you're treated like a superstar with the stage, the audience, the lights, etc.

    Battle Arcade
    I liked being able to control where the roulette stopped before each battle. Being able to screw over your opponent before the battle even began was pretty sweet.
    Although, I hated landing on the team swapping panel by mistake...
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    Battle Tower was too standard,so it wasn't exciting.
    Factory was better than its Emerald counterpart(well,at least the hold items were),but the movesets weren't very helpful.
    Arcade was even more annoying than Battle Palace from Emerald(I recall often ending up with Lagging Tails on my team).
    Castle was alright,but Darach's Houndoom kept outspeeding my Pokemon.
    Hall was my favorite.I liked the background music and the fact your opponents's Pokemon's movesets were different from the rest of Frontier Pokemon's.

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