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    So, after reading the Hetalia Doujinshi: Der Erste Stern and the very beautiful and sad Doujinshi: dolphin (YOU MUST READ) I just had the sudden urge to write something sad yet heartwarming.

    So being that I love advance shipping, I decided to write this. It's pretty short, and I just wrote this up real quick so there's not much to expect.

    Suggest listening to Sleep by Imogen Heap

    But Please enjoy, I worked so hard on it :3

    Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.
    Rating: K+
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________


    One-Shot by: Kimi

    Rated K+

    Every night he'd walk outside to look at the stars. He would gaze up to the heavens, feeling so small underneath the span of scattered lights, and stand there to forget the world that seemed to drag him away from sanity. It would be silent in the meadow where friendly shadows, for once, did not appear frightening, and came to accompany him on beautiful nights like the one tonight. The young man's breath came out in puffs of thin clouds, weak and disappearing into the night air. His brown eyes that warmed anyone's heart searched within the stars distance, for memories he could recall as his most precious. It was during this time, every night that Ash Ketchum left the world behind him, left his outgoing, facetious self until morning. Now was the time to be calm, to have a moment he could be serious and reflect on his feelings and thoughts. Only would he let the stars see him this way.

    Shrugging closer inside his jacket, the boy with midnight hair allowed himself to let go, and grant his memories to come forward. The white dots in the darkness hazed and cross faded into what was slowly looking to be a blue sky.

    It was bright and warm. Ash was 15 in this memory, his back rested on a field of long grass, as the summer sun basked over him. His fingers laced through the grounds green mane, twirling random blades of grass between his index finger and thumb. The boy inhaled and exhaled lovingly, as he continued to play with the grass, oblivious to the girl who stared attentively at him. Her small hands reached out to the boys, her light skin contrasting against his toned fingers as she placed hers in his. A grin cracked in Ash's features feeling the smooth hand in his, and replaced the view of the sky with the view of his beloved.

    Her smile sent his insides fluttering, and her happy soft, blue eyes that contacted with his brown ones sent a sense of amorousness to wash over him. Ash's grin widened, noticing the brunette blushing and attempting to hide behind her bangs. Unraveling his hand from hers, the teen leaned with both arms gently wrapping around the girl's waist, pulling his cheek to lie beside her collar bone. Without a word, his beloved hugged his frame, her skinny fingers brushing through his midnight hair. A yawn surpassed between the two, and before both would enter the welcoming arms of sleep, his love had bent to plant a soft kiss atop his forehead and whisper lovingly into his ear.

    "Maybe we can watch the stars tonight?"

    Ash suppressed a shiver and blinked away the blurriness in his eyes, his heart feeling slightly heavier than before. Another memory he did not want to see was quickly playing behind his closed eyelids.

    An 18 year old Ash sat in a blue plastic chair, body leaned forward as his hands hung over his knees. The room he was frequently visiting for the past three months smelled of bleach and plastic. The room seemed to illuminate from the gap of light pouring through the white curtains beside his love's bed, fanning its light over mint sheets and pale yellow walls. His eyes trialed along the bedside up to a tired face, the woman's eyes locked onto his very own. She tweaked a smile for him and adjusted her patient dress. Ash just stared at her, watching her laugh and smile as if she weren't bothered by how sick she'd gotten over the past two years.

    After hours of lame jokes and talking about food, both had ran out of things to talk about. The boy was memorized by the way May had suddenly began to make twirling circles on the face of his palm, observing his skin go from a lighter color back to his original shade. Her finger paused, making him look up.

    May bit her lip, obviously contemplating if she wanted to tell him what was on her mind. Removing her finger from his palm to rest cuffed on her lap, May's lips curved solemnly, "The doctors said I can surpass this rare disease without a sweat."

    Ash perked up on hearing the very good news, "That's great! That's really wonderful! Soon you'll be out of here in no time!"

    "But there's…a catch." May sighed, all traces of a smile gone from her lips. Ash tensed, quietly waiting for her to continue. It took a while, but she finally got to the part she really needed to tell Ash. "I will lose my memory in the process."

    Ash griped the front of his shirt, his legs knocked from underneath him as he bent over the grass where he had spent his most precious moments in. Stop. I don't want to remember. I don't want to see this again. I didn't want to remember something so sad. The hand that gripped onto the loose of his shirt tightened as his other hand cover his face pathetically. Stop. Stop. Stop.

    Maybe it had been minutes, hours, days for all he knew that he sat in that meadow grieving over every little memory that he still had to keep for himself. It was only fair that he did this, look back at the good and bad things when she couldn't. He would do it for her. His eyes burned badly, his arms and legs felt stiff, and his heart hurt with a tug and a pull. Taking another chance to look up to the sky he cursed at it out of anger, ignoring the fact how stupid it was to do so to begin with. Rubbing his eyes and deciding that he had taken enough time outside, the man with midnight hair started to walk away from his spot he came to every night, and headed back to his home just five minutes away.

    When Ash had reached to the mid-point of his walk, he halted and took a deep breath. He stopped right where the entrance to the meadow started and like every night leaving, he could see a small flicker of light just across from where he stood. Ash leaned against the gated entrance and tried composing himself into his cheery self that people only seemed to know as the light grew closer and closer. Soon the light could be depicted as a lantern, with someone behind it using it for a flashlight.

    You see, there was also another reason Ash came out every night. It wasn't just to spend some time to himself, or to curse at the stars. This was the reason he made an effort to come out at all.

    The person behind the lantern smiled brightly to the man who she recently got acquainted to from visiting the meadow every night. She nodded her head to him, "Good evening Mr. Ketchum, nice to see you again!"

    Ash placed his best grin and removed himself from the entrance to rustle the young woman's soft, brunette hair, "And nice to see you again Miss Maple. It's a nice night to watch the stars…it's really clear tonight!"

    The girl laughed and fanned the man's hand away, her sapphire eyes suddenly sparking with excitement, "Really? Maybe tonight I'll get a glimpse of a shooting star!" Before Ash could put any input, the energetic brunette sent a rushed wave good bye tords him, and began making way to the meadow herself.

    Ash watched after her, her medium length hair fluttering in the night air as she ran, and the light in her hand fading into darkness. Crunching his eyebrows together and wiping at the traitor tears that barely hid from the girl, Ash continued his way home, eager to get to his bed.

    "At least I can still watch the stars with you."
    __________________________________________________ ______

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    Nice story. Really enjoyed it, going to add it to my favourites on I really liked the whole atmosphere and character development. I think you kept Satoshi and Haruka in character, which I thought was good because I enjoyed it.

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    Oh god, you made me cry. And i'm listening to a song "Just when i met you." (translated.) damn, its the theme song to this one-shot. I feel so sorry for Ash. It's so unfair. *rants*

    I love how you described every single detail, to the edges of the grass to the tears Ash sheds. Such a moving one-shot. So beautiful.

    Your one of the new promising advanceshipping authors out there. Until your next fic!

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