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Tonda Gossa! Welcome to the Discussion Thread for the Rainbow Omen! This is the place to post any questions or comments you have about the RPG, as well as a container for important announcements.

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All has been well and happy in the world so far. People have gone about their daily lives with hardly a care in the world, practically oblivious to whatever evils may have befallen this world in the past. Cities and towns have thrived. Nature has coexisted harmoniously with the civilised life. The world has had its quirks and its pests, sure, but nothing has ever posed a significant threat. It was exactly the kind of world the universe hoped for.

One night, many people all over the world looked up to the sky. There they saw the most spectacular sight: an aurora of rainbow-coloured lights softly dancing among the stars. Like any other aurora, it was confirmed by meteorologists to have been caused by an electrical disturbance, but nobody could pinpoint the source. Oh well, for now everyone just admired the beauty of these lights--they went on all night, all the way until the sunrise. And when the sun set that following day, the aurora appeared again. All night, every night.

After the aurora started appearing, though, strange things started to happen. Some wild animals went berserk and started attacking people (this went for zoo animals as well). Some plants in certain parks and gardens became mobile. Some appliances, machines, and everyday objects gained a mind of their own, though a very primitive and robotic mind it seemed. In addition, every day a few people went missing. Nobody knew how--they seemed to just vanish overnight.

But perhaps the most fascinating effect of the "Aurora Mysteria", as the news called it, was that a special power awakened in some people--psychic powers, or PSI for short. PSI was not limited to abilities like telepathy and psychokinesis, but also included the power to heal people, control the elements, and even cause disease in some rare cases. For the longest time, PSI was merely a myth--nobody in the real world knew how to use it. According to legend, whenever people in the world became able to use PSI, it meant that something important was about to overcome the world, an apocalypse of sorts. Therefore, it was to no surprise that these past few days have seen occultists spreading rumours about the end of the world, the "Rainbow Omen".

Starting on the second night of the aurora, people noticed that every evening just after sunset, a faint beam of light shot up from somewhere in the rainforest in the country of Quetzal. (This rainforest has no name, since it's the only one in the world. If you like you can call it the Quetzal Rainforest, or just the rainforest.) But no one dared check it out, and those who tried never emerged from the rainforest. After all, there have always been warnings about entering the rainforest, especially at night. There have also been legends of a temple inside the rainforest, but nobody has ever found it, not even the people who explored during the daytime and came out alive. It is said that only those with a special power can find and enter that temple.

On the third night of the Aurora Mysteria, some people spotted UFO's flying through the sky, heading for Quetzal it seemed. On the fourth night, they could see the UFO's hanging around near the beam, accompanied by some flashes of light. At around 10PM, the flashes disappeared and the UFO's started pulling out. But then something even stranger happened. All at once, every screen-bearing electronic device in the world turned on, and a picture of a strange person appeared on the screens. ...Or was it a person? With a metallic body, tendril-like arms, a blank face with a single slit for an eye, and an official-looking triangular logo on its chest, who could tell what the heck it was? Whatever it was, it had a message for its onlookers, spoken in a monotonous, metallic voice:

"DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE US. An evil power has awakened in your rainforest, one that is impossible to defeat. We are trying to..."

The image faded into static mid-sentence, and the normal functions of all those electronic devices resumed. The most obvious reaction the weird metal-person-thingy's brief message got out of people was confusion. Authority figures everywhere were unsure whether to consider this a threat or a lowly prank. As for the weird-metal-person thingy--thingies, rather, they did say "us"--those in charge simply called them "Starmen" because of their alien-like appearance. No seriously, they didn't know what else to call them.

The following day bore some shocking news: Eagleland president Sam Ford joined the ranks of those who had mysteriously vanished. When that happened, it caused quite a stir among the public, even in other countries of the world. People began to wonder if the Starmen were somehow connected to these disappearings, and if so, what business they had on Earth. For now, the government hustled to keep the situation under control, but even they knew that something had to be done about this. ...Only they weren't quite sure what.

No UFO's or Starmen appeared on the fifth night, although the Aurora Mysteria continued its increasingly ominous undulations in the sky. And as with the previous nights, the number of people gone missing increased as well. But the day after that night, something else interesting happened. Several people all over the world woke up that morning only to find themselves greeted by their favourite animal. But this was no ordinary animal. For some weird reason, those "chosen ones" could understand what that animal said. It told them briefly about the threat of the Rainbow Omen and the appearance of the Starmen, but then it told them to come to a place called Saturn Valley, where they would meet an inventor who supposedly knew a lot about what was going on. What sort of quest awaits these so-called chosen ones? What exactly are they chosen for anyway? This RPG hopes to answer such questions...

You are one of the chosen ones. You, like everyone else, had been going about your daily life until the Aurora Mysteria began appearing. Perhaps you have gained the ability to use PSI as a result, or perhaps you have some other special skills instead. Perhaps you know someone who has mysteriously vanished, or perhaps you are one of those lucky people who still have their families and friend circles intact. Although this RPG is based off the Earthbound/Mother series of video games and takes place in its world (in case you haven't figured that out already), you know nothing about what has happened to the world in the past, the plots of those three games. Some characters and enemies from those games will make appearances in this RPG though, so if you're new to the series, this is a great way to find out about them!

Discussion Thread Rules

This is NOT an idle chat thread. If you post anything that had nothing to do with this RPG or the world it is set in, a red monster with a giant mouth will come by and eat you up.

Here is a list of things the Discussion Thread can and will be used for:

- Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the RPG. I love questions, just so you know. ^_^

- Discussion of the world the RPG is set in, and any NPC's that appear. If you have a question about a certain aspect of an NPC, enemy, et cetera, ask away here. Discussion about the Earthbound games in general is to be kept to a minimum here.

- Notifying me of upcoming inactivity. If you know you'll be inactive for a while, bring it up here and we can discuss what to do with your character during that time.

- Enemy discussions! Although I will be creating lots of new enemies, I'm open to ideas for enemies some of you may have. If I like the idea enough and it seems like it'll fit in the RPG, I just might include it in the RPG!

- Discussion of the characters of this RPG. This is the place for all Q&A regarding the characters in this RPG.

- And practically anything else, as long as it's not random chat. I hate SPAM, both the digital kind and the canned kind.