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Thread: New fakemons (:

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    Default New fakemons (:

    Here are some fakemon I made .. The first ones I publish on the forum here, but not the first time I was making fakemon (:
    I hope you will give helpful posts..

    Top left - based on flowerpot, the latest evolution types are: Grass\Steel
    Top right - Based on the alligator snapping turtle. I have not decided yet, but the last form I think would be a dragon / rock.
    Down - right to left -
    Based on some type of rodent, type water / rock
    Based on a scorpion, type fire / poison
    Based on the chinchilla, type grass / electric
    Hi, I'm new here! Call me Alon (:

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    Hi Alon, how are you? Well, here's a quick analysis of your sprites, according to my opinion:

    The GRASS TRIO at the top of the left corner- I think that the 3rd form of the poke looks quite good, but yet have I understood what's exactly the green part at the back of the pokes' head is- Is it supposed to be its hair? I mean- If I knew what it's supposed to be I could give you further instructions to improve its looks. As for the two other parts of this trio, I think that something should be done with the 2nd form of it, I can't tell you exactly atm what change do I want to see in it, but its looks' a bit dull. I would also change the 1st form green color to the same green color as the rest of the evolutions are painted with, or at least I'd try to change it...

    The Dragons trio- The first two evolutions look really good! I especially liked the specific hue of the purple color which the 2nd evolution's armor's painted with, cheers. The thing which is still cryptic to me is how these two have grown out to become a sort of an alligator, I mean, they look like turtles. I would also try to paint the 1st evolution with the same hues of colors [both green and purple and etc] to make them more resemble to one another.

    Bottom's Fakemons- There's something strange with the blue rodent- Its red hands, look like vice-grips [Sartan's hands..], and it looks a li'l out of place. In addition, there's nothing in it which implies that its pokemon's also a Rock type one, it looks like a mono-type Water poke...

    The scorpion looks great. There's a nice mix of colors in there and it really makes it looks prettier and more impressive. I would try to paint its eyes with a pitch-black color, for ATM [at the moment] they're sort of being swallowed in its purple face.

    And as for the GRASS/ELECTRIC type I don't have much to say now, I just don't like so much. If I think of anyway to improve it, I'll tell you right away.

    To sum up- The overall look of the sketches is quite good, you're drawing skills are good, and I'm sure that the next ones to be published will be much better than these!

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