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    Default PPL's Lyrepic Sprites

    Wadyya kno'?! Another Art Thread
    I decided to make sprites now since i played that spriting game a few times :3

    First time tryna do Sprite edit.. i was bored one day and decided to do the mirrored sprites of her.. xD

    i didnt know who to turn to when I wanted an Elesa cosplaying as Meowth so I made one myself x_X..
    First time doing a Cosplay sprite BTW~

    so I think i got better with these I decided to put them in my Art Shop~

    This was a quite proud of it ^w^

    This request seems okay with me, tho

    Heres my latest one, just done it today Lyra cosplaying as Ledian!

    Heres the non-shiny female Ledian sprite Lyra Cosplay thing

    I still can't get enough of my shiny Swablu xD I mixed blue with it coz it'll be boring if it was only gold and silver xD

    I tried doing animated recolours ^^; Plus, I love red and Blue.

    I tried doing Custom Sprites aswell. These two are Filia and Xellos from Slayers. Hard time doing their capes though XD

    cbf sorting these sort.. I will later. and btw, i use Gimp those Lyra mugshot and ELesa-Meowth one were made in Paint, nya~

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