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Thread: The NEW RPG Café Rules

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    Default The NEW RPG Café Rules

    RPG Café Rules

    All General SPPf Rules apply. Please also read the RPG Forum Rules.

    The RPG Café is a place for RPers to gather and chat while out of character (or in-character in some cases!) about everything to do with role-playing games. Newbie or veteran, everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and experiences, seek advice, and engage in discussions and debates.

    What kinds of topics are allowed here?
    • Discussion threads for individual RPGs – must be approved by a moderator first (more on this later)
    • Discussions about anything related to creating and GMing RPGs – this includes any topics related to world creation, types of plots, systems for damage/magic/etc, suggestions for GMing, etc.
    • Discussions about signing up for RPs and creating characters – such as advice on creating characters, common character types, tips for making your SU stand out, etc.
    • Discussions about participating in RPs – such as general etiquette, PVP strategies, writing tips and tricks, etc.
    • Requests for help or advice – whether as a GM or RPer, you can ask for help or opinions on any RPG-related subject
    • Planning threads for works-in-progress – if you are working on creating an RPG, whether alone or as a collaborative project, you can make a thread for discussing and planning
    • Opportunities to do some small role-playing – there are threads where RPers are invited to role-play out a scenario in-character without it being a full-fledged RPG

    As always, please respect other member's creativity, ideas, opinions, advice and feelings. Be polite and open-minded; you don't have to agree with everyone, so long as you share your opinions in a polite and constructive manner.

    Also, please do a forum search before posting a new thread to see if the topic you want to discuss has been covered recently! Keep in mind that if the last post in the thread is from more than 30 days ago, you cannot reply to it, but you can always restart the thread.

    Discussion Threads

    Discussion threads are places where all participants of an RPG can congregate while out of character. The primary use for these is to allow GMs to communicate information to players and allow them to ask questions, however they can also be great spaces for RPers to discuss the game and plan and coordinate amongst each other. Please remember that discussion threads are not chatrooms.

    Here are the rules for creating and running discussion threads:

    1. Discussion threads require a moderator's permission before they can be created. Any threads made without permission from a mod will be closed.

    2. To get a discussion thread, PM one of the RPG moderators with a link to your RPG, and provide information to show them why you feel you need this thread and what you will be using it for. For example, an RPG that would have a lot of OOC discussion, or a lot of information that needs to be given to RPers regularly, is eligible for a discussion thread.

    3. If the moderator in question is unsatisfied with the reasons you have given, your request may be denied. The moderator may give you a second chance, however this is up to their own discretion. While you can make a case for yourself if you are unhappy with a mod’s decision, please do not start an argument, and remain civil at all times.

    4. Once you have received approval to create your discussion thread, at the top of the first post clearly indicate which moderator approved your thread. This will help prevent confusion in the future.

    5. The first post in a discussion thread should be detailed and provide all necessary information to RPers. It is strongly advised that you provide links to the sign-up thread as well as to the main RPG thread (once it has been posted), a list of members, a set of rules for your RPG and any other information RPers should know, such as details about the world or important tidbits about the plot.

    6. If a discussion thread is approved, it is to be used only to discuss the RPG. If it gets misused or degenerates into chat, it will be closed and infractions will be given out to SPAMers.

    7. Only the participants of an RPG may post in the discussion thread.

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions

    We are always looking for ways of making this forum better and providing a superior experience for RPers! If you have any thoughts you would like to share on how the RPG sub-forum is run, or any ideas on how to improve it, we'd love to hear from you!

    This thread is for general things you would like to see in the RPG, Sign-Ups and Café sub-forums (not for specific RPGs you'd like to participate in). While we will take each post into account, please keep in mind that we can't implement every suggestion, even if we like it. That said, if someone suggests making a thread that doesn't require a mod to create/supervise it (ex: a "your favourite RP experience" or a "things that grind your gear" thread), feel free to take initiative and make it yourself!

    Thanks for reading! We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you have fun!

    ~Psychic and the RPG moderating team

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    On the subject of suggestions, I have one... Admittedly, I'm not sure if this belongs here, or in the RPG suggestions thread...

    When I started RPing here, there used to be an RPG Forum Winter Ball every year. Where people used different characters attending a costume party. I only got to be in the 2011 one, only a few people signed up for the 2012 one but it never actually got started, and then it stopped due to inactivity... I miss it, and I'd like this, or something similar, to come back some time. I love section wide events like that.
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    I don't quite get the discussion threads needing approval, but the sign up itself does not. That feels like something that should be in reverse.

    I totally understand why mods want to ensure a standard of quality on the RP forum and I support that. But let's face it, a trashy RP sign up doomed to be locked will never get approval for a discussion thread anyway, and chances are extremely good a very well-detailed RP is going to want to utilize a discussion thread so their participants can ask questions, resolve conflicts, post notices about temporary or permanent leaves, and plan out future posts. Why not just speed up the process by having the mod check out the sign up first before anything is done with it? If that gets approved, the whole package of sign up, RP thread, and discussion thread becomes available. Otherwise, lock.

    Another option is to make the RPG Cafe solely for RP discussion on topics like creating and GMing discussion, RP participation, help and advice, tips and tricks, and all that stuff, and let the Sign up area become the place where sign ups AND RP discussion pertaining only to that RP take place so it's separated away from everything else. There, you would have sign ups and RP discussion take place in the same thread, thus keeping things more efficient. Also, this way, the RPG Cafe won't have all of the specific RP discussion threads just clogging it up.

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    Could you make a third sub forum specifically for Rpg Discussion threads? That would stop all of the clutter.

    You could also have the sign in thread turn into the discussion thread afterwards.

    Just my 2 cents.

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